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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

UPDATED: Easton City Council Poised to Consider Competing Resolutions Concerning Israeli Incursion Into Gaza

Easton City Council is poised tonight to consider competing resolutions concerning Israel's invasion of Gaza on October 27, 2023. This invasion is a response to a Hamas incursion into Israel on October 7, 2023. Over 1,100 noncombatants were killed and 253 people were abducted, including women and children. The Israeli response has killed over 28,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children. Nearly the entire population of 2.3 million has been displaced. 

The first resolution, sponsored by Council member Taiba Sultana, calls for an immediate ceasefire. The second, sponsored by five Council members, calls for peace. Unfortunately, I am unable to locate the actual text of either resolution on the city's webpage. If I get them, I'll produce them for your review. 

Similar resolutions have been proposed in Allentown and Bethlehem. Thus far, none have been adopted. 

It's pretty clear that there's a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Although Israel's IDF takes greater pains than any other military in the world to avoid civilian casualties, there may even be some war crimes. But there are currently 62 armed conflicts worldwide. It is hypocritical to take a stance on just one of them.   

UPDATED 11:07 am: Below are the draft resolutions. 

Sultana Resolution: WHEREAS The recent escalation of violence and tensions between Israel and Palestine has brought this conflict to the forefront of global attention.

WHEREAS the Easton City Council values peace and human life.

NOW THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED that the City of Easton, per our commitment to peace and humanity, condemns violence and joins other cities in calling on our Congress Members to demand: an immediate permanent ceasefire; the release of all hostages, the unrestricted entry of humanitarian assistance into Gaza; the restoration of food, water, electricity, and medical supplies to gaza; and the respect for international law; and calls for a resolution that protects the security of all innocent civilians; and be it


Easton City Council urges congresswoman Susan Wild, Governor Josh Shapiro, Senator John Fetterman, Senator Bob Casey, State Representative Robert Bob Freeman, and the Biden administration to immediately call for and facilitate de-escalation and a permanent ceasefire to urgently end the current violence.

Resolution of Panto, Ruggles, Pintabone, Rose, Edinger and Brown:

WHEREAS the City of Easton recognizes the inherent value of human life and the fundamental rights to peace and security. There are over 45 armed conflicts worldwide, resulting in widespread suffering, displacement, and loss of life,

WHEREAS armed conflicts and war crimes are an egregious violation of human rights, causing immeasurable harm to individuals, families, and communities,

WHEREAS it is incumbent upon all responsible parties, including governments, international organizations, and civil society, to work tirelessly towards the prevention and resolution of conflicts, and to hold perpetrators of war crimes accountable for their actions,

WHEREAS the City of Easton reaffirms its commitment to promoting dialogue, diplomacy, and peaceful resolution of conflicts, both domestically and internationally. We stand firmly in support of the universal right to protest as a means of advocating for peace and justice.

NOW THEREFORE LET TI BE RESOLVED, that the City Council of Easton hereby condemns war crimes in the strongest terms possible. Be it further resolved, that the City Council expresses solidarity with al those affected by conflict and reaffirms its commitment to supporting efforts aimed at achieving lasting peace and justice.


Anonymous said...

Israel PM= Time Magazine Man of the Year !

Anonymous said...

“there are currently 62 armed conflicts worldwide.”
It's important to consider how many of these conflicts are being funded by our tax dollars. While we may not have the ability to intervene in every conflict, the United States has the influence to put an end to the ongoing genocide in Palestine. The details of the new introduced resolution are uncertain, but based on previous resolutions introduced by Sultana, there was no specific mention of Israel needing to cease its actions. Instead, it was emphasized for Susan Wild and other officials to call for a ceasefire. If the USA has the authority to halt Israel's actions among the 62 countries in conflict, it should have exercised that authority.
Now according to your own blog, 28,000 are being killed, mostly children and women. How many more have to be killed in response of Oct 7.
Speak up, Bernie. silence is complicit.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:52 said: “… 28,000 are being killed, mostly children and women. How many more have to be killed in response of Oct 7.”

