Sunday, October 28, 2007

Slime From Branco's Camp Continues

When I spoke with Northampton County Council candidate Tony Branco on Friday night, he refused to end his association with the sleazy political consultant he's hired to bash his opponent with robo calls. And last night, the negative phone calls continued. Voters were told, "Peggy Ferraro has repeatedly ran and ran and ran for public office... ."

Negative campaigning is bad enough. But now we've got negative campaigning with poor grammar, too.


Anonymous said...

Why the word verification Bernie? Now you control the blog and you control the truth as you see it. So much for free speech, and we thought you supported the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

I believe the word verification [human verification] is to prevent robo-commenters. We don't need Branco's camp posting sleaze here. ;)

Anonymous said...

I received the "has ran and ran" phone slam last evening. The monotone, grammatically pathetic, hatchet call betrayed the unmitigated arrogance of a guy who feels very safe. Given the way he got there, he likely has some reason.

Anonymous said...

As of 11:45 AM, Bernie O'Hare is at a child's football game, but he does wish to address your concerns on the word verification.
Following his posts on Friday, his blog was the target of dozens of "Spam comments" that trumpet such important products as Viagra and other sexual aides.
Now We Bloggers understand that political hacks are frequent users of these products, as part of their need to compensate for their many mental, emotional, and yes, in the sad cases of folks like Maniaatty Speros and severson, physical lack of proper equipment capable of performing.
Alas, those ads do nothing but dilute the conversation here.
Mr. O'Hare has promised to remove the word verification in a few days, but until then, all those making a comment will have to regretfully take the exxtra step as I will do upon finishing this. In the meantime, I suggest that everyone send any available viagra to Mr Severson at Precision Hate Mailings, and also some to George Speros Maniac Maniatty.
I know it would be near impossible for them to be much bigger penises than they already are, but it will help them maintain their self image as the biggest dildo's in the Valley emotionally. I ask this of the Valley, because I care. And Don't forget Joe Long! His name is an oxymoron! He needs help too!

Retired ASD teacher said...


No wonder fewer and fewer citizens choose to vote. Shameful behavior, really.

Anonymous said...

No wonder fewer and fewer citizens choose to vote.

Now that is a shame.

To make negative sleaze campaigns dyp[, is to make them not work. Right now it appears Branco is still funding it, with hopes it will work. Make it now work, and lets keep Branco, again, out of office.

WindGapper said...

My parents are "supervoters," registered Democrats. They are so disgusted with the constant stream of nasty phone calls that they have both vowed to vote AGAINST any candidate who has done this. They have had dinner interrupted with phone calls 3 times in the past week alone.

(I told them caller ID was a wise investment...)

Anonymous said...

My phone rang today with Morganelli on the other end telling me who to vote for.
In public John puts his nose up in the air when leaving St. Anne's.and would nt give me the time of day...Now is one of the times I'll get a chance to express myself to John." NO" ,,I will not vote for Mr. Branco,BECAUSE of John interupting my diner...and my biggest voice speaking to John will be with vote AGAINST him for AG of the State of Pa.
I ll be able to repay him with my nose in the air