Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bloggin' on WGPA 1100 AM on Thursday With Ron Angle

I'll be bloggin' on WGPA Sunny 1000 AM between 8 and 9:30 AM on Thursday with the Emperor, Ron Angle. This is your chance to insult two of the Lehigh Valley's biggest assholes at the same time! You can call in at 610-866-8074, livestream the show, or post comments here, and I'll try to read them on the air.

I'll be asking Ron what he thinks about Cunnigham's tax break for servicemen, and will want to know how Ron can support a huge payraise for lawclerks while many other courthouse workers are forced to survive on a pittance. Ron thinks I just have a "hot nut for the judges," and doesn't think council should interfere in judicial decisions about their own personnel.

But what we end up talking about is always decided by the people who call in.


Anonymous said...

I do agree with you. The Law Clerks should not get a pay rise like that. There is no reason why some county employees get royal treatment and high pay increases.While other dedicated County Employees are buying groceries with food stamps. whats good for one should be good for all.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'll be certain to express your concerns to Angle tomorrow. I'll need all the help I can get.

Chris Casey said...

Bernie! Opportunity since 1865? Opportunity to have a cross burned on your front yard?

I'm all for EOC, but people have to take those opportunities. it cuts both ways.

Racism is more subtle? what about the White power peopleraising hell about the Asian shooting up VT?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Chris, I learned today that racism is alive and well in the Lehigh Valley.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, I caught the first 45 minutes of your show this morning. First, your voice is deeper than I expected. Second, your BFF Angle is raging racist. Did you check his wallet for his Klan membership card?

Bernie O'Hare said...


I don't have a deep voice. It just sounds that way on the radio. When I do it solo, I'll want you to come on with me.

You think Angle is a racist? You should have heard the second 45 minutes. Some klan member from A-town called and actually stated he wished that real estate deeds could still containing covenants barring certain minorities from living near him. And a lady from Nazareth called, told me I should move to A-town since I like minorities so much, and then proceeded to shriek that when she sells her home, it will only be to Amerikans, presumably the white kind, and the ones who don't attend a catholic church.

Racism is alive and well in the LV.

R Moshmayno said...

Often, it seems our host is baiting us with this stuff but apparently not. It's doublethink; Orwell is happyyyyy...

Ron has had Julio Guiridy on his show, allowing the King of All Hate, the Dominican Devil, to rave and rant.
Yet, Ronnie's called a racist and
Foolio is Mr. Bueno. Youch!

Oh, that Bernardo!

Anonymous said...