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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Craig Dally to Announce Judicial Quest in Early March

Back in December, I reported a rumor that State Rep. Craig Dally was considering trading in his state house seat to don a black robe at the Northampton County Courthouse. It's now more than a rumor. Dally is circulating petitions and will announce his judicial quest for one of three vacancies in early March. He'll do it at Holy Family Social Club in Nazareth.

LVR Readers have rated Craig, who is also a Nazareth attorney, our fifth most effective local leader.

Once Craig announces, there will really be only one open seat. Dally and Zito will easily win the other two. Candidates in contention for that one remaining seat include Attorneys Sam Murray, Barb Hollenbach and Candy Barr Heimbach. Jim Narlesky, who had been courting Republicans until DA John Morganelli decided against running, is in the hunt for a third time. Magistrate Michael Koury may also be taking his third swing.


Julian Stolz said...

Koury is running

Bernie O'Hare said...

I had heard he is seriously considering the slot and susp[ect he will announce, but he has not done so to my knowledge.

Anonymous said...

In the last days of Koury's race with Giordano, he sent a bad campaign flier, connecting Giordano with a sex offender. Sleaze at it's worst. I remember Judge Moran's scathing speech denouncing Koury's political mudslinging tactics from his last campaign during Judge Giordano's installation ceremony. This was in front of everyone in Courtroom 1, which included just about the whole Northampton Bar. Stolz, you need to get out and smell the roses. Koury blew it last time. People remember the mudslinging. They don't want that in their Judges. Koury will be reminded very quickly about his past and reconsider his ambitions. He'll get tagged as a mudslinger by the R's faster than you can say, "Oh shit!"

Julian Stolz said...

Did I say I was supporting anyone in this race? I'm in Lehigh County!

I'm aware that he's circulating petitions.

That's what I've got.

Anonymous said...

Who is running for Daly's House seat? Frank Harhart?

Anonymous said...

From Anon 1:54 AM to Julian

I didn't say you were supporting anyone. What I'm saying is, that other attorneys will inform Koury that he blew it last time and tell him to reconsider. He has a good job now that is secure.

Koury also went into debt last time. I don't think he wants to put his young family through that again. Voters are fickle.

You said Koury IS running. Like Bernie, I know Koury is thinking about it, but, if he's smart, he doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell this time around. Better candidates this time than last time. He'll have his ass handed to him by the voters. I'm saying this all about Koury, and I really like the guy. I just know reality will set in. And history has a tendency to bite you in the ass.

Anonymous said...

Craig Dally would be a great loss for the people of his district. However, he would probably make an excellent judge.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"In the last days of Koury's race with Giordano, he sent a bad campaign flier, connecting Giordano with a sex offender. Sleaze at it's worst."

I like Michael but will never support him for judge after that incident. At the time, Giordano was coaching Little League kids, and had to face parents the day those spurious accusations came out.

Anonymous said...

Koury is a two-time loser who is wasting peoples' time and money once again.

Anonymous said...

Is Spadoni running?

Adam said...

Don't forget Koury's lack of experience as an issue.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Is Spadoni running?"

He was absent from the Dem committee meeting on Saturday morning, and that indicates to me that he has decided against it for now.