Monday, July 28, 2008

J Spike Rogan: Easton Strongman?

If you read this blog often enough, you're bound to read some of the Budweiser-inspired philosophy of J. Spike Rogan, former candidate for appointment to Easton City Council. Who the hell names their kid Spike? Seriously. That name, combined with his commentary, makes me wonder whether he's had his rabies and distemper shots. In his blogging days, he once posted posted Saddam's execution in "full clear," whatever that means. Basically, he's my kind of guy, if only because he makes me look normal.

Spike, not surprisingly, is a strongman. He recently finished second in the tractor pull at Plainfield Farmers' Fair. He just sent me the video.

Spike has a lot of experience pulling dead weight. Last year, he pulled Easton mayoral candidate Mike Fleck all over the place. Fleck finished second, too.


SPIKE ROGAN From Easton,PA said...

To be accurate I'm more Lager inspired. Yuengling of course.

And I missed first place by two inches. Not a landslide like Fleck, lol.

SPIKE ROGAN From Easton,PA said...

I also was tied at the end of the first round for second. (and two inches shy of first) so we had to do a tie breaker. I won that by around three feet.

I came dang close to a full pull in the tie breaker. (It was the longest pull in age group of all participants at 43 feet.) You can see it in this run.