Friday, December 17, 2010

Can You Help a Military Family This Christmas?

If you have a loved one in the military, you must be aware of the fine work done by The Blue Star Mothers of America. Since WWII, this is the group of moms who send those care packages out to our soldiers. I know first hand the good they have done because one of those care packages went to my daughter in Iraq.

The Gilberts, sons and daughters of Northampton County Council member Bruce Gilbert, are performers who've raised $15,000 for the Blue Star Mothers. Dottie Niklos tells me that the money they raise at their performances - they sing and dance for whatever you can give - "has helped many military families and needy veterans with families."

They'll be doing two concerts in the next few days. If you can attend one of them, the money you give will help soldiers who put their lives on the line for you without complaint.
Christmas Concert 2010
Ice House Concert 2010 Flyer

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Dottie Niklos said...


The Gilberts, this year alone, have helped 3 families get into their own apartments, 2 families will have Chrismas for the children, one with a medical bill , and one with a major appliance need, two families travel to visit wounded family members,Food, clothing and gas to 10 other families, Oil bills, electric ,rent and telephone have all been handled for military families in distress.

It is all done throuhgh the Gilberts emergency relief fund adminitered by Blue Star Mothers Lehigh VAlley Chapter.

Thank you, and God Bless the Gilberts and all who have donated
to help the familis who sacrifice so much for us all.