That’s a great question for the Hamas criminals who are causing their deaths by continuing to hide behind women and children; who refuse to let women and children evacuate; and who continue to hold hostages from October 7th.

Until the Hamas terrorists release their hostages unconditionally and surrender, I hope the Israelis push every Hamas member and every Hamas supporter into the river or the sea.

Anonymous said...

There are international negotiators, like Blinken, who are working behind the scenes to do what they can to defuse this situation. The idea that a toothless local resolution presented by a group of dissatisfied concerned citizens will move the needle quickly to a ceasefire is a farse, and only creates more tension . In order for a true ceasefire to hold, many offers, trades, deals, etc must be placed and legitimately agreed upon by both sides including all timelines needed to have involved parties back out with respect and no retribution.
If you think pieces of paper with written demands signed by local county and city officials will hasten this along, look up what exactly a resolution exists for.

Anonymous said...

" ongoing genocide "

Pretty sure that word doesn't mean what you think it means

Anonymous said...

Israel should not stop until Hamas is wiped off the face of the map. As far as “the Children” many of those children are soldiers and totally radicalized by the age of 12. Easton City Council should stick to Easton city affairs. Period.

Anonymous said...

"Although Israel's IDF takes greater pains than any other military in the world to avoid civilian casualties..." according to IDF propaganda.

Anonymous said...

These resolutions mean nothing. They are merely pieces of paper with elected gov. members names on it. What a waste of time and more tax payer monies on meaningless drivel..political posturing. Sick of it all..do your jobs as you were elected to do. Stop this useless pandering and choosing sides in a conflict waged by the federal governments resources.

Anonymous said...

If the people in Easton and wherever else the 136 covers vote for this lady. They deserve everything they get

Anonymous said...

A completely useless waste of council's time. Nothing but an empty feel-good measure. I'm sure Israel's PM is moved.

Anonymous said...

Peace. The world needs peace. Regardless of your thoughts, beliefs, background or religion, the loss of innocent human life is always tragic.

We need peace. Not Taiba.

Anonymous said...

Genocide cut me a break. Every time on the news I see young men responding to wounded in bombed buildings in Gaza. If the people don't support Hamas and their desire to wipe out Israel and the Jews, why are they not throwing out Hamas? What are those young men doing to save their families. Why are they allowing the use of their hospitals and homes and schools to hide the tunnels? Hamas has appropriated the money stupid America and other countries gave to them. It wasn't used to help the people but to arm Hamas. Why aren't they turning in Hamas. The answer is they hate Israel and wish them destruction. And Qatar the peace maker? Cut me a break! They allow the rich Hamas to live in Qatar in luxury. Why has Egypt closed its borders to the refuges. They are not crazy. They don't want the likes of Hamas in their territory. We have too many rich in our country coddling the Arab nations and refusing to address the instigator Iran. All the rich men in the world wring their hands and then count their monies.

Anonymous said...

Liberals are strange folks. They claim they support woman’s rights, gay rights, transgender rights ect. Then they side with the radical islamists who execute gays and treat women like second class citizens. Weird. Fetterman has it right.

Anonymous said...

No number of deceased Palestinians is enough until all hostages taken on October 7 are returned. Lessons are difficult. The terrorists enjoyed overwhelming support from the population. It, and they, must be taught that raping and murdering and burning bodies and taking hostages will come with the steepest of prices. 28 to 1 is not nearly enough. They're getting off easy while they're still holding hostages. Israelis need to take the gloves off and get those people free.

Anonymous said...

It’s time to say this: a local voted on city resolution offered up by disgruntled unhappy voters, signed off on by elected city officials will have NO effect on the ongoing international quagmire occurring OUTSIDE the per view of our city. Period.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if America was attacked in the same way Israel was. There would be nothing left of that place. Go get em IDF.