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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Would You Like to Be King Edwin's $2500 Sugar Plum?

According to the 2010 census, 23.9% of Allentown's population is below the poverty level. The average per capita income is a scant $18,143. When King Edwin solicits $2500, or 14% of this small sum, he's being a pig. There's just no other way of putting it.

Clearly, he has no interest in Allentown's residents, but is instead courting the movers and shakers he thinks will take him to the next level.

People like Marcel Groen, for whom Hizzoner rammed through an unpopular trash to cash boondoggle. Or NIZ developer J.B. Reilly, who can build another indoor basketball court in his Upper Saucon palace.

But not the people who actually live and work there.


Anonymous said...

So is your boudy Callahan and your other mancrusehes. Do you have a point, or just more of your misleading hate.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Yeah, I have a point. It's obscene that King Edwin would ask people to give him 2,500 when 23.9% of his City is at or under the poverty level. Are you his sugar plum?

As for my other so-called mancrushes, no question Callahan is a good fundraiser, but Pawlowski has perfected it to a science. Charlie Dent would be in jail if he took $10,000 from JB Reilly. Most of Angle's donations are small amounts, and Stoffa funded his own campaign, refusing to take a dime from anyone.

But bc 6 people (2 from Allentown and 4 from Easton) were shot in Bethlehem, we should blame Callahan. Alrighty then.

Anonymous said...

John Stoffa accepted a $4000 check form Jack Bradt former Republican Party Chair. How do you think those unskilled Repulbicans like Marcus got his job.

Bernie O'Hare said...

That's kooky. Under this reasoning, it necessarily follows that if any Democrat gives $4,000 to a candidate, and that candidate thereafter appoints a Democrat to a position, it must be because of that contribution. It's ridiculous on its face. Under your reasoning, virtually every officeholder appointed by Reibman owes his job to $4,000 contributors. You've been making this same argument since 2006, Glenn. It is just as goofy now as it was when you lost. Now go back to sleep, and maybe you can stay awake at work tomorrow,

Anonymous said...

Your attacks on Glenn Reibman are clear. You really know damn well Mr. Reibman wouldn't dirty himself on your blog. You also are well aware that both Mr.Reibman and Lamont McClure are running against your boy Callaha,n for County Executive. KLook for Callahan to come in third.

This is out there and on Facebook. You know it and are pretending to be in the dark as you bash Mr. McClure and Mr. Reibman.

Just as you know the only reason a bitter prtisan pol, such as the old party chair would give money to the other party candidate, is if he gets something out of it. He did and you know it.

Anonymous said...

Grace is not something store bought.

Anonymous said...

at least there will be somebody in the Sangria that night.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

More like a lump of coal for Allentown taxpayers.

Hokie Joe said...

Let's see.....we have the sugar cane level of giving, the gingerbread level of giving, and the sugar plum level of giving to Ed's campaign. He forgot one more level........."The all day sucker"

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'm beginning to think 2:40 really is Reibman. After all, Reibman does have narcolepsy. And this 2-3 AM poster is a bitter hater who directs most of his venom at Stoffa.

Anonymous said...

It's good to be a King, but it's even better to be a Brooks Brother.

WE don't give to politicians like Pawlowski ...

... politicians like Pawlowski give gifts (like a $ 177.0 million hockey rink) to cool guys like US!

Uncle Remus said...

Hokie Joe,

Best comment of the week.

Anonymous said...

You are a hater that posts all day long, and directs his venom at McClure and Reibman. Scares the beejessus out of you to know they are runnning.

Your glory days at the courthouse are coming to an end. You rboy Callahan doesn't have a chance.

Anonymous said...

"Now go back to sleep, and maybe you can stay awake at work tomorrow,"

That's just funny. I love this blog. Thanks, Bernie.

Anonymous said...

Reibman was asleep at the wheel ... and in the office ... and on the bridge ... and on the can ... and while he should have been smelling the coffee. His own party tossed him. That's an achievement.

Anonymous said...

Hey /---- youse gotta pay to play!

Anonymous said...

King palumpa took a five hundred dollar campaign donation and no permit pulled basement remodel to have his underlings look the other way at murders¿

Anonymous said...

Love that Mr. Reibman is running and love that it is driving O'Hare and his teabgger friends crazy. They are left to making fun of an illness. I guess it would be better off if he was a drunk.

Callahan would do better to change his registration to Republican becasue the county Dem's don't want another Stoffa. He will swamp Callahan at the polls.

