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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Beitler to run for State House

One of my favorite elected officials is Lower Mac Comm'r Ron Beitler. Like Matt Dees in West Easton, he uses his blog (Lower Mac News) to keep residents well-informed about their community. I have learned that Ron intends to run for the state house seat currently occupied by Ryan MacKenzie.

Beitler is a graduate of Emmaus High School and Slippery Rock University. He owns and operates Bar None, an event services planner.

“By now, it’s no secret that Harrisburg is a mess. What has been a well-kept secret is that the problems can be fixed by honesty, integrity, and common sense,” Beitler said.

He has promised to term limit himself to a total of eight years in office.

“If you can’t get the job done in that time, then you shouldn’t be there.” Beitler said.

He also has signed a pledge to reject a government pension stating, “service is a calling, not a career path - my small business is my career, and when I get the job done in Harrisburg I’ll come home to that.”

Beitler claims to have reduced spending, opposed debt, lowered tax bills and worked to block waste while serving in Lower Macungie. He said he will support a State Constitutional amendment limiting spending increases.

“Government needs to live within the same constraints that we do,” he said.

He resides in Lower Macungie with his wife, Amanda, their nine-month-old daughter, Cecilia Adeline and their family dog Ellie Mae.


Anonymous said...

Refreshing. I wish him well as he attempts to restore trust in our broken government.

Anonymous said...

what an idiot, not to take your pension that is rightfully earned, stupid bagger move

Anonymous said...

From what I understand state legislators cannot legally refuse the state pension, so making a pledge like this is moot.

Anonymous said...

Will this guy run as a dem or rep?

moderate Republican said...

Ron Beitler is a Republican.

Ron Beitler said...

Anonymous Commenter 1:09. Completely incorrect. Currently 30 members of the General Assembly who have opted out of the pension system. They absolutely can and many do. The only problem would be if you are already previously in SERS. There was once an issue where two elected candidates who were previously state employees, where SERS refused to let them pull out of the system. Even though they didn't believe it was appropriate to do so as a state legislator, they could not stop accruing time.

It is without any doubt the right thing to do. The #1 problem in Harrisburg is that career politicians act out of self interest instead of the interests of the commonwealth. I believe in term limits, and therefore I believe in rejecting the pension. This shouldn't be a job it's service. I believe even the well intentioned eventually succumb to human nature and act to protect what has become their career over what's best for the State. We know there have been State Reps from our area who served decades and accomplished almost nothing of importance (relative to actually reforming state gov) except build up a lucrative retirement on the backs of taxpayers.

This is THE reason why tough decision are rarely made and that we end up a state of gimmicks and band-aids relative to a long term fiscally sustainable and resilient state budget. There is a reason we have one of the lowest confidence levels in our State legislature in the nation.

And anonymous, you are also wrong about it being a "stupid tea bagger move". That's factually incorrect. There have been 3 recent Democrat Reps since 2014 who have opted out of the taxpayer pension. They are: Brian Barbin, Cambria County; Margo Davidson, Delaware County and Rep. Brian Sims from Philly.

Anonymous said...

Please not another ambitious teabagger. We do not need any more Trump/Moore republicans in office. Stay local with the republican pure Macungies.

Anonymous said...

ron, your an idiot if you dont take your pension, am i supposed to support you when you retire and you have nothing but your SSI check?

You are a foolish young man with misplaced ideals

Ron Beitler said...

@Anonymous nameless commenter 8:12.

I have been saving for my retirement since I was 28 years old. I have owned a successful small business for ten years. I've acquired an investment property (for purpose of my retirement strategy) which I'll own free and clear within the next 10 years. Thanks for your concern, but I'll be alright. :)

I have NO intention on making this a career. Therefore, NO pension. That's the crucial element. This is NOT a career. I have a career and I like it just fine. I want to serve for 8 years, address the issues I care about, try to solve some problems, be a voice for reform and then get the heck out and go home.

30 people in the GA from both parties have rejected state pensions already. Last cycle 20 more ran on rejection of pensions as a key component of their platform. This isn't my ideal alone, its a movement.

We have in Pennsylvania the 2nd most expensive legislature in the entire nation but at the same time one of the consistently lowest confidence levels. We're also one of the most consistently corrupt and least effective. There are reasons for this.

Anonymous said...

This pension nonsense is a republican red herring. They trot it out as though it means they are wonderful people. Go and do your job the way people expect and the pension issue is not an issue. Why not claim the healthcare that is better than anyone's, is an issue?

The point is that the word "pension" is a red meat type dog whistle for republican voters. It coincides with the idea that we are all responsible for ourselves and our future and the idea of a secure old age is inconsistent with an ideal capitalistic state.

More Fox news tea party nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Ron is a very articulate, intelligent and thought provoking individual. If I could vote for him, I would! However, I do not agree with his position on PSP coverage without remuneration for these services. He has essentially stated previously, one must be nuts not to avail themselves of these services. Well I pay for local services as well as PSP. I find this non-equitable. Lower Macungie Township is the second highest municipality, [31,000+], in population in the state that totally relies on PSP coverage. While they can live high on the hog, a community center, lighted recreational facilities an open space agenda, I feel that I'm contributing from my little hamlet in eastern Northampton County to the welfare of LMT. Hopefully, he'll change his attitude on this emolument and do what is right for the entire Commonwealth; not just LMT.

