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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pa Bar Gives Big Thumbs Up to Jack Panella for State Supremes

Superior Court Judge Jack Panella has made no formal announcement of his intention to seek a seat with the state supremes. But thanks to John Micek's Capitol Ideas, we now know that Panella already has a "highly recommended" evaluation from the state bar association. That's the highest rating they can give. In layerese, that means he "possesses the highest combination of legal ability, experience, integrity and temperament and would be capable of outstanding performance as a judge or justice of the court for which he/she is a candidate."

How does the PBA know Panella is running without an official announcement? Way back in September, Express Times Reporter Michael Buck reported Panella's interest. And in November, super blogger John Morgan, of Pa Progressive, stated Jack would be seeking a seat on the state high court.


Anonymous said...

Judge Jack is the perfect candidate in many ways. When he was a Common Please Court Judge he was known for handing out VERY long and flat sentences. Members of the local criminal bar would say that he was a harsh sentencer with no compassion. I agree with Jack. Look them up and they can't hurt anyone one else. I also believe he is Pro-life and an ardent supporter of the Death Penalty. They won't be able to paint him as soft on crime. The Libs won't like his social conservatism.

JAB said...

Panella was endorsed for the PA Pro-Life Federation in PA so he is definitely anti-choice...