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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The List is Long, But Is It Distinguished?

On my left sidebar, I have a running list of the numerous candidates for Lehigh County, Northampton County, Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton offices. I will link to articles about the candidates that appear here and elsewhere. Feel free to check it out from time to time, and to root for your favorite candidate. It is my hope that, as election day draws near, you'll be able to use this running list to inform yourself about the candidates.

Below is a lengthy list of all of them together. Do you know anyone who is running and who does not appear? Should I cover any other races? (I'm trying to stay away from school boards).

Allentown Races

City Council: "The Mission of the Allentown City Council is to provide, in a democratic and transparent manner, efficient and effective services which will make the City of Allentown a better place in which to live, work and play." 3 seats are open. Michael Donovan (i) is stepping down.

Jeanette Eichenwald (i)

Peter Schweyer (i)

Controller - An independent office, the Controller is the City's financial watchdog.

Bethlehem Races

City Council: - "City Council is the legislative body of Bethlehem city government. The council is composed of seven members, who are elected to four-year terms. All council seats are determined by citywide elections; there are no districted council positions." There are three seats up this year, including an open seat created by the retirement of Gordon B. Mowrer.

√ - Republicans Offer Full Slate in Bethlehem City Council Race

Al Bernotas

Bethlehem City Council Ponders Super Majority for Zoners

Tom Carroll

Bob Donchez (i) (5,968 votes in '07 - top vote getter)

√ - What Did Bethlehem City Council Do in 2010?

√ - Bethlehem City Council Prez Donchez to Seek Re-Election

Mike Recchiuti (failed in '09 primary)

J. William Reynolds (i) (5,358 votes in '07)

√ - At Least Willie Reynolds Has a Hot Girlfriend

√ - Bethlehem Councilman J. William Reynolds announces re-election bid

Tony Simao

√ - Tony Simao Wants Private Use of Bethlehem City Vehicles Banned


Kaija L. Farber (i)

Easton Races


Mike Krill

Sal Panto (i)

Easton City Council: - "The mayor is the chief executive and administrative officer. City council, consisting of five elected officials, serves as the legislative branch of the city government." Two seats are p this year.

Ken Brown (i)

Jeff Warren (i)

Elinor Warner (i)

Easton Controller

Tony Bassil (i)

Lehigh County Races

Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas (one open seat)

John Ashley

Dan McCarthy

Melissa Pavlack

Doug Reichley

√ - There will be a Judge Doug Reichley.

A. Renee Smith

Lehigh County DA:

Ed Koren

Jim Martin (i)

Lehigh County Commissioners: 4 seats

Geoff Brace

Dean Browning (i)

Norma Cusick

Gloria Hamm (i)

Vic Mazziotti

Serilio Molina

Dave Najarian (?)

Brad Osborne

Scott Ott

Lisa Scheller

Timothy Waitkus

Mike Welsh

Lehigh County Controller

Glenn Eckhart

Tom Slonaker (i)

Lehigh County Coroner

Scott Grimm (i)

Lehigh County Sheriff

Andy Roman

Ron Rossi (i)

District Court Races

West Bethlehem:

Wayne Maura (i)

Justin Serfass

Northampton County Races

County Council

District 1: (open)

Ken Kraft (?)

Seth Vaughn

Ladd Siftar - (may have pulled out for health reasons)

District 2:

Mike Dowd (i)

Bill Whitman

District 3:

Lamont McClure (i)

Matt Connolly

District 4:

Ron Angle (1)

Scott Parsons


Steve Barron (i)

Steve Salvesen

District Attorney

John Morganelli (i)

Magistrate Races:


Rhonda Elias

Shana Restucci

√ - Former Wilson Homecoming Queen Wants to Be a Mini-Judge

Richard Yetter

√ - Att'y Rich Yetter To Seek Magisterial Seat Vacated By Judge Koury

√ - Yetter Threatens Potential Rival With Defamation Suit

√ - Yetter Letter Claims Contributions Tax Deductible


James Narlesky (i)

Sam Royer

Wind Gap:

Barbara Fitzgerald

Andrew H. Medellin

Kerri Tollinger


Craig Defranco

Todd Strohe (i)
Updated 10:40 AM: I inadvertently disabled comments here, and apologize.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Comment re Easton races:

"Bernie on your distinguished list, Easton has seven council persons including the mayor who serves on council. The mayor is on the chief executive officer. The city administrator is the chief administrative officer and operating officer. Easton is no longer like Allentown and Bethlehem due to a rewrite of their charter. The three at large council seats plus the mayor are up for election and the three district council seats will be up in two years."

Anonymous said...

I didn't think Krill was running for Mayor and I thought Kerry Myers and Reno were also running for council.

Sandra said...

3open seats on City Council in Easton.Then why did Ken Brown start off his campaign.And I though I read the Mayor was up for election.
The most important thing is get out and vote. peace SWW

David C. said...

In Lynn Township, I know that Justin Smith is running for a seat on the Township Board of Supers, which will by then be my old seat.

In H-burg Township, I hear tell that Steve Bachman is running for re-election, and Donald Trexler who may have been a former Supervisor. There may be others.

The NW-Lehigh school board race is wide open. You could do a whole piece on that, or just link to Northwestern Cares

Bernie O'Hare said...

David, Thanks for the link. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Weird sign in, should been nlvlogic

Anonymous said...

Steve Salveson from Hanover Twp (R) is running for controller of Northampton County.

Anonymous said...

Latest word from the John Ashley for Judge camp is that he has changed his mind about running.