Friday, October 22, 2010

Tea Party With State House & Senate Candidates Tonight!

I've told you that the Lehigh Valley Project 9/12 - Tea Party Group, will host a "Meet the Candidates" forum tonight at the Chrin Community Center in Palmer Township, beginning at 7:00 p.m. (Map here).

Here's an updated list on those who've committed and those who are unable to attend.

Will attend:

Pat Browne (R) – State Senate 16th District
Richard Orloski (D) - State Senate 16th District

Matt Connolloy (R) - State Senate 18th District

Bob Mensch (R) - State Senate 24th District

Justin Simmons (R) – General Assembly 131st District

Dave Molony (R) – General Assembly 133rd District

Joe Emrick (R) - General Assembly 137th District
Charles Dertinger (D) - General Assembly 137th District

Rex D'Agostino (G) - General Assembly 183rd District

Unable to Attend

Bill Wallace (D) - State Senate 24th District

Jennifer Mann (D) - General Assembly 132nd District

Ron Shegda (R) - General Assembly 136th District

Robert Freeman (D) - General Assembly 136th District
Updated 12:50 PM: State Senator Lisa Boscola has now agreed to come tonight, according to t a Tea Party commenter.


Anonymous said...

I was lead led to believe the new cardboard cut-out was there for the late Bob Freeman.

Anonymous said...

Will Christine O'Donnell be there? the Constitutional expert?

lvtp912 said...


You can add Lisa Boscola (D) - State Senate 18th District to your list.

Anonymous said...

Will Pat Browne bring lobbyist wife Heather?

Anonymous said...

"Will Christine O'Donnell be there? the Constitutional expert?"

Actually several Constitutional experts stated yesterday O'Donnell is correct.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear Lisa Boscola this morning on WAEB?

Grim Reaper said...

"Unable to Attend


Robert Freeman (D) - General Assembly 136th District"

Uh, duh!?! It's a LIVE forum people.

Anonymous said...

Funny, Bob Freeman might be replaced with a cardboard cutout for this meeting....

However, instead of being out smarted by a piece of cardboard, Shegda isn't showing up?

Anonymous said...

Allentown 1st Ward, 6th Ward, 14th Ward and 15th Ward State Candidates

131 - Simon --- Scheduled
Horton --- N0 aqui
132 - Mann --- No Aqui --
No oposition
133 - Brennan --- No Aqui
Molony --- Scheduled
135 - Sammuelson --- No Aqui

Unfortunately we have not seen much of Mann, Sammuelson and Brennan this election cycle or Beyer (but she lost in the primary)

Simon has worked the East Side and Molony has been there somewhat ... But we are not aware of Horton being there.

Our representatives failed us early on Allentown State Hospital ... They had the disease No Habla a la gente .

Anonymous said...

Boscola was not there. Maybe after her unhinged ranting on Gunther this morning, she curled up in a bottle and took a pass.

Anonymous said...

Not a big turn out Bernie, I have to admit, i was sad to see that you weren't in attendance.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I took a nap at 5 PM and just got up now. I'm sorry I missed it bit I was out. I have not been getting enough sleep for the ast three weeks.