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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

35 Nomination Petition Challenges Filed Statewide

Pennsylvania's Commonwealth Court is going to be busy over the next few days. Yesterday was the final day in which challenges could be filed for the various nomination petitions for state and federal office. Yesterday, the Court logged 35 complaints. 

These include petition challenges to candidates for the state house (24); Delegate to the GOP Convention (3); US Congress (4); US Senate (1); and Pa. Senate (3). 

None of these challenges are against state house candidate Taiba Sultana (state house) or Mark Pinsley (state auditor). Sultana's nomination petition included the forged signature of a state senator, while Pinsley's submission contained the forged signature of a Chester County judge. 

Falsus in uno, Falsus in omnibus is a common law principle under which a witness' entire testimony can be disregarded if it is determined that at least part of his testimony is fabricated. That  maxim is inapplicable in election law. If a signature is forged, only that signature may be stricken, not all of them. So both Sultana and Pinsley will be on the primary ballot.


Anonymous said...

You said that neither Sultana nor Pinsley's petitions were challenged. Does that mean that ALL of the signatures on their petitions are essentially considered valid?

Anonymous said...

No, it means that there weren't enough challengeable signatures to get the candidate below the minimum threshold for running for the office. Taiba's petition had over 600 signatures and she needed 300 so more than 50% would have needed to be bad in order to submit a challenge. The fact that this want challenged just means from an electoral court perspective, there was no way to win.
That doesn't mean Nadeem isn't in legal jeopardy with criminal courts for signing off on photocopied petitions and fraudulent signatures though.

Anonymous said...

Good. Let Freeman beat her like Panto Did

Anonymous said...

To understand that they found over 200 bad signatures on her petition. But she still had 300 (which is needed).

Bernie O'Hare said...

No, it means that the nominations are valid and may no longer be challenged. Individuals who forged or obtained forged signatures

Anonymous said...

We will now be witness to a horrible display of false narratives, contrived photo ops and lies.
Makes you feel warm and fuzzy about politics today.

Dirk said...

Did Lisa Boscola huff and puff about Pinsley's disqualifying act of accepting forged signatures?

Anonymous said...

"Did Lisa Boscola huff and puff about Pinsley's disqualifying act of accepting forged signatures?"

since no one forged HER signature on that particular campaign, i doubt she cared

Anonymous said...

list one politician that is out for the people---there is none that is why this country is in the shape it is.