No more baths in the courthouse restrooms, Bernie.

Bernie O'Hare said...

How many times has Glenn fallen asleep on the county can? Yep, it will be great to see him back in there. I'm sure everyone is looking forward to more bribery and 70% tax hikes. Just what we need.

Anonymous said...

Callahan makes Reibman look like a Saint. Cry yourself to sleep Bernie.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yeah, Callahan's right hand man, Michael Solomon, engaged in bribery. No, wait that was Reibman.

But Callahan raised taxes 70% in Bethlehem. No wait, that was Reibman, too.

But Callahan deleted the reserves. No wait, that was Reibman, too. But Callahan blew $111 million in taxpayer money on projects the County did not need. Oh wait, that was Reibman.

Yeah, he'll be a real formidable candidate.

Anonymous said...

Callanan is Phil Mittman II .

Anonymous said...

Can I get in for free?

Bob Cratchit

Anonymous said...

Callahan has run the city dry dispite the casino fees.

Callahan wouldn't have the redevelopment without the county bond issue.

The more you campaign for him, the more encouraged his opponents are.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Casino fee - $9.3 million.

Pension payment (set up long before he was mayor) - $11.1 million.

That's where the casino host fee is going, as I pointed out in a post two weeks ago.

Now we have someone who is trying to think outside the box, like Callahan, against the man who gave us: (1) bribery; (2) 70% tax hike; (3) $25 MM swaption; and (4) 11 unions.

Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

You can say Callahan is Phil Mittman II.
Oh, wait. You already said that.

Anonymous said...

He said a lot more in 2010 when Johynny Casino ran against Charlie Dent. Of course after Bernie's meeting with his Callahan clan buddy, all of a suddent the mayor who has done nothing different since 2010, is now a gereat man.

It would be unbelievable if it wasn't true.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Like I have said before, I oposed Callahan when he ran against Dent for numerous reasons. His DC handlers refused to let him talk to me. He dodged issues. Bethlehem finances were in the shitter.

But Callahan now is leading from the front. He has made great changes in Bethlehem finances so that it finished last year with a cash balance of $200,000, a first in nearly 30 years. And he is now accessible. He has had some very innovative ideas in this year's budget that display he is thinking outside the box.

When Callahan acts in a way I can't support, I'll call him on it, just as I do to anyone. When he acts in an innovative way and practices good government, he deserves credit for that, too.

Anonymous said...

Funny how that happened just as he decided to run for County Executive and right after you met with one of his top operatives.

Coincidence is a funny thing.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Funny how you have no idea what you are talking about. You believe your own lies.

Anonymous said...

Even former mayor Cunningham said that if the casino fees had been managed correctly there would be no need for a tax increase.

Callahan through poor management let the pension get away from him and has been practicing poor leadership for years.

Unfortunatley as he gets ready to bolt for Northampton County, the residents of Bethlehem have to clean up the mess he and his henchmen are leaving.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Former Mayor Cunningham had no idea that his City was going to see a spiraling pension cost. Nobody saw that until 2006-2007. If you saw it, where were you then?

Anonymous said...

Wahhh. Don't blame Johnnny Casino for not doing the job he was elected to do. That is the same whine you have made for Stoffa's horrible tenure.

Want some cheese with that whine?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Glenn, you woke up! See 'ya again at 2 AM

Anonymous said...


"As for my other so-called mancrushes, no question Callahan is a good fundraiser, but Pawlowski has perfected it to a science. Charlie Dent would be in jail if he took $10,000 from JB Reilly. Most of Angle's donations are small amounts, and Stoffa funded his own campaign, refusing to take a dime from anyone."

JB Reilly contributed over $25,000 to Dent's campaign since 2008. You're an idiot.

As for your boy Callahan, he raised $2.4M to run against Dent and was beaten handily. By the way, the maximum contribution under FEC rules for that cycle was $4,800 ($2,400 primary; $2,400 general). Callahan had how many max out donors? Oh right..it's OK for John Callahan to ask people from out of state (NY, CA, DC, etc.) for $4,800, as well as just about everyone who does business with Bethlehem for $4,800 for his miserable run for Congress, but Ed Pawlowski can't ask the same for his mayoral re-elect?

Tell me, why shouldn't politicians raise money?

Let me answer that for you: ONLY politicians who Bernie likes should be allowed to raise money.

