Friday, October 22, 2010

Ron Angle, Everyone's Favorite Target

He's an easy target. He brings much of the venom on himself, with his outspoken views and willingness to take on his critics. Sometimes he barks and growls. But the Northampton County Bulldog also happens to be its Council President. Like it or not, he was elected by the Slate Belt to serve them in Northampton County, and was selected by his peers to lead them this year. But there is also a large group of Anglephobes who take every opportunity they can to attack him.

I'm speaking, of course, of Ron Angle. He's my friend. I know he's a bastard who will never run a charm school, but he's my bastard. In addition to reining in County spending, he has proposed that the nursing home be sold. And just the other day, he began spearheading an effort to bring a federal detention center for illegal immigrants (Jenna Portnoy's excellent story is here) into Upper Mount Bethel Township. At a time when we have 10% unemployment, this proposal will generate 350 union construction jobs and 500 detention workers with salaries equivalent to that of police officers.

Despite a public spat with Executive John Stoffa few weeks ago, Angle has worked closely with the Exec as well as other members of Council. And it shows. Instead of a lackluster legislative body, this new group has worked hard this year. At Wednesday's three-person finance committee, for example, eight of nine Council members participated. Council's three newbies - Tom Dietrich, Bruce Gilbert and Barb Thierry - have immersed themselves in County business. Even seasoned veterans like Mike Dowd and John Cusick have become courthouse fixtures. Part of the reason for this is their own dedication. But another reason is Ron Angle, who has been a whirlwind. This week alone, he attended seven different public meetings, to say nothing of private meetings with members of the administration.

As flamboyant and outspoken as Angle can be, that's how measured and cautious Executive John Stoffa has been. Despite the fact that he went to school with Moses, it's not unusual for him to put in 12-hour days. So Angle and Stoffa have been a good combination, and many members of the administration claim more has been accomplished in the last ten months than in Stoffa's entire first term.

But the more Angle accomplishes, the more he is reviled. Yesterday alone, there were fifteen comments on this blog accusing him of everything, from trying to enrich himself to making side deals with a possible Gracedale buyer. Of course, all of these attacks are made anonymously.

Nobody has accused him of cannibalism ... yet.

At Wednesday's Finance Committee meeting, I saw him do something very unusual. He apologized for his public outburst at John Stoffa two weeks before. His apology was just as public as his attack, and was repeated several times. And with a little help from financial wizards like Vic Mazziotti and Doran Hammon, he was able to come up with and propose amendments to next year's budget that will eliminate a tax hike.

None of this means anything to a small group who give themselves the innocuous title "Coalition of Alzheimer's Families." They also like to refer to themselves as "We, the People," and claim to speak for us at meetings, although none of them were elected to speak for anyone in Northampton County. After their disruptive behavior and repeated vilification of Ron Angle at last night's Council meeting, I can only call them the Gracedale Goons.

I've already had my own run-in with their unelected leader, a "Reverend" Mario Martinez, who I met on the very first night they descended en masse to a Council meeting, like a plague of locusts. At that time, he was a dude who looks very much like Pancho Villa, cutting in front of me in the long line to get into the Courthouse. When I told him what he had done, he just laughed at me and the many others who now stood behind him. In subsequent confrontations, this supposed preacher has wagged his finger in my face and has told me, "You're lucky I'm a Man of God."

Donna Barney lives in Kunkeltown, which is not even in this County. But she's another one of the people who speak for us. We're very lucky. On September 16, she went after Angle for a good twelve minutes, even attacking him for his theatrical behavior on Business Matters. "You need to take a good luck at the person sitting at the head of your table," she lectured. She also complained that a Council video "was taken off" the County website. "Food for thought, people. ... Coverups don't work." What had actually happened is that Committee meetings were also being videotaped, and for a brief time, the video was unavailable.

Last night, she decided to speak for us again. This time, she only attacked Angle for eight minutes. She advised that she's filed a complaint with the ACLU, which has Angle's number on their speed dial. And get this. "We seem to be living in a petty dictatorship in the guise of the Chair, who runs these meetings as if it were his personal fiefdom." Oh yeah, in addition to being a dictator, El Anglo is a bigot who doesn't just hate blacks and Jews, but Latinos as well. "Is it possible that because our spokesperson is an American of Latino heritage, that ethnic bias is a problem for the chair, who has a history of making derogatory and discriminatory comments and may feel that he can discriminate with impunity .... ?"

While Barney spewed her venom, the Gracedale Goons were doing their own damage, shouting out catcalls and vulgarities that would make a Teamster blush. It made no difference to them that there were about forty boy scouts in the audience. When I'd turn to film them, they'd laugh and wave. One woman, a Mary Ann Schmoyer of Bath, told me several times to shove my flipcam "up your ass" when I would turn to film her antics. I did catch her once on film, telling me to "stick that up your you know what." I even told Schmoyer that she was using this foul language "right by boyscouts," but she was unfazed.

The boyscouts loved it. I'm sure that over the next few days, they'll be telling parents and friends to stick things up their ass.

Ironically, this is the same group so offended by Angle's use of the phrase "God damn." Am I supposed to believe that these hateful people really care about Gracedale residents?

The Gracedale Goons also interrupted two speakers who support Gracedale's sale last night, shouting out that their time was up. They not only speak for "We, the People," but apparently speak for Angle as well.

