Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Road Trip to Philly, Anyone?

I love taking day trips to Philly. I usually spend most of my time in Chinatown or in the Vietnamese area along Washington Street, where I soak in the atmosphere of different cultures and try to speak Mandarin and Vietnamese while gawking at beautiful women and eating a great soup called pho. Sometimes I'll go into the Old City, see a foreign flick, and pretend I'm an artsy fartsy type. But I'm happiest just walking up and down the streets. It's always loud and dirty, but something about Philly really gets to me.

Tonight I heard from Glenn McCracken, who introduced me tonight to "The Pride of Philadelphia." It's a great little community web site that works hard at stressing the positive things about Philly. Damien Brown does much the same for Allentown at Our West End Neighborhood.

Next time I hang in Philly, I'll check out Glenn's site. I recommend it to you, too.


Julian Stolz said...


Some of us here at DeSales make a run to Philly once a month for Pat's and Geno's. Care to join us?

Bernie O'Hare said...