Do us all a favor and learn to fact-check.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Why don't you do us all a favor and be honest. Yes, JB Reilly has given gobs of money to Dent, but not all at once. he is LIMITED by federal law, something that does not apply to Pawlowski. And in races where $2 million is needed, $25k is chump change. In local races, involving our boy Pawlowski, this is obscene.

Anonymous said...

I don't see your point, Bernie. Plenty of candidates have been elected to Congress without spending $2.5M+, as Callahan did when he was crushed by Dent. Even this past cycle, Missa Eaton (CD-3), who raised less than $250k all cycle, was closer to victory than Kathy Boockvar and her millions of dollars in campaign contributions.

As far as PA election rules go, I'm all for limits. However, they don't exist, so again, what's your point? You've admitted that Pawlowski, like every other state and local politician (except candidates in Philadelphia County) is allowed to fundraise unlimited amounts of money from non-corporate donors. Unless there is some strange provision in the law that I am unaware of, this rule applies equally for Democrats and Republicans. It applies to Callahan. It applies to Pawlowski. It applies to just about everyone (minus the Philadelphia candidates) in state/local PA Politics.

And don't go thinking that John Callahan doesn't have donors who have ponied up $10k, $20k or more for his Mayoral election. He does. So if Pawlowski shouldn't be allowed to take money from JB Reilly, why is it OK for Callahan to take "obscene" money from Petrucci, Majestic, and others?

Is it OK for Luke Ravenstahl to raise $1.5M+, $25k at a time, for re-election in Pittsburgh -- a city with only 307,000 residents (only 2.5 times as many as Allentown's 119,000)? Because if that is acceptable, then you should have no problem with Pawlowski raising $600k+ for his re-elect (which is proportional to the relative populations). Also, just so we're clear here, Pittsburgh's poverty rate is well north of 22% (and Allentown's, I believe you quoted, is around 23%?).

At the end of the day Bernie, you're wrong. Admit it. Pawlowski, in this case, has done nothing wrong. Politicians are allowed to raise money as long as it is done in a manner consistent with all applicable state and local campaign finance laws. Show me how Pawlowski violated any laws, and I'll give up right now.

Bernie O'Hare said...

At the end of the day, it costs $2 million plus to run for Congrtess in Pa. Fr a local public official to compare himself to a congressional candidate is just nonsense.

And Luke Ravensthall is obscene, too. I certainly do not mean to defend, but condemn him. It's outrageous and should leave all of us with a bad taste in our mouths.

Anonymous said...


Let us accept your premise that it takes $2M+ to run for Congress in PA.

The average Congressional District has about 700,000 voters in it.

That means that, by your estimation, Pawlowski should be permitted to raise just about $350,000 for his re-elect. But wait! Members of Congress are elected every two years, so over the same term as a municipal official, they raise nearly $4M (including leadership PAC funds).

That means that Pawlowski should be permitted to raise about $700,000 over four years.

Sound right?

Anonymous said...

Still nothing, Bernie? Still trying to crunch those numbers in such a way that you can justify your ridiculous assertion that every politician you like should be permitted to raise (and spend) whatever amount of money they want, while those you loathe should be prohibited from doing the same?

There is no logical argument you can make as to why one politician shouldn't be allowed to raise money while others do.

So let me ask this question, very simply:

Has Ed Pawlowski, by taking money from JB Reilly, broken any laws?

Bernie O'Hare said...

He has repeatedly violated campaign finance laws. I can think of three separate instances of him having done so. So the answer is yes. I have blogged about each instance.

Anonymous said...

Yet when John Callahan's Congressional campaign has over $200k unaccounted for, where is your outrage? When John Callahan used his Mayoral funds (unlimited, remember?) to fund his self & opposition research for his Congressional race, that was OK?

Selective prosecution gets you nowhere. And try reading the question: Did Ed Pawlowski violate any campaign finance laws by taking money from JB Reilly? The answer is no.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Yet when John Callahan's Congressional campaign has over $200k unaccounted for, where is your outrage? When John Callahan used his Mayoral funds (unlimited, remember?) to fund his self & opposition research for his Congressional race, that was OK? "

It was there and I blogged about it. But Pawlwoski, unlike Callahan or most normal politicians, has actually violated Pa. campaign finance laws on three separate occasions. I know bc I am the one who caught each violation.

They all play games, which is what makes this blog such fun. But nobody thumbs his nose at the law like Pawlowski. Nobody abuses the system as much as he. That's just the way it is.