Thursday, July 31, 2008

Keystone Progress Unveiled

Way back when he was a Greenie, back in '02, community activist Mike Morrill ran for governor. I eventually became disenchanted with the greens, especially after learning they were funding congressional races with money from the founders of Blackwater USA, a company that regularly supplies the CIA with mercenaries. But Morrill is one person who represents what was right about the green party.

He's just unveiled Keystone Progress, "a multi-issue progressive advocacy organization that combines cutting edge online organizing and communications with rapid and hard-hitting earned media strategies. Year round, Keystone Progress will work to engage citizens from across the state around issues of immediate state or local concern."

Morrill plans to blend new and old media, but even more ambitiously, he wants to unite progressive groups that really talk to each other. He told PolitckerPA, "The goal is stop fighting so much so we can utilize all our resources, especially in the communications realm."

Well, good luck with that, Mike.

He's identified four current campaigns: (1) PA’s Bush War Tax; (2) Don’t Privatize the PA Turnpike; (3) Support the Paper Ballot Based Voting System Reimbursement Bill; and (4) Support Comprehensive Healthcare Reform.

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J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

I worked for his Governors Campaign. And had both my parents back him as well.

He wanted a $11 a hour Living Wage over six years ago.

In light of the current economy that would have been a good thing.

And considering I was interested in the Greens due to Nader (and the jealousy toward him from "Greens" ) I became more Independent.

I only ever became a Democrat to vote in the Mayoral primaries in Easton, and for President this year.

Morrill is a great Progressive mind and we in the Keystone should be glad he calls PA home!