This is the mean-spirited group behind the initiative to place the sale of Gracedale on the ballot this Spring. They'll need 19,000 registered voters to sign that petition. And in the unlikely event they do, it will be a phyrric victory because, according to an informative account by The Express Times' Sarah Cassi, Council members may just decide to defund Gracedale completely, leaving the nursing home to rely on the state and federal funding that always comes a day late and a dollar short. Whatever happens, people like Barney and Martinez will continue to demonize Angle and anyone else who stands in their way. In the process, they're making themselves and their cause look pretty bad.


michael molovinsky said...

if i'm to understand that it takes 19,000 signatures to get a question on the ballot, i suggest that northampton county needs a more equitable referendum recourse for it's citizens. that threshold seems absurdly high

Anonymous said...

I am no fan of Angle but I think it is totally ridiculous that a person who doesn't even live in our jurisdiction is allowed to take a position on an issue that she can not even vote on.

Anonymous said...

The approach and attitude of Gracedale supporters has convinced me that the residents should be returned to the families who have abandoned them. Barron comes to mind. He makes enough to care for his granny. But he chooses to make her our responsibility. I take care of my granny at great expense to the rest of my family. But that's what the compassionate and responsible do. Others send old folks off to the county in order to insure their lifestyles aren't negatively impacted.

Anonymous said...

wow. you support this administration, and this very controversial, but well-intentioned initiative.

now you must sit there, as whackjob after whackjob comes to the microphone, attacking the initiative and demonizing its proponents.

bwaaaahahaha. the air is rich with delicious irony.

Anonymous said...

Watching the Gracedale Goons on the live video feed convinced me more than ever that Gracedale must be sold. The blond woman (was that Mary Ann?) who stated she was a Gracedale employee was a total fruit loop. In her insane tirade, she cried out that other Council members should "grow a pair of balls" in censoring Angle. After the meeting she hounded Angle who would have none of her vicious personal attacks and left. That ddidn't satisfy this woman who barked out loud for everyone to hear what kind of person Angle was. She then started bending the ear of the county exec. If people like her are allowed to work at Gracedale then it is time for a change. Sell it to a private owner who will reward workers for exceptional service to residents. As long as the county owns it workers with their own vendettas and personal agendas will rule the place.

Anonymous said...

A detentention center for illegals? Really? Since when does anyone in this state, or for that matter the country, do anything about illegals? Hell, in Allentown, if you're not an immigrant, you're a second class citizen.

Anonymous said...

Would you recommend to the County to enter into a contract with a corporation that was actually indicted for murder of inmates under its care or supervision?

Would you recommend to the County to enter into a contract with a corporation that suffered a judgment of 40 million plus for allow inmates to beat an inmate to death while under its care or supervision?

Well your little ole ombudsman apparently thinks it a fine group to select. No need for any competitive process.

Apparently he is a Luddite who eschews modern conveniences such as a computer. Perhaps you can do a cursory google search for him and set out the trail of human wreckage caused by this fine corporation.

This is a fine example of the private sector performing a governmental function. Apparently it is much more efficient at abusing and killing inmates than the lazy federal and state union prison guards.

Perhaps you can also set out the millions of dollars directed into the pockets of its executives rather than towards the basic constitutional (ah there's that wackadoodle cry!)requirements of security, food and required minimal health care for the charges under its control.

And the millions spent by this corporation for lobbying public officials.

And here is the added bonus. This nightmare is all of course paid for by the taxpayer.

It is a travesty that a public official would not do a minimal amount of due diligence before trying to ram something through County Council.

Kudos to the ombudsman. Alway driven by what's best for the public.

Anonymous said...

What the hell does it mean to file a complaint with the ACLU? Do they have some enforcement power over state officials?

c said...

When all is said and done exactly who will be paying the salaries of the corrections officers at the proposed detention facility.

Anonymous said...

Last minute urgent requests for approval should be a danger sign to anyone who has an interest in protecting the public purse.
Are there no competitors who provide the same service?
What does Council really know about the background of this firm.
I am not opposed to privitzing certain public services but the profit motive and attaction of an easy buck draws proposals all types of firms both good and bad.

So are the additional jobs being suggested worth it so long as the firm only violates the basic human rights of 10 percent or less of its charges?

Regarding you lauding of Angle for making a public apology, the obvious solution is for him not to be such a rude, offensive and confrontational individual in ther first place. Bullies are tedious and insecure, hence their attacks on others. You give him points for that as if that is the only way to accomplish anything.
If given the choice of civil discourse, disagreement and compromise versus ad hominen attacks, butcher grammar, mixed metaphors and inane, sophomoric arguments, i would choose the former.
He sought out the position so dont make him a martyr. Stop the madness.

Anonymous said...

butcher grammar?

Sister Ophelia Self said...


Re: "butcher grammar"

Unlike the self-appointed grammar cop who hasn't mastered idioms and metaphors, many butchers speak the Queen's English quite well. One is Mayor of Easton.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"bwaaaahahaha. the air is rich with delicious irony"

Yes, I have thought about that. What goes around comes around, eh? But let me tell you something. When I sued over that bond, I still respected the Council members who supported it. Joe Brennan, Carol Cuomo and Greg Zebrowski are all great people and I admired them. I saw Greg on Wednesday night, and he and I laughed over the old battles. These folks won't be laughing with Council members in a few years.

Anonymous said...

I call shenanigans! Do the math:

A COAF member demonized the workforce at gracedale by pointing out they make the most money of any nurses in the area, when he said they won't find work outside county without taking a pay-cut.
Stoffa wanted to move county administration services in gracedale for year, but couldn't because the residents live there.
COAF's petition says to keep Gracedale, the building, but nothing about keeping it operating as a nursing home.
Stoffa/Angle/their-cronies will have legal reason, after teh peition is valid, to kick the old people to the curb by driving it bankrupt.

