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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Freshpet, 100 Jobs Coming to Hanover Township

Freshpet President Richard Thompson (L) presents Fido to Tp Manager Jay Finnigan (R)
Your pooch or kittie will be livin' the dream, come next July. Freshpet, which cooks high-quality, non-processed, real food for dogs and cats, is coming to Hanover Township. Best of all, it's bringing 100 jobs.

Freshpet President Richard Thompson, standing alongside cardboard cutouts of a dog and cat, presented plans for a new facility at 176 N. Commerce Way, located in Lehigh Valley Industrial Park. An existing 60,000 sq ft  building will be expanded to 80,000 sq ft with a $25 million investment and will be fully operational by next July.

Thompson's company is the originator of Meow Mix, which he calls "McDonald's for cats." But he sold that brand to invest in better, healthier products that use no preservatives and must be refrigerated. His business currently has $60 million in annual sales to 9,000 stores nationwide, including Giant, WalMart and Weiss. Wegman's will start selling his beef, bison, lamb and chicken products in January. With his expansion, Thompson estimates annual sales of $250 million.

"We're thrilled to be here," Thompson stated, even though his company was offered no KOZ, NIZ, TIF or LERTA incentives.

Before leaving, Thompson made a gift of his dog and cat cardboard cutouts.

"You are a savior!" exclaimed Township Manager Jay Finnigan. "My wife wanted a dog for Christmas!"  


Anonymous said...

I hope they have a great successful life here in the Lehigh Valley. Just let the top brass know not to answer the door when Steve "Von Footinmouth" Barron comes knocking on their door. That is the death wish of any company here in the LV

Anonymous said...

Dunno...maybe he'd just be hungry

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yeah, I think all you'd need to do is throw a slab of bacon and he'd be happy.

mongo said...

youtube search "steve barron isnt even irish" to see bernie videotaping him in womens clothing

Anonymous said...

You love that 11:11 , you dirty perv.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully is it is not like the other sweat shop warehouse in the LV.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Geez, this will be a business that cooks food for pets, not a warehouse.