Friday, March 18, 2011

Stoffa Makes Point About Third Term

Late last night, somebody posted this comment anonymously. "Stoffa deserves a third term if he wants it---best executive ever. No tax increase in 7 years except for a small one for open space. He is my hero."

He just may be thinking about it.

At last night's Northampton County Council meeting, Lamont McClure was playing Grand Inquisitor and trying his best to get some political mileage out of the goofy Bonusgate comparison made by Gracedale lawyer Larry Otter. After listening to McClure's attempt to throw stones at a procedure approved in advance by the then Commissioner of the Bureau of Elections, Stoffa finally had enough and approached the podium himself.

McClure insisted, absurdly, that the County has no authority to challenge an initiative petition designed to prevent it from selling one of its own assets. After hearing that, Stoffa was on his feet, telling McClure the County would have had every right to bring its own initiative challenge. "We did nothing wrong," he said, noting that the law firm hired by the County was doing exactly what it was authorized to do.

"You know what I'm going to do for my third term? I'm going to 25 cemeteries. I'm going to take the names off the tombstones. I'm going to fabricate addresses, and have people sign it, and submit it to the Elections Commission. That's what I'm gonna' do, just to test the system."

Although McClure pretended that Stoffa's point went right over his head, what Stoffa was saying is that under the reasoning advanced by McClure and the Otter, a County government would have no recourse in the face of pervasive election fraud.


Anonymous said...

What Stoffa was saying was a lame attempt at sly humor. This old dude has as much humor as a rock.

He babbled more like an idiot, than a sage. Kind of felt sorry for him, except he is trying to screw over 600 elderly sick. He sounded like an old goofy buffoon.

I hope he runs for a third term. I guarantee he will have opposition and he will lose. Now that the truth about him is out there the deceptions of the first term won't work.

Please John Stoffa Run. Please, please run. You will be hammered in the primary.

You have demonstrated yourself as one of the most incompetent County Executives in the history of the county.
A Hopeful Voter!

Anonymous said...

He has my vote.

Anonymous said...

That makes one, Ron!

Anonymous said...

That's right anon 2:37 make fun of the elderly that you claim to be an advocate for. Stoffa made perfect sense compared to the babblings of McClueless. Would rather have a wise old sage like Stoffa in charge than a childish buffoon like Teletubby Barren.

Anonymous said...

he wants to give 4.5 mill to agency on aging!those people are a jokewhat a waste of money what are they going to do with it

Anonymous said...

AAA is a joke? Based on what?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Based on the fact that AAA s not Gracedale. Thats all these people think about.

The Battle Cry of Freedom said...

Anonymous 2:37
You obvioulsy need to get back on your meds and more rest. I know symbols of the Democrat party who have more sense then you do.
Put a conservative Republican down as a voter and supporter of John Stoffa. Who is going to oppose him Steve Barron. Of course Cusick will show up for the fall event and Stoffa will bury him primarily because Cusick has no principles at all.

Sandra said...

I have known John Stoffa for a while,He is knowledgeable,is doing what He believes is right and I wish he would run for a 3 term,He has my vote.
He can't be bought and has the most experience at that level than any other local candidate.
And Bernie is correct on the Area Agency on Aging is a different entity than Gracedale. It all comes down to a vote. SWW

Anonymous said...

no incumbent in Norco should be thinking of another term. they'll all draw fantastic challengers the next time they face voters.

Anonymous said...

If they follow through and unload Gracedale, they get my vote for re-election. We've come a long way from wasteful bonds and "nice" cost overruns. Gracedale, first. The prison is next. There's a reason this majority was elected. They've argued and agreed with each other. But they've kept their word on fiscal sanity. The wailing opposition tells me they have all the right enemies.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stoffa should explain that Gracedale baled out many of the different depts. at the court house. When he was questioned on this he said Gracedale did.
But the public never heard of this.
That money at least some of it should have been put away for Gracedale, and then Gracedale would not be in situation it is in.
People never hear about Gracedale making mone - only that it is a money pit.Tell the truth about Gracedale.

Anonymous said...

The truth won't be told but this bunch. The decision to sell Gracedale is political and not fiscal.

Gracedale has and can easily cover its costs. Angle/Stoffa and the bobbleheads want money for some sweetheart projects.

Stoffa is already "sitting" on over $60 million of the public's tax dollars and claims he needs more.

This guy inherited the largest cash surplus in the history of the county. He has managed to blowed the money on wacky contracts and inefficient Administrative functions throughout the County.

Remember this is not about fiscal sanity it is about Tea Bag political purity. The vast majority of Republican and Democratic voters in Northampton will soundly put this nonsense down.

Sanity Now!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you 6:24

Anonymous said...

Gracedale isn`t a money pit it is a liability...much like a lost leader in sales. It will never be cost neutral again. I will take 7 million to balance its budget per year and it needs 10 million in capitol upgrades-- a conservative estimate: that is an 18 per cent increase in taxes that no 5 people on council will vote for especially Mclure/Mc Cloud. The 60 million has been explained a thousand times over but opponents of selling constantly deny reality. It is all spoken for. Whether Gracedale sells now or in 5 years it will eventually be sold. It is only a matter of time. Stoffa / Angle are pace setters...maybe ahead of their time.

