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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Vote For Dat!

Just when you think I'm done talking about elections, I've got another one that's far more important than anything else. My grandson Dat had a pretty good weekend with the Allentown Central Catholic Vikings, as his team won the Paul Corby tip-off tournament to start the season at 2-0. They all did very well.

I was surprised to learn that he's been nominated as The Morning Call's athlete of the week. So if you can, please vote for him.

I'm waiting for the beauty contest.

On the left, you can see Dat with Suki, his cRaZy dog. She is actually quite the athlete herself, but she plays dirty. When Dat played football, she'd not only tackle him, but rip off his shorts.


Anonymous said...

So we’re supposed to vote for him not on his merits or the merits of others but just because you want us to stuff the ballot box? These athlete of the week promotions are stupid and just a way for parents (and grandparents) to brag to others that their child was nominated. What about a student of the week or a band performer of the week, cheerleader of the week? I for one will not be voting for him not because he doesn’t deserve it but because I don’t think it’s necessary. People who play sports are over glamorized enough so as it is.

E Mest said...

Way to go Dat and grandpa too!

Anonymous said...

I am all in and will tell my other sports fans to vote for him also.
Dat is not only a very good basketball player, but an OUTSTANDING young man also

Bernie O'Hare said...

9:20, Agreed that this is a chance for parents and grandparents to brag on their children. I plead guilty. I would love to see these children honored for everything they do, be it sports or some other activity. I can tell you that my grandson will spend hours in the gym, alone, just working on his shooting. He is very dedicated, as are the other athletes. That is what is being honored. SI does have a cheerleader of the week,and I'sd like to see that in local papers, along with dance teams and bands.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:20am

Get a life.

Why shouldn't/wouldn't a grandfather want to support his grandson?!?!

Congrats to this kid. Hard work pays off.

Anonymous said...

Why is your grandson half black and half Chinese? Is he adopted

Bernie O'Hare said...

I’ll let this comment stand so people can see how ugly some people are.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, you had better watch out or team parasitic domestic confusion in NC might REvolk your grandfathers status. Themz the one that are even raciystz against children too.