Who exactly is the COAF? Where do they receive their funding? Angle, Stoffa? Weren't they formed because they hated how their family was treated at Gracedale? Is there an agreement to move their families to high scale nursing homes after the legal eviction?

Inquiring minds want to know!!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

"that threshold seems absurdly high"

It's meant to be very difficult. Believe me, I went thru it myself in the late '70s. We got the signatures, but after some successful challenges, we missed by about 40.

I would support a HRC amendment reducing the 10% registered voter requirement to something like 5%, and spelling out with more certainty what items can be made the subject of an initiative.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"The blond woman (was that Mary Ann?) who stated she was a Gracedale employee was a total fruit loop."

That is not Mary Ann. She's a Gracedale employee who was shrieking like a banshee at the end of the night.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"A detentention center for illegals? Really?"

Yes, ICE is looking for a place to house 2000 of them. 8% will consist of people who have been convicted of crimes and have already served their sentences, but are now facing deportation proceedings. Judges will have courtrooms on campus.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Perhaps you can do a cursory google search for him and set out the trail of human wreckage caused by this fine corporation."

As the largest private warehouser of criminals in the world, it makes sense that it would be the subject of numerous suit, and may have lost a few. So has the government.

But if you don't want 500 jobs in this area as well as 350 union construction jobs, I'm sure GEO can find another county that is ore amenable.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"What the hell does it mean to file a complaint with the ACLU? Do they have some enforcement power over state officials?"

Absolutely none, but it sounded good.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"When all is said and done exactly who will be paying the salaries of the corrections officers at the proposed detention facility."

The feds. We won't have a thing to do with it.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Last minute urgent requests for approval should be a danger sign to anyone who has an interest in protecting the public purse."

OK, so kiss 350 union construction jobs and 500 permanent detention center jobs good-bye. In the real world, thee are times when things happen very quickly, and a good government can respond quickly. A bad government allows people to continue suffering, like we saw in the aftermath of Katrina and with the BP Oil Spill. McClure and McHale, by their No vote, made clear what kind of government they prefer.

c said...

Where do the Feds get their money from? The other pocket Bernie. No disrespect intended but we the taxpayers will be on the hook for this one way or another. I wish we could just say...." Next bus for those being deported leaves in an hour" Expedite processing and send them a reverse Ellis Island.

Sick and Tired said...

Bernie, remember YOUR post about the above link? How YOU said limiting ones right to speak at such meetings is a violation of the Sunshine Act?

I see you fail to accuse your suck buddy of the same violation. Or you will somehow find a way to justify his censorship of people who have every right to speak. The woman wasn't making much sense with what she said, but at least she was not disrespectful in the way she was doing it.

It is funny how when you or Angle don't like what you are hearing you rush to censor, limit ones RIGHT to speak, or delete. The link above from YOUR OWN BLOG just proves YET AGAIN how much of a hypocrite you really are!!

Anonymous said...

Why must the construction be performed by union labor? Amid 10% unemployment, and with only 14% of households containing a union member, how about opening up fair competition to the other 86% of households who contain someone who will perform the same work for less money? We keep wasting taxpayers money for ill-conceived jobs programs that benefit special interests. WTF?

Anonymous said...

The comedic relief at last night's meeting included the Rev. Martinez telling us how he prays every day that Ron Angle would get a new heart to which Angle murmured that the Rev should pray that he just GETS a heart. the Rev was more peaceful and subdued yesterday. Guess the Angle smack-down from the previous meeting was an epiphany.

Bernie O'Hare said...

What it does prove is that you will do anything, including the distortion of facts, to make a point. I prefer the truth and eventually, that's what always comes out.

In the Percy Dougherty blog, I chastised him for not permitting a citizen, taxpayer and county employee discuss a reduction in his own wages. In the case of the phony Reverend, he went to the podium and launched into yet another personal attack of Angle, as well as another speaker. The Sunshine Act gives no one the right to mount personal attacks, and that includes the fake minister, the Kunkeltown Kook as well as the woman who told Council they "have no balls."

Angle was well within his rights to tell Martinez o sit down, and should have told Barney to hit the road, too.

When Martinez was told to sit down two weeks ago, there were three reporters from three different newspapers, a columnist and a blogger. Not one of us has a problem with Angle's actions. As Council Prez, he has a duty to maintain decorum.

Martinez made an ass of himself two weeks ago, and the rest of you made assholes out of yourselves last night. Even Gracedale union members, who have no love for me or Angle, tell me they are turned off by your disgusting antics.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Why must the construction be performed by union labor?"

It need not be, but it is likely that union labor will do much of the work because many of the tradesmen needed are union dudes.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have answered @2:09 above.

Sick and Tired said...

"Angle was well within his rights to tell Martinez o sit down, and should have told Barney to hit the road, too."

From what the video shows there was no personal attack, merely an assumption or even an accusation. That is not a ground to deny someone of their right to speak at the meeting. As much power that Angle thinks he has, he can't censor someone from speaking. You said it yourself Bernie. I have seen various posts on here in which you bring up the Sunshine Act. Now when Angle does the same thing it is ok?

You can't use it only when it works for you.

And I am not "one of them" I don't agree with all of their tactics either, but I was just pointing out how one sided you and your posts are.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The video quite clearly shows there was a seres of mean-spirited personal attacks directed at the President of our County Council. If Angle has made any mistake, it is to let you continue after personally attacking his integrity. That has come from Martinez and Barney. In addition, you have attempted to disrupt meetings.

