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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's in Allentown's Flouridated Water?

The Allentown police pension's "most unusual feature is that it allows retiring officers to calculate pensions on their best 30 days of work, including overtime."

Unusual? Absurd or unconscionable are the words I would use. Pensions should be based on years, not days, of service.

Allentown police officers should stop robbing the public they are supposed to serve. Mayor Afflerbach negotiated this? Mayor Pawlowski sues and then settles on pensions with provisions like this?


A.J. Cordi said...

Absurd is correct.

Are there any restrictions to prevent an officer from abusing overtime?

Anonymous said...

The restrictions are in place but is difficult for the administration or even the chief to do anything about it due to the manner in which the officers are conspiring to rip off Allentown.

When this guys shift ends surprisingly a bunch of guys call off on the next shift, over and over, throughout the month. This forces the police to keep him on duty since they are already understaffed.

Call me crazy, but unless all the cops were actually sick I think this is fraud.

A.J. Cordi said...


Can you tell us who you are to add some credibility to your response?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, can't do that.

Anonymous said...

The corrections officers at the Lehigh County prison engage in the same conduct. There is almost a team system in place to allow people to earn overtime. Officers will call off for the shift after the c.o. due to earn to that day.

michael molovinsky said...

i have no reason to doubt the explanation from anon11:38. perhaps if the administration had added 33 more blue uniforms, instead of suits, to the 5th fl., the prevailing understaffing which allows this maneuver would not exist.

Anonymous said...

The city agreed to these pensions.They deserve 100% of the blame. If I walked into a contract and said I wanted a 300% increase in pay and my boss said yes am I supposed to then say,"nevermoind, you can't afford it?? Blame the Mayor and council..Not the cops..

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 4:41,

How about this? I blame the mayor (Afflerbach) who negotiated this idiotic arrangement and the council that confirmed it. I blame the mayor (Pawlowski) who failed to have this egregious language stricken as void as against public policy. That is no way to right the sorry financial shape the city is in. And i blame cops and anyone else who knowingly milks the system. Of the diverse groups, the cops are the least blameworthy. But pensions should be based on years, not days, of service. There's plenty of blame to go around.

Anonymous said...

While mayor Afflerback and the former council are to blame one should remember the history of how this happened.

The original wording of the contract stated that pensions would be based on the last years salary, not the last month but the FOP showed up at the council meeting with a slightly modified draft and essentially told the council the only changes were crossed T's and dotted I's. They hustled the city and got one over on all of us at the end of the day.

In no way did they bargain for this in good faith.

South Side Sam said...

These guys lost any respect they have earned for what they did to our city through this contract.

One can make the argument that I would take the money if i had the chance and that is just fine. All that route gets them is the money. I have as little, if not less, respect for their time on this earth as the hustlers and predators they were charged with protecting us from.

Scott Armstrong said...


About four years ago Vic Mazziotti, Dean Browning, Steve Bodnar and I held a press conference to warn the city that this contract would ruin the city. We took a lot of heat but in time we were proved right.
It is frustrating to be able to see the future perils clearly and yet have no one take heed.

Scott Armstrong

Joe Hilliard said...

This is another failure of Pawlowski to keep a promise. He promised that they would control overtime so no such thing would happen with any other officers. About 30 or so are still eligible till December 2008 under the 'old' contract. So how does one get 100 hours of overtime in one month?

Pawlowski settled for pennies instead of pursuing the legal challenge.

Next week, Pawlowski will act "surprised" and "concerned" when the two-year pension actuarial study is released. They have had it since Sept./Oct. but why release critical numbers before and election or before the budgeting process?

Pawlowski has no control over this city at all. Yet, he whines about a pay raise........

Anonymous said...

On one hand I think the Contract between Atown and APD was strange and I'm still not sure who's version is right. If some are correct it would seem legal action could occur. Having said that, I would say that some who speak to the impending doom of this contract believe all pensions are evil and want to see public employees humbled the way the private sector employee has been by the wealthy interests in the Corporate world.
In their world(the warners) they warn that every contract that provides something to an employee is evil, so every now and then they can claim,'I told you so'.

Joe Hilliard said...

So there is nothing wrong with having over 50 employees retire making MORE than their salary?

There is no "version" of the contract. There is THE contract. It will bankrupt this city. That is a fact. The City will have to pay $3-5 million more a year to meet its minimum municipal pension obligation.

The unfunded liability is HUGE. It could push a quarter BILLION dollars. But, I know the answer. Let's borrow more money!!!!! Yeah.....

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous,

It is one thing to provide opinions on blogs anonymously, it is quite another to clearly state your name and address in council chambers in order to speak out against, and be perceived(by the dozens of FOP members present) as leading the effort against a proposed FOP contract. Try it sometime, then we’ll talk.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this contract hurts not only Allentown residents but the remaining police themselves.

The result of this contract has been less police on the streets. Those that remain end up working longer hours, with additional risk due to the decreased numbers. The contract has also served to diminish the image of the police in the eyes of many law-abiding residents.

The only "winners" are the ones who will retire under this contract. The rest of us, citizens and/or cops alike, will be holding the bag.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This can't be a conservative policy.

The American people should not, could not; stand and pay for this kind of mistreatment.

Why are Republican so bad?

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Anonymous said...

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Scott Armstrong said...

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Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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