Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tea Party Activists Prepare to Welcome President Obama

Hey, I'm just the messenger, folks. I got this email from one of my right-wing friends, who is ecstatic that Barack Obama is coming to Allentown. Let me share the message.

Announcing a new Meetup for Original Project 9-12/Tea Party of the Lehigh Valley PA!


When: December 4, 2009 7:00 AM

Where: (A location has not been chosen yet.)



He's making a list, checkin it twice... let's show him some homegrown, tea partying, good times!!!


We will be planning protests EVERYWHERE Mr. Obama goes, whether we have to line RTE 22, or 378 with signs... the MAN WILL SEE OUR DISSATISFACTION!!! (unfortunately he hasn't released his itinerary yet!)

Sign up TODAY!!

We will have a sign making party planned in the future!! STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO

Learn more here.

I have just one queastion. Who the hell talks about politics at 7:30 AM? But don't they sound happy?


Anonymous said...

Who talks politics at that hour? Out of work Republicans with no health insurance fighting for the right to be even more miserable. My favorite line is "whether we have to line 22 or 378" as though there are so many other highways around that they might have to line.

Anonymous said...

After a hearty night of teabagging how do the Teabaggers find the energy to want to teabag the President.

Those spunky little Teabaggers.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that people are still crying over the McCain/Palin loss. Wow, talk about a grudge.

Anonymous said...


Anyone who takes these 9-12 people as a joke or extremists should take the time to go to a meeting. They are your mom and dad types, working and family folks who are by nature and lifestyle conservative but until now apolitical. They have every right to organize and express their point of view.
The sexual jokes directed at them reveal the length too many on the left and in the media will go to impugn and silence opposing voices. How do they intellectually justify this behavior?

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

At least MOVE ON sends professional emails. This sounds like an invitation to a keg party at Lehigh.

Jonathan said...

I hope Jake Towne will be recruiting supporters for his PA-15 spoiler bid. There may be no daylight between Dent and Michele Bachmann's votes in the 111th Congress, but there's still plenty of right-wingers who are looking for a true fire-breather. They will find him in Jake Towne, who is already repleat with activist wingnut connections. I look forward to promoting him where possible, and helping him to pick off as many Dent voters as he can.

ironpigpen said...

from Rasmussen

26% "strongly approve Obama"

40% "strongly disapprove"

ironpigpen said...

Keep on partying and making sexual jokes about teabaggers, Liberals.

Look! Obama's puppy!

Anonymous said...

New Bumper Sticker:

"Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The psalm reads, "Let his days be few; and let another take his office."

But the verse immediately following the psalm referenced is a bit more ominous: "Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow."

Just what are you praying for, Anon 2:38?

Anonymous said...

Sad that we have to see a racist caricature of our President. Christ Ohare, you must have been converted to the teabagging ways.

Anonymous said...

I believe the liberal obsession with the sexual reference is meant to demean, a la Saul Alinsky. But it clearly hasn't worked.

The conservative movement has regained strength. Next year's mid-terms are an expected bloodbath for Ds. Obama's approval ratings are crashing faster than Jimmy Carter's and more steeply than FOX News' ratings are skyrocketing.

Sophomoric dirty talk is funny at lefty cocktail parties when discussing Andersen Cooper. But it sounds more and more like gallows humor on a rapidly sinking ship.

Obama is safe amongst sheep in A-town, however. With all of his unemployed in the area, there won't be a problem getting off work to attend his "Pep Rally For Malaise!"

Anonymous said...

Love the Tea Baggers. Everytime they show up a Democrat wins.

I think they'd be wise to learn the election the liberals had to learn in the 1970s. If you appear nuts, people tend to not take you seriously.

Charlie D. said...

Is that you, Andersen? Tea Party folks love me and you just hate that. You know I'm going to win so easily and you'll wish Sam "The Rake" Bennett was your candidate. Oh, BTW, I'm a Republican.

Warmest regards,

Charlie D.

Anonymous said...

Haha sore losers

Anonymous said...

Wow, Dent is posting on Bernies blog. Hello Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see such disrespect for the President of United States. Good times.

Anonymous said...

Hard to read any of this. Such hate. No President in the history of the United States has worked harder in his first year of office. Not by hours, not by miles traveled, not by foreign leaders or countries visited, etc. Yet its always he's doing a bad job. Open your minds and compare that to the worst 2 term president in US history George W Bush.

Anonymous said...

"A location has not been chosen..." Unbelievable.