The chairman of any body has the right and duty to maintain decorum.

And you most certainly are one of them, using the very phrase I heard Barney repeat several times. Shouldn't you be out circulating your petition?

Sick and Tired said...

I love it how you spin for your suck buddy, but your own blog contradicts itself over and over. I don't need to point it out for people to see, they can see for themselves.

And Angle has no right to not allow someone to speak. I will make a point to be there next meeting and see if he has the balls to stop me.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"And Angle has no right to not allow someone to speak. I will make a point to be there next meeting and see if he has the balls to stop me."

He has every right in the world to silence any bastard who takes the podium for the purpose of attacking a council member. In fact, it is Lamont McClure who proposed a Code of Civility that gives him the right to maintain decorum.

This was no absolute denial of the right to speak, which is what occurred with Dougherty. This was the inevitable consequence of the phony minister's refusal to follow the rules.

As far your threat, you are one of the Gracedale Goons and have already attempted to disrupt several times.

Anonymous said...

"Sick and Tired"- see if he has the balls to stop me? What is this a bar room brawl? Ron should adopt a strict limit of 5 min. per nut job and have deputies ready to remove agitators like you from the room.

Anonymous said...

it's only ok when ron angle does it ..... he can't have anyone stealing his thunder .... bernie didn't you say thats how our forefathers settled things ? they didn't talk they got loud with each other at times and thats how they resolved issues .. angle should call himself the silencer...

Anonymous said...

Word was they backed down off angle and ambushed other council members in the elevator. Yelled and screamed at them.

This group is real classy.

Sick and Tired!! said...

"Ron should adopt a strict limit of 5 min. per nut job and have deputies ready to remove agitators like you from the room."

Yeah he should call on the same deputies he made fun off over life saving bullet proof vests (see Bernie's other post on the budget). He will make fun of the fact they need new vests, yet call on them in a time of need!!

"He has every right in the world to silence any bastard who takes the podium for the purpose of attacking a council member."

Yet he can sit up on his chair and bash and try to embarrass the Exec?? Bernie you are the only goon here, it is ok for Angle to ambush and belittle people, but he can't take it himself.

I would argue that it is far worse than Angle does it because he is in the position he is!!

Anonymous said...

I think Angle wants that prison next to his land, so when the inevitable escape happens, he will shoot the escapees and take them home to cook and eat them.

May The Circle Be Unbroken

Anonymous said...

Bernie. By your calculus its gotta be a shame when those guards at dachau and buchenwald lost their steady jobs. Think of all the tax revenue lost. Tell the wife children and parents of the inmate killed that it was brutally murdered while in their protective custody that it was a statistical anomaly. BTW is this the same group that ran Delaware County prison ? 8 deaths in 4 years. Then washed their hands. Since Ron boy wants this new neighbor all these concerns deserve no weight. If he was against it you would be citing these very same horrific FACTs. When it comes to Angle you have sold your soul to the devil.

Walt Sienicki said...

I live near the "SlateBelt" and I cannot for the life of me find ANYONE that has a positive thing to say about Ron Angle. This isn't something that is just occurring in here, this is everywhere. I make it a point to bring him up and WOW!!! This was his voting block. Somehow along the way he has offended everyone. I know he doesn't say he cares however I would feel terrible if I had his reputation among the residents. I feel sorry for him, I voted for him everytime he ran and I now regret that I did. Good luck Ron I'm sorry it turned out this way for you, I think in your mind you feel you have conducted yourself in an appropriate manner, however, everyone else disagrees.

Anonymous said...

Angle is a coward and a bully. The two traits generally go hand in hand. Angle won't pull his crap if he is face to face with you with no Press or guards. The funniest thing is when Severson had Angle running to his truck like a scalded cat, afraid Severson would confront him.

Angle is still the most disruptive person in government. O'Hare loves and I mean loves the guy so he conveniently will claim Angles mean spirited personal attacks and disregard for Rules and civility are rooted in "good government". Anyone else who doesn't agree with Angle is a "goon" or a "kook". There are many good people who have real and legitimate concerns about the hasty desire to dump Gracedale despite some conflicting information.

O'Hare would regularly call past Administrators names and disrupt events. Ask O'Hare how he and Angle handled themselves when Reibman was Executive.

The facts of Gracedale were the first casualty of this County Council and Stoffa. There is certainly a need for the County home and there is a real concern over the loss of nursing home beds to the lucrative Rehabilitative Service field. Sad thing is there is no one on council with the expertise to call Angle on his bullshit.

O'Hare is and will continue to be a hypocrite with selective memory. Angle will continue to be a self-absorbed jackass. If Angle doesn't like the public to speak to his lies he should get the Hell out of government. Of course after next years election thankfully he will be gone.

Terry Connors, LPN

Anonymous said...

Terry, you must be the totally inappropriate wild person who berated Angle at the meeting Thursday. And you call yourself a professional? Take your meds!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@TERRY .....AMEN ....

Anonymous said...

The COAF member gave a speech about the nurses at Gracedale. He said if you work anywhere else, it would be a paycut, so it seems he let out the bag you guys are the highest paid in the region.

So Terry, YOU can do something, have YOUR union give back a fraction of the benefits to balance the books. All without ever touching your paychecks.

So Terry, are YOU going to do something, other than whine?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I see that Terry, like most Angle haters, is willing to lie. True, I was highly critical during the Reibman years. But I have never disrupted a public meeting and would never engage in the childish catcalls and vulgarities I saw last night. I also generally respected the people with whom I disagreed. I remain friends with several of them.