Anonymous said...

The new Governor is cutting reimbursement to nursing homes by 2 per cent...another 1.2 million deficit for the place no one up to 8.1 million shortfall. Sell before no one wants it!

Anonymous said...

I'd call LamOnt MCCluRE pig shit -- but that'd be giving him more credit than he deserves.

Anonymous said...

The numbers don't lie. County sitting on 60 million dollars. Gracedale was "projected" to cost the county $6 million in 2011. If the county funds it for the entire year it will now come in at about $4 to 4.5 million. This is a slight bit moire than the funding they set for six months. The $10 million in capital improvements do not have to be done this year or next. As with most capital improvements they can be spaced over time. The other costs Angle keeps bringing up are coming from his ample butt.

The 18% tax myth perpetuated by Angle/Stoffa and the adoring bobbleheads would generate around $15 million a "year" in additional revenue. This is far more than Gracedale would cost each year if you believe the consultants Stoffa hired. Even if you did every repair possible, what would you do with the extra $15 million in the succeeding years.

The great lie continues. Fact is Gracedale per year costs are lower than $6 million. Fact is the privates will soon have the same rates as the government run homes. The fact is the elderly and disabled folks of the county without deep pockets will need a Gracedale more than ever.

Of course Angle/Stoffa and the bobbleheads would rather build a new Drug Rehab Lounge for addicts.

The fact is this entire Gracedale debate is based on a belief that the county should dump its nursing home. The fiscal argument doesn't add up. The program argument is insane.

So if you feel the county should fire 35% of its staff and get out of nursing home care, fine. don't bullshit that it is a money pit or it is for the better treatment of the elderly.

Those disingenuous argument shave failed. anyone with a calculator can tell this is all just different versions of the same big lie.

Purely a political decision by Angle/Stoffa and has nothing to do with fiscal integrity.

Truth Over Lies!!!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

"The numbers don't lie. County sitting on 60 million dollars."

Acting FA Director Hammon spent a good 40 minutes last night explaining that the county is NOT sitting on a $60 MM mountain of cash. There is $15 MM unassigned, but there are about 6 labor contracts being negotiated, so it is actually much less.

This has all been pointed out repeatedly, but you continue to make this false claim.

Anonymous said...

I just hope that if they kill the sale of Gracedale, a referendum is put to the people of Northampton County with the only two options left: Raise taxes to keep Gracedale running, or close it down. That will be an interesting vote.

Anonymous said...

$60 million dollars in the cash reserves. Stoffa claims he needs $15 million in an account if he needs to fix a leaking roof. Some roof. He and angle claim they need another $20 million to cover costs. They also claim they need $10 million for the swaption not due till the fall of 2012. The amount is going down by the way. We may end up owing nothing.

Now we hear the fifteen million is for possible union negotiations. That makes sense considering the sweetheart deals Stoffa has given some of the employees in the past. Those human service woirkers love thatt 7-8% raise.

Fact is, it is all smoke and mirrors. The county determines how much money goes in the "silos'.

At the end of the day it still comes out to a conscious decision to sit on $60 million dollars of county taxpayer money. Add to that the lie that the county needs an 18% tax increase or over $14.7 million a year more to cover a non-existent $6 million a year Gracedale cost that will actually only cost about $4 million in 2011.

Sure O'hare, they can take 40 days and 40 nights to explain it but bullshit is bullshit. Any referendum question that contains a cost figure or a tax increase number is inaccurate, as this Administration and majority of council have repeatedly lied about Gracedale costs. The vote is simple, do you want to keep Gracedale yes or no!

Whats the matter bobbleheads, don't trust the intelligence of the citizens to sift through the shit.

If I were you baggers I would be nervous too.

Anonymous said...

Sell the darn place already before it willl cost the county 35 million for some one to take it off the county`s hands

Anonymous said...

The vast majority elected the current vast majority to take back county government from those who take and take and take while obsessing on things scrotal. The minority's shrill whining is like sweet music at tea time. They just can't accept their lot. The great president obama taught us that elections have consequences. Just like the outcome based educational nonsense they support, the minority wants credit for effort despite their utter failure to understand that they are not in charge. And still with the scrotum fixation while they angrily lick the short bus window of life. Sad, really.

Anonymous said...

You say there are 6 labor contracts to be nogotiated,
so take a little from those 6 and the 2 at Gracedale and the County should be saving some.
Don't blame the financial problems of the County on Gracedale, when Gracedale helped out the County many years.Give credit where credit is due.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:56 has laid out the facts. The bullshit Angle/Stoffa are selling has been exposed numerous times. The fact that the newspapers are in the bag for Stoffa and won't report it is irrelevant.

Facts are facts. Gracedale is neither a money pit nor a financial problem. Witchcraft has more credibility than the Angle/Stoffa Administration take on things.

Reality Now!!

Anonymous said...

Stoffa could try for a third term. Since he has done little in his five years of ten hour weeks, he should have enough energy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Ron and John should both run again so the people of northampton county can put up with more bullshit and fabrications from the two of them.

Anonymous said...

I want him to run., he would lose by such a wide margin it would do his inflated self-image good.

Run John, Run. Please!!!