Monday, April 30, 2007

Easton and Norco Council Candidates' Night on Tuesday

On Tuesday, May 1st, 6:30 PM, the South Side Civic Association will sponsor a candidates' night at St. Paul's Lutheran Church (610 W. Berwick St. Easton).

Invitations have been extended to Easton mayoral hopefuls, city council wannabes, NorCo council prospects, and mini-judge candidates in Easton's south side magisterial district, which also includes Williams Township and Glendon Borough.

Mike Fleck, one of Easton's mayoral candidates, should love to hear some of the questions you've been asking here over the past few days. Does attorney Brian Monahan, a district judge candidate, share Yvonne Falcone's attitude about nonlawyers as magistrates?

If you're interested in learning about a local race, these candidates' nights are invaluable. I've attended a few sponsored by the south side civic association in previous years, and theirs are among the best.


Anonymous said...

Hey B-man, Please take copious notes it sounds like the Easton debate on tuesday could be a barnburner. I don't live in Easton but it sounds like its a lot more interseting then the Bethlehem race. Here all the candidates are nice and competent, how boring. Why does Easton and NorCo have all the fun?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have to apologize. I said I would attend this, thinking that may 1 was a Wednesday. Unless it starts to rain, I'll be coaching a bunch of kids this evening in baseball. I really wanted to attend this candidates' night, but the little kids come first. Unless it pours, I'll be in A-town, where little kids will humiliate me.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I would very much appreciate your take, as would the other readers.