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Monday, December 28, 2009

Dog Killer Michael Vick Gets Courage Award

He's been through a lot, you know? You can read the article here.


Looking To Escape said...

Vick is a product of the I'm a victim mentality celebrated by this society.
This form of thinking is a staple of conversation from the talk panels you see on CSpan.

Anonymous said...

Vick is a victim of a racist white society

Anonymous said...

Michael Vick and courage.

What a country!

Anonymous said...

This is where we are today. Courage is defined as the willingness to answer a few "tough" questions from sports reporters, and collect a million dollars while some people are correctly calling you a scumbag.

And some wonder why Andy Reid's kids turned out the way they did.

Chris Casey said...

I am a dog lover, and I find the idea that they gave him this reward repulsive. What did he do that was so courageous? Talk about your political correctness.
If this is another lame attempt by the Eagles to help Vick's image, I think it backfired.

Anonymous said...

"I've overcome alot. Probably more than one single individual can handle or bear" --- MICHAEL VICK

The new poster child for LOSER

Anonymous said...

$ 1.6 million this year

$ 5.0 million option next year.

Michael Vick embodies courageous.

Anonymous said...

Mike Vick didn't just finance a dog fighting operation - as the Philly sports puffers like to euphemistically say. He admitted to smashing restrained dogs' teeth out. He admitted to slamming dogs that were tethered to leashes against walls. He admitted to drowning underperforming and injured dogs.

Anyone who routes for him or the ghastly organization that pays him breathtaking sums and awards him anything, should be tortured and made to die very slowly and very painfully in front of their most precious loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Mike Vick is a duesch bag!

Anonymous said...

Hey, as long as the iggles win, why would the "fans" care?

Anonymous said...

Vick served his time. Get over it. No one introduces a certain someone as "Drunk that works at the courthouse", Why? Because he has served whatever sentence or repercusions that came with his mistake ,he has overcome that and is a member of society again.