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Monday, February 16, 2009

USA Today: How the Stimulus Package Will Impact Us?

As rhetoric goes into high gear, it's impossible to determine whether Barack Obamma's economic stimulus package will help or hurt. USA Today details how this economic salve is intended to help. AAA Mid-Atlantic claims it could stabilize market prices for oil and gasoline. For road construction crews, it is manna from heaven. The Washington Times, however, gravely warns that the spending bill's $3.2 trillion price tag far outweighs its potential benefit.


Fortunately, Uncle Jay explains the news. I found out about Uncle Jay from a reader named Bernie, but I'm pretty sure he's not me. Uncle Jay's news word for the week, by the way, is "Package."


J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

Washington Times, is a Mooney publication.

Cult personafied.

And Tony Blankely delivers talking points and propaganda NOT facts!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yeah, I'm aware that the WT is conservative. But this is no clear deal. Let's put aside the pork and the $30 MM earmark for some San Francisco mouse. I think it will help in the short run, but will it lead to inflation? There really is no clear answer.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

http://www.amconmag.com is conservative.

WT is a Mooney newsletter.

It's like Jim Jones minus kool-ade.

Anonymous said...

Too much, too quick and not enough consideration of the ultimate impact of this act. I think the unintended consequences of this bill will be profound.

The world is not changing it has changed and many of our government officials and politicians are acting like this is the 90's.

They should be sending aid to the common Joe by reducing consumer debt in a one time forgiveness program.

Those individual caught in the current economic maelstrom will have some breathing room and those who will see it as a spending windfall will rejoice in rapture and run the balances to the limit again - all the stimulus we need.

Businesses need to learn to be businesses and not quasi socialistic feudal institutions that practice outdated and irrelevant business models whose leaders (lords) wear $3,000 suits instead of chainmail.

Anonymous said...

When can I expect my new kitchen?

Allentown Democrat Voter

Anonymous said...

Bernie, you've said "tax cuts didn't work, let's give this a try"
If porkulus was truly a viable option, why didn't we try it before 2009? Democrats have controlled congress and the White House before...say 1992...
Answer? Porkulus does not and will not work

Bernie O'Hare said...

Because when Dems controlled the WH before, we were not in a dire economic emergency.

Anonymous said...


The Dems have always been big spenders, this is just more of the same only more so.

Scott Armstrong

Blah Society said...

It's time to get off party lines... everyone's to blame.

Anonymous said...

Last night (Sunday) 60 minutes did an excellent piece. another example how this government doesn't listen to the 'boots on the ground'. The steel owner spoke to Congress and was basically blown off! It is much as the owner said in regards to 'Free Trade'. You Harvard guys can explain theory on 'Free Trade', but that's not how it works in real world. He should know! Had this stuff been fixed we'd have jobs and would need this controversial "Stimulus" in the first place!

So I continue with my mantra.. it's time to revisit NAFTA, SAFTA, CAFTA & the Chinese trade agreements. We're getting screwed. This is not protectionism. It's a fair chance [see video @ 8:15 minutes forward].

Pre-depression we had 100% tariffs. That was stupid... as stupid as today at 0%. Both are extremes doomed to failure. All I've screaming for is a "Fair Trade Policy". But that doesn't seem to fit with current academia theories... and they are just that "THEORIES". Why can theorists actually listen to this and other business owners who know best when told?

The 13:11 Minute video..(or click on my name)
Pay particular attention 8:15 Minutes forward)

Anonymous said...

"It is time to get off party lines" ?

It is through the give and take of debate that facts are revealed and the truth emerges. That is how democracy works. It is never time to drop party lines if these lines are in fact principled beliefs.
The notion that people can come together on an agreement of how government best operates is wishful thinking, yet this is the left’s misty eyed dream. Conservatives never harbor a similar hope; we understand it would be illogical to think that liberals would put aside their beliefs to unite with conservatives on small government terms. Why then is it hard for liberals/media to understand the reluctance of conservatives to unite behind Obama?

Scott Armstrong



I am a registered Democrat. (Look it up)

I am entitled to a house. A big one. And a car. A fancy one. And a high-paying job. With a bonus.

And, and, and...

Because my civil rights are being violated somehow I am certain. Everyone else's are, why shouldn't mine.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight... The senators got copies of the bill around midnight and they were expected to read the 1100 pages and vote on it before 6 pm the next afternoon?? IS THIS THE "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN" 52 MILLION VOTED FOR???????????????

Anonymous said...

