Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oopsie! Reichley & Browne Give Cardboard Check to Multimillion Dollar Embezzler

In the wake of $2.5 million embezzlement charges against former Lower Macungie Township Supervisor Marge Szulborski, public officials talk about improving accounting controls. But what happened is really no surprise. The surprise is that it doesn't happen more often.

Morning Call columnist Bill White put his finger on the problem long ago. It's the second class township code. "[S]econd-class townships are allowed to hire their supervisors as employees, blurring the lines between management and labor. In the Macungies and other townships, supervisors get to hire and supervise themselves."

But instead of eliminating this obviously abusive practice, politicians like Doug Reichley (a former DA) and Pat Browne (a CPA) are pictured handing out cardboard checks to township supervisors like Marge Szulborski (Gamblers' Anonymous prospect). What the hell could they be thinking? One was a DA and the other's a CPA. Between the two of them, don't you think they'd realize the potential for mischief in allowing township supervisors to hire themselves? And these guys expect to be reelected?

Reichley and Browne are Republicans, but you can point your finger at Democrats, too. House Democratic leader Bill DeWeese maneuvered a secret municipal payraise this summer to give his township supervisor pals even more money. No hearings. The bill was camouflaged as an amendment to the state budget, and passed unanimously. He was brazen enough to do this after Pennsylvanians nearly revolted over the legislative payraise. Hey, it's only your money.

If you've had enough of this baloney, Doug Reichley's opponent on November 7 is Chris "Blue Collar" Casey. And Browne is opposed by affable Rick Orloski. I'm voting for them and I don't even live in their districts! We need some changes.


Mad batter said...

Deweese and Perzel pushed through a payraise for Supervisors, yet didn't put any administrative restrictions on them. We need reform at all levels of government in this state.

Bernie O'Hare said...

At the very time that Bill White was noting problems w/ the second class township code, this municipal payraise was being pushed. In addition to the Szulborski investiagtion, there's an ethics investigation in Upper Macungie, and problems in Forks, Moore & Upper Nazareth, to name a few. In fact, most of our second class townships have problems. Bur lawman Reichley and accountant Browne don't seem to notice. We need a new legislature that does notice and reacts.

Dem Fly on the wall said...

Wouldn't it be a riot if the check were being presented to fund a gambling treatment center!
Wait, it was probably part of the growing greener fund, to buy land for the Reichley Browne memorial patch of grass!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Speaking of gambling, I'll bet this is one "cardboard check picture" they wish they could take back. But it demonstrates they are completely oblivious to the many problems of our second class townships.

Anonymous said...

You should have put balloon captions of what they were thinking on these people.
DA DOUG: " Wonder if she will contribute to my PAC?"
PATB: "I wonder if they are going to have a buffet?"
Million Dollar MARGE: "I bet I can spend the next THREE WEEKENDS at BALLY'S!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 10:08, You should be writing a sitcom!

addicted said...

The only way that Doug Reichley loses is you get a picture of him with Mark Foley, while simultaneously accepting an endorsement from NAMBLA.
Casey isn't going to happen, the Republicans don't hate Doug for being Perzel's lackey that much.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Addicted, I don't think the Republicans share your sentiments. They've listed Recihley's seat as vulnerable. And I saw Chris Casey rip Reichley apart on Business Matters last weekend. Anyone who saw that show will be voting for Casey, even the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Now way Casey will win. Yes he got the biggest cheer at the debate, but lets face it the comments he made would get cheers anywhere, but just how does he plan to follow through? He doesn't know the first thing about getting a bill passed. You read his blogsite and website, it doesn't tell me anything about his opinions or how/what bills he wants to pass, it is just him spewing about Doug and the Republican party. The only downfall he speaks of in regards to Doug is the payraise that he took but yet endorses the governor that approved the payraise. Sorry but this one is going to Doug, handsdown!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 9:29, Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you posted. I'll admit that Casey is not as sophisticated as Reichley: he lacks a law degree and has never participated in a state legislature and is unfamiliar with the procedure. But from what I see of that group, I don't think he'd have a very sharp learning curve.

They are separated by much more than the payraise. It really is a class divide. Reichley is there to serve aristocrats and nouveau riche while Casey is there for the common man. Let me explain briefly.

1) Reichley is funded by developers and numerous well-funded special interest groups. He will promote sprawl, and has done so in his years as a legislator. He has resisted attempts at land use reform, even when they're as small as developers' impact fees.

2) Reichley has resisted reform of state procedures. He has been part of a culture of corruption in Harrisburg where there has been no lobbyist disclosure laws, tremendous AND unaccountable funds set up for each caucus, ghost voting, relaxation of laws for parasites like Portnoff to sell your home if you don't pay taxes, etc., etc., Reichley not only took the payraise, but voted to suspend the rules to make that midnight raise possible. Both parties are equally to blame here. But Reichley is part of the problem, not a solution. Casey will vote for reforms.

3) Right to work - If you have no strong union feelings, this may not bother you. But anyone who sees Reichley's votes on right to work laws know he's a union buster. That bothers me.

4) Reichley has consistently voted against the environment.

5) Reichley opposed the minimum wage increase, and only voted to increase it at the very end. Even then, he was part of a group that tried to rOLL IT BACK PARTIALLY.

In short, Reichley has failed to address so many of the things that are wrong in this state. He won't endorse an attempt to strengthen our sunshine act or right to know law. He is part of a state legislature that slipped in a payraise for second class township supervisors instead of reforming our decrepit second class township code. He is a bright guy and was a very effective prosecutor, and I think he should return to that role.

What I like about Casey is that his heart is in the right place. He can walk into a store and empathize with an elderly lady who's working there bc she can't afford to pay for her home on her retirement income. He's here to help us. Reichley may wear a suit and may understand the difference between coram nobus and habeas corpus, but he's here to serve rich developers. Casey's no genius. He's just a good man with a big heart.

That's the way I see it, but I appreciate your comments. And if you think Reichley is the better man, then you should give him your vote. Take care and thanks for being broad-minded enought to go through my post. That was very nice of you and I appreciate your different opinion. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Reichley is a Nazi. Even his friends don't like him. It's a shame that Bill White is giving Reichley a free pass after he took the sleazy pay raise and showed the world what a greedy bastard he is.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 10:52, Now I recognize those remarks. I've heard them before. But I don't think Bill White gave Reichley a pass. The MC editorial board did, but last time White wrote about it on 10/7, Recihley was still on his hit list.