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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Objections to Nomination Petitions Due February 21

I've told you that nomination petitions for state and federal office were due in Harrisburg on February 14.  Objections to these petitions can be filed, but that must happen no later than today. These objections must state specifically why the nomination petition is being challenged and must be served on the state elections office. 

Most (if not all) of these challenges would need to be filed in Commonwealth Court. The Court has set up a link to review objection petitions and case management orders. 

As of Monday night, no petition has been legally challenged. 


Vladimir Ill-itch said...

I suppose there is no point in Freeman or any of his supporters challenging Sultana's petition in the 136th. He and his team know they are going to clean her clock; plus, it's worth keeping her on the primary ballot for the comic relief she will provide during the campaign.

The136Pundit said...

Sultana is going to pull some surprises this primary. Look out, Bobby!

Anonymous said...

"Sultana is going to pull some surprises this primary. Look out, Bobby!"

The fact that this offspring-beating chowderhead gets ANY votes at all, in any capacity, is a surprise in and of itself.

so yeah, I guess so.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment, may I suggest that you get some sort of a mental health evaluation as soon as possible

LVCI said...

According to The Morning Call it looks like Mark Pinsley's petition is in big do do

Anonymous said...

Will McClure send one of his minions to challenge Milou (who?) Mackenzie?

Maybe Sultana will take what's left of her husband's $40K from his controller campaign and use that to challenge Freeman's signatures?

Anonymous said...

Will McClure send Barron to Harrisburg to comb through petitions like he does here in the county. Nice use of a taxpayer funded job, not.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Pinsleys and Montero Petitions are getting challenged? Rumor is that there are issues with both their petitions.

Anonymous said...

Tatanic is not worth worrying about…she will sink her own campaign