Tuesday, March 25, 2008

LC Comm'r Vacancy to be Filled Wednesday Night

Do you think Pearson is the best choice for that vacant spot with Lehigh County's Board of Commissioners? Maybe you'd prefer Pastor Jones? You can tell commissioners how you feel by going to this page and clicking on a commissioner. You can let them all know how you feel with an email to CommissionersOffice@lehighcounty.org.

Commissioners will fill that vacancy at Wednesday's 7:30 PM meeting. Before that happens, you can email commissioners or appear in person to lobby for your favorite candidate.

My rating: 1) Kevin Easterling; 2) Nancy Wilt ; 3) Dennis Pearson; 4) Freddy Lutz; and 5) David S. Jones.

Geoff's rating (he attended the interview): -1) Easterling (Bernie's point about the votes he received in the last election plus his showing ... the stories of his mentoring and involvement in the community are just as frequent as Dennis' stories on the East End); 2) Jones (I see him as having a tremendous understanding of his values, plus he cited his personal goal of developing people with purpose ... that's important to me); 3) Wilt (experience with clean water action is a huge plus ... seeing as Kurt works with Boscola, I find this concern as a non-factor ... why is it an issue for her and rarely raised for Kurt?); 4) Lutz (land use, engineering experience a huge plus, but his registration is an issue ... ). 5) Pearson (smart man on paper, but I honestly had a hard time following him when he spoke. Not sure if that plays a role in this. The claims of his past activism are lost on me ... I'm too young to have a direct connection, though I certainly appreciate his work)

Smart Blonde's rating (she was there, too!): 1) David Jones; 2) Dennis Pearson; 3) Kevin Easterling; 4) Nancy Wilt; and 5) Fred Lutz.

Some anonymous dude who has no dog in this hunt, just like me! None of them.

Mistletoe Molovinsky: 1) Dennis Pearson; 2) Dennis Pearson; 3) Dennis Pearson; 4) Dennis Pearson; and 5) Dennis Pearson.


NLVlogic said...

Really, accessable by email? Most of the LC Commissioners don't read email. You and I both like Sterling, but really, he is not of the email generation. So too, some of the others. I used to email them on budget stuff. All I got was the report that people were not interested in the budget. Really, did they check their email? So to today, methinks. But mebe the new ones are different. Doubt it tho. Having an email address is not the same as reading and responding.

Bernie O'Hare said...


I honestly don't know whether Stewrling checks his email on his own or has the clerk send the emails to him. I do know that I've sent remails to two commissioners in the past, and got answers from both.

Email accessibility is just another way in which municipal government can be brought closer to the people. It might not work in all instances.

NLVlogic said...

Oh, I forgot. I guess that goes to me too! We dont do email well either, ooh ooh. A big Gilda Radner never mind.

Bernie O'Hare said...

NLVLogic, aka Dave, If you look at Lynn's website, you'll see no reference to email addys for the three supervisors. One way to encourage better communication with residents is by having an email addy for each of the three supervisors.

NLVlogic said...

I'm working on a proposal to source a professional site, rather than our own hacks, myself included. With another head to approve, should be up in a month or two.

Marc Grammes said...

Believe me, LC commissioners DO check their e-mail. In fact, the county e-mail adress is "bounced" to the individual commissioner's home e-mail. And to be honest with you, the number of comments I ever recieved on the budget via e-mail in four years I could probably count on one hand. Glad to hear about Lynn's web. Washington Township, Slatington Borough, and Walnutport Borough, the three Northern Lehigh Communities, have no web presence.