Severson was convicted for his criminal activity, in which he shouted he was going to kill Angle during a funeral mass. It is both appalling and more than a little weird that a supposed nurse would defend that kind of behavior. It makes me wonder how Terry treats patients.

Amazingly, it was another loony who screamed that Council has "no balls" during her turn at the podium and in front of all those boy scouts. She could and should have been ejected for that reason alone.

There is nothing wrong with a little yelling and screaming from time to time. Yes, that is democracy. But EVERY time this group comes, they engage in this behavior. Personal attacks like those hurled last night should not be tolerated. Nor should members of the audience be allowed to interrupt other speakers, especially when those other speakers are fellow citizens. They did ambush other Council members in the elevator after the meeting.

Bernie O'Hare said...

" By your calculus its gotta be a shame when those guards at dachau and buchenwald lost their steady jobs. Think of all the tax revenue lost. "

By your calculus, the doors of every prison should be thrown open. Murderers and rapists should be allowed to roam the streets because someone, somewhere, abused a prisoner.

That's a nonsensical and illogical argument.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"I live near the "SlateBelt" and I cannot for the life of me find ANYONE that has a positive thing to say about Ron Angle."

Three times, Slate Belt voters have sent Ron Angle as their representative to County Council. He cares a little more about this County that some Kunkeltown Kook.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear BO! That screaming banshee should be ashamed of herself. Her childish tirade was a disgrace to a fine profession like nursing. Nurse Ratchet beware!!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Yet he can sit up on his chair and bash and try to embarrass the Exec?? Bernie you are the only goon here, it is ok for Angle to ambush and belittle people, but he can't take it himself."

He has no right to berate the Executive publicly. That's not why he is there. And I did criticize Angle's conduct at that time in to separate posts. So did the ET and Bill White.

But on Wednesday, Angle just as publicly apologized for his own misconduct, and did so three times. But t was too good an opportunity for the Anglephobes. They ignore his apology and my own criticism and decide to attack him as though he is an unrepentant Steve Barron.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Yeah he should call on the same deputies he made fun off over life saving bullet proof vests (see Bernie's other post on the budget). He will make fun of the fact they need new vests, yet call on them in a time of need!!"

You have absolutely no sense of humor, which is a shame. The Sheriff was discussing bulletproof vests, and said that he will be ordering 27 new ones in the next 2 years. Angle, noting that he has been the victim of a lot of recent attacks, joked that the Sheriff should get him one. And the Sheriff joked that he'd give him an expired one.

What about that is insulting to Sheriffs or the job they do? Nothing.

God help the residents of Gracedale with people like you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Word was they backed down off angle and ambushed other council members in the elevator. Yelled and screamed at them.

This group is real classy."

I know they went after Dietrch. I saw him later and he was visibly upset.

Chris Casey said...

In the picture you used, Angle makes me think of Darth Vader sitting at the head of a table.

They should play Vader's theme wherever he goes!

Anonymous said...

Angle is a coward. You are a hypocrite Bernie.

People know the two budgets were a deal between Angle and Stoffa. No one is dumb enough to buy their little lovers spat bullshit they pretended to have.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Another Anglephobe. This is the kook who hates Stoffa, too.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that only Angle is allowed to be rude, obnoxious, immature, petulant low class, hicky and self-absorbed??? Good for her! Tit for tat. Let's all act like hillbillies and continue to be laughing stocks of the state! Long live Northampton County!

Anonymous said...

He's our own Boss Hawg from Dukes of Hazzard.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why we're supposed to admire Angle just because he apologized. Do we clap cause he can wipe his own ass?

Anonymous said...

The phenomenon of Ron Angle is due to the fact that people in the Slate Belt feel displaced in Northampton County Most people in Bethlehem and Easton have never even been to the Slate Belt nor care about it and Slate Belters know that. They're like the Panhandle of Florida or that extra piece of Michigan. They want someone who is going to stand up for them in "the big city" of Easton. Because they're rubes, they associate being rude and obnoxious with upholding the interests of a smaller, downtrodden section of the County. Angle would never have gotten on Council if he was from Bethlehem or Easton, but then he probably wouldn't act this way if he grew up closer to civilization. So to me, he is what he is and he is as Northampton County as a pothole on Rt. 22.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Americans tend to admire Americans who admit their istakes and tend to despise people who are stuck like a broken record.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The phenonenom of Ron Angle is due to the fact that he says what he means and means what he says. And in the slate belt, which pays attention to its elected officials, that means something. Unilike publc officials in the pocket if unions or the Lehigh Valley Partnership, he's his own man. There's only one seat in his pick up. hat scares a lot of people who play the game. It especially scares political hacks.

Anonymous said...

All the tape shows is you O'Hare agitating the Gracedale supporters and making rude and inflammatory comments to get them going. You shove your camera in their faces and make remarks to elicit a response and disrupt the meetings.

I hope if you violate someone's space with your Angle purchased spycam in a threatening manner they defend themselves and stick that thing where the sun doesn't shine. You have no right to intimidate people.
You act as the KGB, making sure you intimidate decent regular folks by taking all their pictures for your Fuhrer Angle.

Everyone will be thrilled when this undemocratic little dictator and his puppet Stoffa are out of government. Of course by then they will have screwed up the County beyond repair.

Shame on you and your sponsor Angle.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The 3 AM troll, who does not go to meetings or identify himself bc he is a coward.

Anonymous said...

