Monday, October 30, 2006

Congressional Green Greta Browne a Psychotherapist?

On her campaign web site for U.S. Congress, green party candidate Greta Browne tells us she's a psychotherapist in private practice. Well, it must be a pretty damn exclusive practice because it's listed nowhere in the phone book. Even the state's bureau of professional and occupational affairs has no listing for her. According to their records, she has no license as a psychologist, social worker, professional counselor or family and marriage therapist. Most psychotherapists are licensed in one of these areas, but not Greta Browne.

Since the green party claims their candidates are "fully accountable," I asked Browne's campaign to verify her credentials. Did she go to psychotherapy school or something? I was told my question is "an abomination to progressive work." They've been saying stuff like that to me lately. And Browne refuses to lower herself to answer this question.

Last Wednesday, Browne did debase herself long enough to appear on Ron Angle's WGPA AM radio talk show. But she became quite indignant when Angle dared take a long call from Bernie Kieklak, Lisa Boscola's top aide. This gave Browne less time, but that's the way talk radio works. Although Angle offered a return engagement, Browne refused because he could not guarantee she would be the constant center of attention. Geez, she's only running for Congress. You think she'd jump at any opportunity for some free radio time.

Is it me, or are these folks just a little too full of themselves? Maybe Greta should run for Northampton County judge. She'd fit right in.

By the way, Browne has yet to answer concerns about GOP funding of state greens running for Congress. In a comment posted on this blog on October 19, she said, "In the next few days I will post my comments on my website." She still hasn't done so, and the election is only eight days away.

That's accountability, Greta Browne style!

November 2 Update - Browne Continues to Mislead: On her webpage, Browne today denies that she or any of her fellow Congressional greens benefited in any way from the blood money that Romanelli reports spending on their behalf. I've got two problems with Browne's explanation. First, she backdated it. She claims to have released this statement back in October, but it was in fact just released today. Second, her explanation is bogus. She herself admits some of this money went to volunteers for gathering signatures in a pay per signature scheme.


r.moshki said...

The Greens are honest about their
obsessive love of Immigration, though.

Lying about one's profession is both sad and funny.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mr Moshki, Thanks. I don't think Browne is lying. I do think she is stretching things a bit.