Spike, what are you smoking? I wonder if it will help my gout. It certainly has you on cloud nine. Dream on:):)

Anonymous said...

one trillion dollars is a stack of $1,000 bills that is 67 miles high. Or a stack of $100 bills that is 670 miles high. If you spent one million dollars per day since Jesus was born untill now you would still not add up to a trillion and have 87 billion left over. Add some interest on to this money because it is money the government does not have, merely printed up. China owns many trillions of dollars in US treasury bonds, if they decide to sell and go to the euro the dollar will be worthless. What a wonderful legacy you have left for your children and grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

Spike rightly attacks messengers to discredit their positions, as long as they come from the right. It's easier than debating issues. Keith Olberman told him to.

Anonymous said...

The new comment character "KathyD" is really Bernie O'Hare.

So is "The Banker"

"Retired ASD Teacher"

"Politically Neutral"


and countless "anonymous" (wink wink) commenters.

All are Bernie O'Hare.

You are being duped by a master.

Anonymous said...

Whoever keeps saying all those people are Bernie is very immature!

Anonymous said...

I second That!

Wink Wink Wink---oops sorry something in my eye!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to go "OT" here (or is it "OT"? I never know whether to use "OT" for off topic or "OT" for on topic or vice versa) Anyhoo, I have an important announcement....Burgermeister Fred Paytoplayski has just graciously consented to a non-confrontational, softball-question laden interview at my blog, "LV Nobody". And his only demand is that all questions be submitted in advance so that he may refer them to a staffer for a reply. His secretary will then compile the answers and post them on my blog, as if it were Fred himself there in my living room!

So dear readers, I need your questions...oh who am I kidding...Vill, i need you to "contact" all your whacky "characters" and write some questions for them...it is amazing how you just change a lettr or two and Presto! a new reader!

Anonymous said...

Le Thank You! (that's French for "Thank You")

I will get to wrok post haste...in fact I have my own question ready:

Dear Most Honorable Burgermeister,

What is your favourite colour? (Note the European "u"--that makes it sophisticated!)...nou need tou pick just oune...doun't want youu tou wourry abouut oufending anyoune.

I'm off to round up our fellow "correspondents"

Wink Wink Wink...boy, maybe I should see an opthollm...opthumullog...err, an eye doctor about this nervous tic

Anonymous said...

Danke Schoen! (that's German for you're welcome)

I have a question too--Dear Most Revered Burgermeister,
Why would Vill Billa see ane opthelmu...opthollmi..err, eye doctor about a tic---couldn't he just remove it with tweezers? And how does he know the tic is nervous?

Anonymous said...

Please note, "Although inspired in part by a true incident, the preceding posts are fictional and do not depict any actual person or event."

Bernie O'Hare said...

The above few comments are Villa making his usual attacks, which he himself does not believe, and someone having some fun at the expense of Villa (Vil Billa) and Mrs Dottie (NotsoHottie).

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Bernie, I just had to respond in some way...it won't happen again, but boy was it fun to do!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I understand completely.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually Bill Villa and I'd like to confess to being an asshole. Opinions are like assholes and my wife has two of them.

Anonymous said...

In retrospect, using the name "Mrs. NotSoHottie" was meanspirited, and uncalled for and I now regret having created it. I sincerely apologize for any offense I may have caused her, or anyone who knows her.

Chris Miller said...

The spending did not work during the Depression and it will not work now.
For those of you who would like a good read on the FDR years of misery let me suggest you pick up Amity Shlaes work "The Forgotten Man." You will think you are sitting in on meetings in today's oval office. Somethings never change and when it comes to the Progressives, it is the same silly ideas at all times.

Scott Armstrong 11:58
Absolutely correct. There is need for constant discussion on topics because they are never finished. Ronald Reagan was a great believer in keeping the talk going.

Brad Moulton said...


I read Ms. Shales book a couple months back (and in fact just got it back from a person I loaned it to). It's fantastic.

It's completely relevant to today's discussions on our economic situation. For all the accolades that Pres. Obama was getting for "being so smart" I found it odd that he and his administration were defending the "Buy American" provision in the spending bill... If FDR is such a hero, didn't they learn anything about/from Smoot-Hawley?

Sanctifying Grace said...

Wow! My head hurts. I am confused after reading these threads. I don't know whose is who. (or is it whom is who or is it who is whom?) (Please pardon me, English is my is not my mother tongue and I a little confused with who is whom or is it...)

Anyway remember: hate the sin, not the sinner. It easy to tear down. But more resourceful to build bridges...

Where's that kool-aid?

Peace be with you, ~~Alex

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes, I have been deleting Villa comments, as usual.

Like Joseph Goebbels, Villa believes that if you tell a lie big enough, and repeat it often enough, people will believe it. But a lie is still a lie. He is insulting the people who comment here, not just me. But sadly, he has no respect for anyone.