Louise Fletcher returns! Nurse Ratched works at Gracedale! Bernie, thank you for your outstanding coverage and debate of this important issue. Because of this, however, and given your admitted financial struggles, I fear you're one county resident who'll definitely be fed the Pittsburgh platter by staff at Gracedale when you finally land there. You feeling lucky today?

Anonymous said...

"The phenomenon of Ron Angle is due to the fact that people in the Slate Belt feel displaced in Northampton County Most people in Bethlehem and Easton have never even been to the Slate Belt nor care about it and Slate Belters know that."

Much of the Slate Belt is geographically in "Appalachia". Look it up. It is by no coincidence that those in the so called Slate Belt do act and live like those in Appalachia... not that there is anything wrong with that. With that said, its ok for them to send its kin to Northampton County for representation. What it's not ok to do though is cry and whine when they are treated like Appalachians by the remainder of the County. There is a reason why most of Appalachia is poor and not economically viable. Hopefully our County will not turn in to Appalachia because of the Slate Belt representation it has. IMHO

Anonymous said...

I can understand whey these people are upset. They stand to lose their way of making a live. You know what that feels like Bernie, but that was brought on by your own actions.

I bet you would be furious if Panera took away your free internet!!

Anonymous said...

Ron Angle isn't the only politician in need of censure. Most them of them speak before they think. It's the nature of the beast. It's like an elementary school fight. If a kid wants to act a fool and start calling names and throwing mud, you walk away. Fighting with him and calling names in open session is bringing it down to the level he's at. If you don't like him, you shouldn't have voted for him, and learn for next time.

Bernie - question - is the County looking to sell Gracedale outright or is the idea of hiring a private management firm still being kicked around?

And as far as the people claiming that Northampton County doesn't care about it's elderly but does about it's illegals, really?!? I would be shocked if Stoffa et al didn't include a provision in the RFP that Gracedale once sold must have a certain percentage of beds that are solely used for low income or no income residents. There are fear mongerers out there who seem to take pleasure in saying that Stoffa is going to throw our elderly to the streets. Come on now. If you honestly believe that, I got a bridge to sell you.

And if you don't want the prison being built, don't go work there. Don't take advantage of being hired and helping build the prison, and don't work for the federal government when it's done. That simple. It's just like a Wal-mart - you can boycott it too. Sitting there drawing comparisons between the prison and Gracedale is apples and oranges.

dj said...

Mr. O'Hare....I don't speak for anyone else in Northampton County except for my parents of which have been lifelong residents and at this past meeting, I read a letter on behalf of the Coalition of Alzheimers Families.

Anonymous said...

I just love the way the "adults" in your video yell and carry on about someone going over their 5 minute allotment. I guess things will just have to return to kindergarten in which a large timer will have to be set so everyone gets their "fair share".

Bernie O'Hare said...

"DJ", or Donna Barney, aka Kunkeltown Kook.

In two of your speeches to Council, you make repeated references to "We, the People," and act as though you are their spokesperson. Let's get this straight. You're not. Council is. That's why they were elected. You don't even reside here and have the gall to claim to represent the people here.

Let's get something else straight. If you start reading out a letter from the Gracedale Goons, that is what you are.

Let's get a third point straight. The right to speak during a public meeting will always be afforded you, regardless of your residency, so long as Angle is Council President. But the Council President also has the right to maintain decorum, and you have repeatedly violated decorum by engaging in mean-spirited personal attacks, designed to inflame passions and divert attention from County business.

What's most shameful about all of you is that you engage in this behavior in front of boy scouts.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"ernie - question - is the County looking to sell Gracedale outright or is the idea of hiring a private management firm still being kicked around?"

That ship has sailed. It is too far gone to be saved by private management, I'm sorry to say. The costs are reaching the point that the County will eventually start cutting corners. The best thing for Gracedale residents s to sell and allow a private institution run it. And of course, part of the agreement would be a guarantee that a minimum %age of beds for Medicaid be maintained. Nobody will be thrown into the street. Nobody will be turned away. Most of the workers will keep their jobs and at higher salaries. Their benefits package will be right-sized. Instead of a defined benefit pension, they'll get a 401k.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

can't wait for election time to vote some of these people off council! Mr. O'hare, it seems to me that you antagonize people at these meetings with your comments before meetings and then your little camera in their faces. The first person that spoke was simply reading a letter about the conduct of Mr. Angle during meetings. I did not get the idea of "personal attacks".

Anonymous said...

Shameful how you continue to attack Employees of Gracedale and Afscme Union workers. Calling us "GOONS". You say it is too late to save Gracedale by bringing new Management is never too late. Our salaries aren't excessive and our Benefit package is what basically all COUNTY employees have. Non-Union employee salaries are higher paying..meaning Career Service Employees. Like I have stated before...I am a 23yr county employee who earns $30,000 GROSS a year..minus taxes, retirement, union dues and medical co-payments...try living on that taking care of a family. There are positions at Gracedale that have starting salaries at $45,000 and above and yet no one wants to talk about them....and they are not Union Jobs...who sets the salary for these positions. The Nurses out on the floors giving medications and providing hands on care and compassion at top salary rated don't earn that kind of base salary at top rate. All I know is this is all a slap in the face to us loyal dedicated personell who give our all daily and then we are called Union Pigs and Goons. Unfortunately we have no say because no one wants to talk to the little guy. The paper reported the salaries in the newspaper of the top earners year after year...why don't they post the salaries of the low earners who make up much of the payroll. We are just Average people trying to do in this life what is required...earning an HONEST living and taking care of our responsibilities...and until this is all said and done...we wait in limbo not knowing where we stand...and yes it is scarey that that some of the public and powers that be have no compassions and empathy for our situation. Year after year my costs of living rise...and I pay higher school taxes to pay for astro turf and swimming pools and that is ok and yet a tax increase to continue to care for our elderly/disabled is out of the question. The County and Country has it's priorities backwards.

