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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gracedale Lawbreaker is LV Labor Council Exec VP

Last October, I confronted union members who used a Gracedale rally as an excuse to campaign for John Callahan, Joe Sestak and Charles "Don't Call me Charlie" Dertinger. They were handing out flyers on County property, and when I told one of them that he was violating the law, his response was, "Show me a reason to care." When I asked him to explain, his witty retort was, "You're an ass."

You can see the video yourself.

Yesterday, this union hack was in a Business Matters audience for the show on "Will PA see a replay of Wisconsin protests? Who's to blame?" After seeing who he was sitting with, I did a little digging and learned that this person, who thumbed his nose at the law, is none other than John Werkheiser, the Executive VP of the LV Labor Council.

With this kind of leadership, is it any wonder that there were over 1,000 duplicate signatures on the Gracedale Initiative petitions?

But the flag's a nice touch.

You can also see Werkheiser here with Allentown City Council Prez Mike D'Amore, sippin' a cocktail.


Anonymous said...

Sorry bernie, John is one of the most pleasant guys on the planet and you, self admittedly are annoying as hell. If he said you were an ass, my guess is that he was probably correct...Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

John is a great guy. He is a gentleman, who I have rarely seen raise his voice. He also cares about others. the opposite of your benefactor Angle. If he yelled at you, I must conclude you were being your annoying self.

By the way if he broke the law why didn't you call a cop? Or better yet, sue him. Won't happen because you are a hypocritical bullshiter. John like many other people are outraged by the disingenuous actions by Angle and Stoffa to dump Gracedale.

He is a nice man known for his compassion and great personality. He is the opposite of you. You are a miscreant, trouble making ideologue, who carries the banner of Angle and Stoffa regardless of the human damage they create.

You bombed on this one. Again people see through your bitter, angry ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Werkheiser is in the process of planning for a PA Labor Conference in September ... The Board of Directors of the PA Labor History Society directed him to use a few people to help organize the event which will be held in the Lehigh Valley ... But Werkheiser being inconsiderate never contacted these individuals and only used the Counsel itself to organize the event ... He said that these people will be brought in later ... But later has not yet come.

Donald said...

I will don't like him based on his standing in front of a flag. Does Lee Greenwood play when you touch the eagle? Did he really think if he stood in front of a flag like that it would make people think he is a patriot? I can't take someone who does such a patronizing thing seriously.
Not my most profound comment I know but please if you want people to treat you like an adult act like one.

Anonymous said...

I saw the tape. I guess his being an arrogant asshole at that moment was an anomaly. He certainly seemed well practiced at being an ingrate.


1000 duplicate signatures?
you NEVER made that case in court before Judge Baratta
even though he gave you ample opportunity to present whatever evidence you had
too late to cry over spilled milk

Anonymous said...

Bernie, GET OVER IT ALREADY!!! Your stretching of the truth is starting to get old. More and more people are commenting against you, but obviously you must be into self torture because you keep posting all this crap. Everyday more and more of the truth is getting out and it certainly isn't from your blog! In fact, it looks like to me that more people are commenting against you on anything to do with Gracedale and your other articles are getting very few comments. Face it, people have started to see the light of what Angle, Stoffa and you are really about, so keep writing your crap and those figures will continue to grow!


Anonymous said...

I smell spraint. Can someone please open a window or light a match?

Bernie O'Hare said...

"you NEVER made that case in court before Judge Baratta
even though he gave you ample opportunity"

You and I both know I cant make a case about something when I don't know it, and that was only discovered at the hearing. It took me several weeks after that to get the list. While you're out there making goofy Bonusgate analogies, some of us care about election fraud.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"sorry bernie, John is one of the most pleasant guys on the planet"

"John is a great guy. He is a gentleman, who I have rarely seen raise his voice."

