Sunday, October 28, 2007

Word Verification Required to Post Comments

I've been lucky. Up 'till now, I've never had to impose that annoying word verification requirement on those who wish to comment. But I enabled that feature yesterday, which prompts this response. "Why the word verification Bernie? Now you control the blog and you control the truth as you see it. So much for free speech, and we thought you supported the Constitution."

I've had to enable it because, starting Friday, my blog was peppered with numerous robo spam comments about Viagra, breast size and all kinds of sexual enhancements that I really should try. It took me about two hours to delete these comments, and I was just spammed again the following day. Early next week, once the web crawlers stop nailing me, I'll remove the word verification requirement.

In the meantime, you're just as free as ever to post comments, anonymous or not. You just have to take an extra step to prove you are a human being. I value your comments, but don't want you to have to scroll through garbage to read what others are saying.


A.J. Cordi said...

I like how people compare word verification to freedom of speech. Idiots...

Anonymous said...

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