Sunday, October 28, 2007

Norco Dem Committee Misses Campaign Finance Report Deadline

As of quitting time on Friday, the elections office had no campaign finance report from the Northampton County Democratic Committee. If a report was mailed on Thursday, it will be considered timely filed. But it's still highly unusual not to see that report on filing day. Branco's campaign finance report shows $2,236.90 from the local party. Similarly, Maher's report shows $2,298.00.
Clarification: The amounts in question are payments to, and not from, the local Dems. According to Branco's report, a payment to Bronstein & Weaver is in reality an expenditure for the local Dem committee.
Update: County Report Timely Filed with Department of State - I've been contacted by Northampton County Dem Committee Treasurer Steve Barron. He informs me the county report was filed online with the state on Thursday, and you can see it here. I believe the elections code requires that report to be filed both with the state and where supported candidates reside.


Anonymous said...

Hay putz,
1st you don’t have Branco's campaign finance report on-line to look at and I’ve looked through Maher’s and can’t find any amount near $2,298.00! I did see $250.00 to the democratic party. Bernie, you are doing your typical gutter class reporting with misleading half truths and no verifiable information.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Myabe I could get a job w/ Severson.

I stand corrected. It is not a contribution from, but to, the local Democratic party. Bronstein & Weaver, according to Branco and other reports, is the local Dems.

I will correct my post.

Anonymous said...

The Norco Dem Committee report needs to be filed with the state...not Northampton County Voter office. A copy does need to be on file with the local office, but as long as the report was filed with the Dept. of State it is timely filed. It could mailed to the Dept of State and would still be timely if it was postmarked prior to the deadline.

It will be available online at the Dept of State, too.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 11:03, I believe the report needs to be on file with both offices, but won't quibble. Since I posted my blog, I have been corrected by a few folks who toild me the report was filed with the state. So I believe my post was misleading, and and just updated it with a clarification in large font boldface.