Show me a reason to care.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Your stretching of the truth is starting to get old. More and more people are commenting against you, but obviously you must be into self torture because you keep posting all this crap. "

Let's see, a video that shows Werkheiser doing exactly what I said he was doing is truth stretching. I see.

And I don't give a rat's ass how much you and your goons try to shout me down, I will continue telling the inconvenient truth.

The Battle Cry of Freedom said...

New housing construction down 16% in February. Rasmussen showing a 10%+ unemployment rate. Another poll showing consumer confidence down yet again. The Nazareth school district looking to increase expenditures by $19 million between 2012 and 2016 while increasing revenues $20 million in the same time period in a best case scenario.
Oh and least we forget, our fearless leader had now got us into a war in Libya and we will be putting boots on the ground because you do not win unless you do that.
In a worse case scenario in the same time period revenues would go up $8 million and expenditures would go up $18 million.
Those of your out there wanting to save Gracedale than want to tack on a 15-20% tax increas on a building that hasn't made money for years, is in need of lots of repairs, and is losing patients to the competition. Good move brilliant scholars.

Anonymous said...

oh no what a terrible crime !!!! was he arrested?

Anonymous said...

Bernie: Isn't it irrelevant anyway. These jokers couldn't get their canidates elected as dog catchers. Of coures JC is making the whole city miserable as revenge for his loss.

Just keep doing what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with this guys beard?

Anonymous said...

Werkheiser is the total ass. He is a phony that will do anything for a free meal. He has rode the gravy train for a long time on labors purse. That being said he does have his right to freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...


There would be no unions (let the working people go back to 60 hour work weeks at regular rates, no vacations, no sick time, no holiday pay, hell maybe even forget about child labor laws!)

No one could socialize with any political figure (except Ron Angle of course).

Ron Angle would run the county as HE see's fit, to hell with everyone else.

Bernie would win every lawsuit regardless of what is lawful.

The only politian that could participate in "pay to play" would be Ron of course!

There would not be allowed a "People's Voice" in the running of government. (similiar to a dictatorship)

Everyone would be subjected to Ron Angle's bullying and be called goons, thugs or kooks if they stand up to him or at the very least be subjected to Bernie's famous "Flip Cam" and not be allowed to shove it where the sun does not shine!

Mr. Stoffa could say whatever he wants and continue to deny that he said it and not be called on it.

Stoffa, Angle and O'Hare (3 stooges) would be ordained the 3 kings of Northampton County!~



Anonymous said...

Bernie, I too am a VP for LVLC and was there the day this all occurred.John Werkheiser is a great person with much integrity! There were no problems until YOU came along! And infact you were an ass that day! You blocked traffic from exiting Gracedale, you were on the phone, taping the event when you decided to pull out in front of a vehicle and put an inocent person in jeopordy! Then you went to the other enterance and caused a ruckus with the people up there! Do you realize Gracedale is PUBLIC property? People can solicit anything.. If there was a problem the administration would have come out and told us to move away from the entrance! So Get your facts straight! NO PROBLEMS UNTIL BERNIE OHARE SHOWS UP!!!!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I am sure everything went fine until I showed up bc you never expected to be caught breaking the law. And you were not only caught, but were caught on videotape being total morons.

By the way, what kind of chicken shit VP of the LV Labor Council refuses to identify himself? Are you that afraid of a 59 yo blogger?

Unions sure have changed. I remember when men acted like men.

Anonymous said...

Lawbreaker?? Why isn't he in jail O'Hare? You keep blowing smoke out your ass.

You really believe people still give any credence to anything you pedal for Angle/Stoffa. The public is finally on to the bullshit. The Press has carried Stoffa for five years but even the Press can't cover all his incompetence.

Everyone hopes that Stoffa just pays the bill sand doesn't touch anything for the next three years. He has screwed up the County big time now please don't break anything else. As for Angle, let's talk about law breakers.

Truth over Bullshit!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

The camera does not lie.

Anonymous said...

I love this game :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We love you John. O'Hare is Angle paid scum!