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Thursday, January 08, 2009

LC Voting Registrar: Pawlowski Campaign Finance Reports to be Filed Next Week

Lehigh County Voting Registrar Stacy Sterner tells me Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski will file two campaign finance reports next week. One will be his thirty due post election report, originally due on December 4. The other report is an amendment of a campaign finance report previously filed in October. In that one, Hizzoner falsely claims no contributions and no money. Other campaign finance reports filed by political action committees and candidates with the Department of State reveal that Pawlowski's PAC actually received at least $18,550.


Anonymous said...

Once again we see 100% outside interests financing an Allentown Mayoral campaign. The Democracy Fund? $5,000!! So these guys gave $5,000 because King Ed will promote Democracy?

HRG PAC, CHH Partners PAC, HNTB Holdings PAC. Who are these donors and who's interests are served when the City is run by a professional politician?


The Democracy Fund? Hmmm. If I say I am willing to promote democracy, I get funding? Okay! I am ready to say I promote democracy. When can I expect the funding?

Anonymous said...

He Annouced!! He Announced!! Mayor Ed is running, thank God almighty, He is running!!!