Bernie O'Hare said...

the first person who spoke engaged in a vicious personal attack, ans I stuck no camera in anyone's face, but did film the antics of people making catcalls and using profanity during a public meeting, as is my rghht under the Sunshine Act. It seems you want to draw attention to Angle, but you don't want anyone looking at your childish behavior.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous at 7:12am Are you serious. "residents returned to the families who have abandoned them" I hope you are never faced with having to place a once vibrant loved one in a nursing home that may have either, suffered a severe stroke and is now paralyzed, is suffering from dementia, is suffering from Alzheimers, or has been a victim of a severe head trauma that leaves them in a vegetative state. These residents range in age from teenagers to people in their 100's! Shame on you for such a comment and I hope that you never have to place a mother, father, son, daughter, wife or husband in a nursing home and then be told you abandoned them! YOU ARE A DISGRACE for such a comment

Anonymous said...

What will the payback be if they can't sell Gracedale and have to keep it? I heard it was stated that they may not be able to sell it but it doesn't mean they will have to keep in a Nursing Facility or Fund it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe all you people who feel Gracedale isn't worth keeping or funding should go their and visit the Residents, Staff and Families and hear their stories and maybe then you would realize what a vital importance this facility is. Imagine having a child injured in a car accident requiring 24hr/7d care and being able to have peace of mind knowing they are near and cared for . Not having to travel hours to see them. Just recently I heard Gracedale is now accepting different insurances....why wasn't this in place before?

Anonymous said...

All this melodrama about abandoning patients at Gracedale is utter nonsense. Absolutely NO ONE has suggested that Graceale should be closed. Under private ownership it will flourish. Most of the workers there are caring professionals who will be retained under new ownership, and rewarded for providing quality service to the patients. As it is now, everyone in each classification gets paid essentially the same whether they work hard or just lounge around making others pick up the slack. Counties everywhere are getting out of the nursing home business. Taxpayers should not be subsidizing what is essentially a business.

Anonymous said...

"engaging in mean spirited personal attacks, designed to inflame passions and divert attention from County business".

You have got to be kidding!! O'Hare you nose must be 10 feet long. Angle has made a career out of doing just that. You have applauded his ego-maniacal grandstanding over the years. You continue to show what a complete an utter hypocrite you are. Angle has attacked and harassed people for years. Soon however his forged Will issue will end his reign of terror.

As to the new council newbies they should be ashamed of making him President of Council with his bigoted, anti-semitic background. People like Mike Dowd know better but he is a coward who will be voted out of office on that action alone.

Stop spreading the Angle/Stoffa lies, Gracedale is only doomed because that is what you and the Angle/Stoffa team want it to be. You do realize for the past year the Home has had artificial bed count limits set on it by the Administration. The County could make it work, you just refuse to acknowledge that fact as ordered.

This Administration and County Council will forever be known as incompetent fools who ruined this County.

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to agree with you Bernie on the first woman that spoke. She didn't yell, didn't get arrogant, wasn't she just reading a letter written by a group that was given to the council? I have watched your tape and the tape on the county website and don't see what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:52, in the O'Hare universe the mere fact that she has an opinion different then the "truth" pronounced by Angle/Stoffa is reason enough to attack her. In his world she read from a letter from the "goons of Gracedalde". You will note how O'Hare, who has crowned Angle as the Civility Czar, immediately tags people who oppose his sponsor with pejorative titles.

He cries about personal attacks yet uses them when it pleases him.

The fact is this lady like many decent County residents don't think Gracedale should be sold. Many have or had family members in Gracedale and they understand the dynamics of Alzheimer's units and levels of care, something no one on Council is familiar with.

The sad thing is "the ship" has probably sailed as O'Hare claims. He will bray on about the "fact" that Gracedale will "cost" so much. Facts disputed by numerous reports and national studies.

Nonetheless, I applaud citizens for speaking their minds and be willing to endure the abuse of O'Hare in defense of this cause.

Just remember how long O'Hare complained about Mr. Dertinger saying he didn't have to listen to O'Hare who doesn't own real estate. You would think O'Hare had been raped. Now that the shoe is on the other foot he wants to intimidate others into silence.

He is the High Holy Hypocrite of Northampton County

Anonymous said...

In an ideal world, Gracedale would remain in operation under the control of the County. In this world, there would also be a unicorn drinking out of the Lehigh River. It's not going to happen. All we hear is Save Gracedale, Ron Angle is The Devil, etc., but none of you are offering any real solutions. To keep Gracedale in operation, there would be tax increases that you would complain about, and rightfully so. If the County is DEMANDING that the new buyer of Gracedale include beds for indigent residents, then what seems to be the problem? If you are all complaining about the "lack of care" the County is showing the elderly, then doesn't this appease you, knowing that they will be taken care of?

Whether you are willing to admit it or not, you're all falling for the media and the political spin on this issue. Some big evil corporation is not going to march in their and wheel Grandma out into the street. Be realistic here.

It seems that nothing anyone does here will satisfy everyone. You voted these people in to office. Remember it when elections come around if it makes you that upset.

Anonymous said...

