Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dick Cowen: Zell's Morning Call Ignores Legacy of Earlier Leaders

Yesterday, I told you a little about Mike Welsh, one of Allentown's three remaining Republicans. Mike, who's running for the state house in Allentown's heavily Democratic 132nd district, has been mentioned by The Morning Call just once since January.

That's their Call, so to speak. But retired and well-respected Morning Call reporter, Dick Cowen, has a much different perspective. He'd like to unveil a "news story the paper just never wrote."

Richard "Dick" Hummel, longtime executive at The Morning Call, died some months ago. He received a lengthy obituary in the paper that he served for decades. He was someone admired by a large cross-section of Call employees.

One position Dick held in his later years was being a board member of the Century Fund, the charitable fund established by Call Publisher Don Miller to distribute some of his millions. He was one of the five board members of the Century Fund.

Well, the remaining four several months ago chose Lee Butz, the Lehigh Valley construction mogul, to fill Hummel's seat on the board. The report from a colleague is that Butz is fitting in well.

No mention in the paper.

Back before he moved over to federal court, then Lehigh County President Judge James Knoll Gardner called upon the
Century Fund to submit a report of its first ten years of operation.

The report went on for pages, listing local organizations alphabetically and grants distributed by the fund across its first decade. It was impressive. Try to find it in checking out the back years of the paper.

The Baum School of Art has a scholarship gala scheduled for Oct. 18. It is to honor the vision of Donald P. Miller, the Century Fund and the Miller family. The printed notice of the event includes the list of the board of the Century Fund, including new member Lee A. Butz.

Editorial comment: If the hierarchy of the now Tribune-owned Call isn't hailing the legacy of its earlier leaders, what chance do the rest of us have for our achievements to be heralded?


michael molovinsky said...

bernie, in regard to your blog title, i doubt if mr. zell has anything to do with ignoring this legacy. the morning call has been operated for years by the same management, although ownership has changed several times.

Bob said...

Thank you Bernie. Michael is a great guy and will make a great representative. All that is asked is that he be given a fair chance against the birthday representative.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, might you know all the members of the Century Club?