Anonymous said...

I would not vote for this MESS PERIOD. "successful small business owner? GET A GRIP. Your a "Party Planner". Just what we need in government- Stop being Delusional Ronny!

Ron Beitler said...

Anonymous commentator 8:14am

Ya, not quite a "party planner". . . For those interested, this is what we actually do. http://barnoneweddings.com
Primarily about 80 weddings a year. Films, Photography, DJ & Entertainment. Very proud of the company we built from the ground up that. We employ 8 people (photographers, cinematographers etc), more seasonally. The company also has a commercial and marketing wing launched in 2014. Two years ago we produced our first TV pilot for HGTV.

So ya... not quite a "party planner". Nice try though anon.


Bernie O'Hare said...

"However, I do not agree with his position on PSP coverage without remuneration for these services."

I do, too, but like you, I would look past that and vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Beitler ran for Twp office on a "no warehousing" platform. He seemingly failed on this promise.

Anonymous said...

Beitler also voted to raise my property taxes and gave a lame excuse why they needed more money to spend at the Township. I will be voting for whoever runs against him.

Anonymous said...

his PSP stance shows he puts his community first so let him stay there

Anonymous said...

Under Beitler's watch Lower Mac raised their sewer rates 15% in 2016. He also voted to raise the property tax in 2015, and wants the twp to buy a golf course! He sounds like a democrat, not a conservative republican.

Ron Beitler said...

These totally misleading anonymous comments that run the range of outright lies to purposely misleading are, I would bet all coming from one place.

A few articles and links that include facts.

1.) Warehouses - We've eliminated the use from the zoning code, but there is a little thing called private property rights. Grandfathered uses can't be touched.

2.) Property Tax Bills - Lower Mac has the lowest tax rates of any Suburban Lehigh Valley community. Resident bills have gone down since I took office through use of Homestead. For 1,100 of our lowest income households the property tax bill was completely eliminated.

3.) Yes, above is partly because of PSP coverage. Whether it's "fair" or not is an interesting convo. A relevant one to have for sure. My position is as long as Harrisburg allows it, it makes sense for us to continue. I've stated before however, that a per capita fee on large communities like LMT would be fair. We'd gladly pay it. The State Legislature dropped the ball on that one. It's something I'd support as a State Rep., so long as the fee takes into account the needs of very rural communities who rely on PSP.

Yes, we raised sewer rates. Because of the EPA mandate. They said "do the work of face fines".

And finally, we didn't buy a Golf course. We worked with a landowner to preserve one. I led that charge. And by doing so we avoided over 100 new homes, that would surely have lead to more pressure to build more schools. Every dollar you spend on farmland and open space preservation today, saves us money on infrastructure and new schools tomorrow.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Excellent answers.

Anonymous said...

Selective truth in those answers. My property tax bill went up as a homeowner in Lower Mac. Ron is not telling the whole story.

Ron Beitler said...

Here are the FACTS:
Of 11,610 households in Lower Macungie:
Around 90% of all households saw an overall reduction in their property tax bill over the last two years since homestead program began.
(10,052 households)

About 50% of households saw tax bill reductions TWO years in a row.
(5894 households)

Approximately 10% of households now have a 0 dollar LMT property tax bill. TOTAL Elimination.
(1095 households)

About 9% (only those over about 345,000 assessed value) will see a small net increase since homestead enacted.

And most important now that the referendum passed statewide? (a position I argued for via LTE in the Morning call) - Guess what? We raise Homestead to 100% and completely eliminate the local property tax. That convo has already been started. It is my goal to eliminate the property tax for residential uses in the township. Last 4 years we did that for 1100 households another 90% moved closer. We're doing locally what Harrisburg can't or won't.

In Lower Mac we don't even use property taxes to fund general fund expenses at all.

Your politically driven attack narrative just doesn't hold water.

Bernie O'Hare said...

1:02, a person who fails to sign his name is in no position to speak about truth.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I just deleted someone anonymously posting a question to Ron. This is not the place for that. You can email him or question him on his Facebook page, where you have to say who you are.

Anonymous said...

Simmons made this same promise and never left

Anonymous said...

Beware of Beitler. He is what Rush Limbaugh might call an "environmental wacko" - hiding under the guise of being "smart growth." And don't forget the "Friends" group he helped create and was a member sued the Township, causing the Township to spend a lot of taxpayer monies.

When he announced his re-election for Lower Mac Commish he stated he would limit campaign donations to 75 dollars or less per person, PAC or entity. Will this still be his "mantra" for his state rep campaign?

Lastly, as a non-resident of Lower Mac, but who lives in the 134th (Salisbury), I will not vote for this guy because he has for years drained my state tax dollars to pay for state police as the "local police" for Lower Mac. They have over 30,00 residents in Lower Mac. and can easily afford to pay for their own police - like most of their similarly populated neighboring townships.