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Thursday, December 03, 2009

LVR Gets Press Credentials For Obama Visit

What the hell is this county coming to? You legitimize Bernie O'Hare as press, at a meeting that is important to all citizens of this county. This meeting had to do with the serious issue of voting and you evidently think it is a humorous side show, by inviting a blogger who has no credibility in this county. (Check his record). I have attached a copy of his blog and comments, that had been emailed to me. I ask you to cease and desist from treating O'Hare as legitimate press. Thank you.

Joe Long, Chair
Northeast Caucus, PA Democratic Party
Northampton County Democratic Party

Joe Long sent that little missive after I was allowed to attend a news conference conducted by Northampton County Executive John Stoffa two years ago. Don't tell Joe, but I've just received word that I've been given press credentials for Barack Obama's Lehigh Valley visit tomorrow. I've asked a few other bloggers to apply, too.


Anonymous said...

You gave Barry a very soft going over prior to his coronation; didn't ask too many questions. You've dutifully parroted their company line several times. You've strayed from the reservation recently, but so have a lot of his moonies. On balance, you're still their kind of guy. Hell, the numbers indicate you're probably all this booger eating liar has left.

Anonymous said...

You're talking about the President of the United States, right?

"booger eating liar" - May I see your proof of that assertion?

ironpigpen said...

With all due respect Mr. O'Hare, you DID give Obama a VERY SOFT going over prior to the coronation.

VAN JONES and ANITA "Mao Tse Tung is one of my two favorite political philosophers" DUNN were NOT accidents, dude.

JEREMIAH WRIGHT's influences are OBVIOUS every time Obama opens his mouth to give another boing speech, bro.

You did give Obama a monster pass his first six months in office for everything under the sun, including things like Cops Acted Stupidly Gate.

How about "No lobbyists in my administration"

We could be here all day with that stuff.

But, you have definitely been caught off the reservation a few times recently, Mr. O'Hare.

Those of us who did their homework with respect to Obama and were never on the reservation don't know what to think of your comments recently.


Hopefully, your eyes have been truly opened to the out-and-out lying used-car salesman the overmatched, inexperienced community organizer Obama is.

Obama spent his whole career campaigning for the next job and voting present.

No one has ever seen his college transcripts. He is supposed to be a lawyer and yet no one can speak of ONE LEGAL BRIEF he ever wrote.

What made you think he was actually QUALIFIED be be President???


Sorry, Libs, screaming racist at every turn cannot hide the fact your Messiah Obama sucks.

Truth hurts sometimes.

So, Happy Cap and Tax!


Okay, Libs, go boycott an IronPigs game because you don't like my opinions.

See if I care!

ironpigpen said...

Oh yeah, Libs.

Don't forget the Pig Pen Bar and Grill.

Protest that, too.

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Your Messiah Obama still sucks!

Anonymous said...

"Booger eating liar" is comically tame compared to the George Bush stuff:



When you get to the bridge, wave! And man cannot live on bread alone.

ironpigpen said...

Bill Ayers + Bernadine Dorn

Tony Rezko

Exactly what WERE Obama's qualifications for THE most important job in the United States???

Oh yeah, he was historic.

I mean, aside from that?

Emeril Lagasse said...

POTUS eats.


ironpigpen said...

Compared to how the left treated Bush...

it is absolutely HYSTERICAL to see ANON 4:56 get all full of indignation because somebody said Obama eats boogers!

Further proof of Obamabot hypocrisy!

Hey ANON 4:46 -

Would you like a copy of the "How To Assasinate Bush" book for Christmas?

Lighthouse said...

I hesitate to throw two cents at this, but...I knew some folks who got in fairly close at a Valley event when President Bush was in town once. You are getting into (how close??) a President Obama event. I am personally much more cynical these days about them all than in my younger days, and have really liked and disliked the policies of some presidents. However, out of respect for the office, Obama is "The President of the United States." I think you should be happy. Love him or hate him, agree or disagree with his policy, he will be in the history books, and neither I, you, nor IronPigPen can say the same...hell of story to tell in your old age how you got a press pass into a presidential event.

Anonymous said...

Well if the best you can do is boo-hoo because somebody said something negative about Bush, then I guess you'll go jump off a bridge because someone else did at one point.

The President is the President and deserves respect if for no other reason. As far as I am concerned, you are entitled to criticize policies and decisions - but attacks like the ones posted here are insupportable by any measure.

I did not care for Bush, but I never uttered anything like what you sore losers are doing right now. So I don't buy your third grade defense of your disrespectful rhetoric.

All this because Bernie picked up a press credential. I wonder if you know just how silly you look and sound.

Anonymous said...

My daughter has a ticket, so now I'm worried. You are there too! Stay the heck away from my daughter! OK?

Jacob said...

I find it funny to see Bush supporters go crazy about the President. I may disagree with President Obama, more often than I wish, however it is comforting to have a President that wasn't the spoiled scion of the family that attempted a coup against FDR, America's greatest President.

Volvo Driving Soccer Mom said...

I will be there. Piggy, I love you, I really do, but the tirades get old, okay?
Mr. O'hare, from what I have seen the last two days,outsourcing the war isn't the only thing the government does badly.
I will guarantee that there will be no gate crashers. The SS men and women I have witnessed will probably strip search you for entertainment. Casey suggested to me that I should tell you to bring Ron Angle. That his pass has been "misplaced."

Anonymous said...

Even Republican Partisan extrodinaire Cong. Dent gets some say in who gets tickes. As long as Ohare keeps drinking from the Dent manjuice machine he will get invites like this.

gurgle, gurgle, Ohare

Anonymous said...

I will be looking forward to Bernie's coverage of the President's vist.

Anonymous said...

Fair and Balanced I am sure...(chuckle)

Nightly Kos said...

This piece of crap of a waste may be president, but he deserves NO respect. He'll get exactly as much as the last office holder got from his loyal opposition. Watch out for the ground rules you create. They may still exist when you take the field. Obama is shit on my shoes. Fuck having respect for a murderous ghoul like him. And fuck the assholes who made the tragic mistake of putting an idiot like him in charge.

There's your respect for him and his office. I learned it from you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Alrighty then.

Anonymous said...

I do believe 10:56 qualifies as a personal attack. If not please put all the truthful posts about Stoffa back up.

Bernie O'Hare said...

How 'bout you instead start your own "I Hate John Stoffa Blog".

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments, to say the least. But it's ALWAYS good to have "haters", they keep you focused and entertained...

Alfonso Todd