The sad fact is that Gracedale has up until two years ago been a cost neutral proposition for the County. This has been a devious plan by this Administration. In fact by contributing into the pension fund current workers are helping to weather the current economic storm. Sorry my friend it is you who are drinking with the unicorns and the water from the Lehigh is making you hallucinate. Just because Ron Angle and John Stoffa want to sell Gracedale and payed a consultant to agree, you believe that is that.

People are in the community who know far more than you about this issue. They have and could appear at meetings to explain. The problem is your mind is made up and not open to other ideas. If Gracedale is such a great buy it will still be a great buy in one or two years. Companies have been wanting to buy it for decades.

As to the "assurances", please homie, if you are going to live by your "privatization" creed you must die by it too. When you sell you sell, end of story. Just how will you make a company guarantee beds for the indigent? Even if they write it in and they renege what will you do, sue, take it back? A judge would throw out your lawsuit in two minutes. You can't sell and then shackle. I guess you have never heard of rezoning, assessment appeals and civil courts overturning agreements written by attorneys. Things are changed everyday. So stop condescending to people. You guys have been had by Angle and your tea party pals. Problem is you are not just screwing up your lives you are screwing up the lives of thousands of citizens.

And yes, people will most certainly remember at election time. Sad thing is the damage you are doing today is irreparable.

So dance with your own damn unicorns and drink all the Lehigh water you want. You folks showed how clueless you were when you appointed that criminally insane Angle, President of Council.

The grim reality is that all of us are forced to live in your little shop of horrors world.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Just remember how long O'Hare complained about Mr. Dertinger saying he didn't have to listen to O'Hare who doesn't own real estate"

Thanks for bringing that up. That's why I'll never vote for Dertinger for anything, and the people threw that bum out of office.

By the way, most Gracedale residents own no real estate either. How long before Dertinger tells them to take a hike? All he cares about is union support. Same for McHale and McClure. They have no regard for the people who actually live at Gracedale, only the votes.

As for a private corporation being only interested in the bottom line, that is true. But it will be more profitable only if it is more marketable, and that only occurs if the standards of care are high. And the whole point of hiring a law firm to negotiate the sale is to ensure that Medicaid patients are not turned away and have ironclad language in the agreement of sale.

Dauphin County privatized several (3?) years ago, and in its presentation, told Council that it actually increased the number of Medicaid patients. The Gracedale Goons were present at this hearing, so they know this. But they are deliberately pretending otherwise. That's dishonest.

These folks not only engage in personal attacks; they also deliberately misinform.

I guess lying is good politics.

Good politics is not always good policy. But good policy will inevitably always be good politics. It is time to sell Gracedale. The Gracedale Goons can't be persuasive in a debate dealing with facts, so they demonize Angle and Stoffa. Hey maybe you'll drive Angle out of office, but you won't stop him from doing what is right. nor will you stop other Council members or Stoffa. Yous instead have done a pretty good job of alienating them.

Now Ron is a prick, but he is actually a much nicer guy than he pretends. There is little doubt n my mind that he will try to warm o to you. When he does, I will be there to remind him of the knives you've thrown at him.

Your argument for Gracedale boils down to this - Ron Angle is an asshole; therefore, we must ignore him and keep Gracedale in County hands. It's the ad hominem and is totally illogical. (MM hates when I use logic, but there it is).

Bernie O'Hare said...

"This has been a devious plan by this Administration.'

What a sicko. Villify Stoffa. Villify Angle. To hell with facts. Just make up some bullshit and hope it flies.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"I can't seem to agree with you Bernie on the first woman that spoke. She didn't yell, didn't get arrogant, wasn't she just reading a letter written by a group that was given to the council? I have watched your tape and the tape on the county website and don't see what you are talking about."

Bullshit. The was yelling at then end of her speech. She was reading a letter that makes a vicious personal attack on Angle. And she has a habit of going on forever. Northampton County Government should not have to stand still for lengthy rants from someone who is, after all, not even a County resident.

Anonymous said...

Nor should they listen to non-home owning residents? Hypocrite?
Again you only listen to the facts that push your mancrush goals.

Bernie O'Hare said...

They do and did listen to Gracedale rsidents wheeled in by the union at County expense. Nobody stopped them from speaking. But in Dertinger's world, only the landed gentry may speak.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Angle kept trying to stop Steve Barron from presenting his new information about the nursing home. the Administration was hiding information but Steve figured it out but Angle tried to silence him.

Anonymous said...

Barron has a personal financial interest in keeping Gracedale. He doesn't want to spend any of his own money to care for his granny. He prefers others take care of his family. And he's not above scaring old folks to death (nobody's being thrown to the street, and he knows this), or exploiting them (rolling them into meetings with the same goons who threaten taxpaying companies for avoiding thuggish unions). Effing heartless deadbeat.

Anonymous said...

so Bernie....are you at Panera's already this morning writing your own anonymous comments

Sick and Tired said...

Listen people...(and this will be deleted) why are those of us who disagree and complain about what O'Homo says here keep commenting on this one sided blog?

Here is what we do...don't comment at all!!!! You know why? Because without US!! He has no forum!! He only post subjects which he thinks will get him great "hits" such as Angle and Gracedale.

Most of the post on those topics have responses from people who disagree with O'Homo. In fact I would say 80% of the responses are against his one sided hypocritical views. So why should WE play into that?


Do not respond to any of his topics if you disagree, and he will go away..he has only a few followers and a ton of people who disagree. I will lead the follow me!!

All of you "goons,trolls, and kooks" DON'T POST AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!