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Monday, June 09, 2008

IronPig Shortstop Sets Poor Example

When the Lehigh Valley Catz were finished playing on Saturday, my brother called me over to see something unusual. There the players were, raking and grooming the diamond on which they had just finished playing.

It was a lot different during the Iron Pigs game on Sunday, even though the quality of baseball ball is really only a little better. Now I don't expect AAA baseball players to sweep the field between innings, but I don't expect them to throw bats either.

That's exactly what happened. When SS Mike Rouse struck out in the bottom of the third, he threw his bat in obvious frustration and nearly hit Brandon Watson in the on deck circle. The team's lead off hitter had to jump out of the way. In the meantime, Rouse just stood on the field, acting like a little baby. As a career .165 hitter in the majors, he has no room to act like a prima donna.

That's a bad example for the thousands of kids there, including the Forks As.


Blah Society said...

As someone who periodically competes in professional competition, I can say from experience that sometimes we (as humans) can get away from ourselves. Certain frusterations can get the best of anyone, but I completely agree that such actions set a poor example and there is no good excuse.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is expecting professional athletes to set a good example today is bound to be disappointed.

Blah Society said...

It's more likely, but there are many professionals that set good examples; people only hear of the bad ones.

Anonymous said...

He won't be around long. When your BA is on the interstate (.165) and you're not a pitcher, you're counting the days.

Anonymous said...

The sooner the better.