Thursday, July 24, 2008

HCCLV to Offer Lowest Costing Health Insurance in Lehigh Valley

Over the last five years in Pennsylvania, health insurance costs have skyrocketed 75% while our average wage has only gone up 13%. Northampton County has been hit hard; 15.4% of all adults are uninsured. That's almost twice as high as neighboring Lehigh County. Throughout the state, 767,000 adults have no insurance, even though 77% of them have jobs.

The pols all point fingers at each other and do mass mailings and robo calls. But things just get worse. Fortunately, Lehigh Valley's Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (HCCLV) is actually doing something for its members. Tomorrow, HCCLV and Aetna Insurance will announce the area’s most comprehensive healthcare plan at the lowest cost for businesses in the Lehigh Valley. Broker of record for this new healthcare alliance is The Equinox Agency, a longtime HCCLV member.

HCCLV, now chaired by Lina Garcia , is the largest Hispanic organization in the state, serving 334 businesses with 3,000 employees. My thanks to board member Lázaro Fuentes for making me aware of this attempt to provide health care coverage.


Anonymous said...

More positive news for those who need it the most. I hope this gets out to the whole communty in A-town.


Anonymous said...

My economist father used to kid that, "86% of all statistics are misleading, and 49.7% of them are pulled out of one's ass."

While being without insurance and being without health care are two completely different things (many like to cite the uninsured percentage because the number is more impressive), this is a tremendous initiative. Congrats to those involved.

The insured pay higher premiums to subsidize those who can't or won't pay for it. We also subsidize 20 million Canadian health care sponges who live under a rationed, single payer system with price controls on drugs.

It's good to read a story about a community's self sufficiency. Muy bien.

Anonymous said...

what a great development! think i will change my membership from the regular (2 rivers?) chamber to the hispanic chamber. at least they are doing something positive for their members.