Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NIZ Challenge Officially Discontinued

You can see the discontinuance, which ends the case, here. It came in like a lion and went out like a lamb.


ironpigpen said...

The price tag for the Pawlowski Palace of Sport continues to shoot upwards like a well-built space rocket ...

... $ 179.5 million dollars (and still climbing?)!

Remember the good old days when the Phantoms' rink was going to cost $ 80.0 million dollars and the Brooks Group were going to kick in 20% up front?

I do.


July 23, 2009
The Morning Call

Anonymous said...

At least the communities outside of Allentown are not paying (directly) for this debacle. Good luck to the Queen City and hoping it can make a go of it financially with this thing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Hanover & Bethlehem Townships. You fought for every little guy in the Valley. Remember when this whole (no pun intented!)debate started the Mayor and Senator stated the NIZ boundaries could not be change.

Then please explain to me HOW and WHY the boundaries have changed twice in the last two week.

Also, please explain to me why a CIty that is on the verge of bankruptcy, would allow one of their authorties to issue bonds close to $240M.

Anonymous said...

The NIZ has been expanded to 10th St. The NIZ came in like a lion and is still slithering around like a snake.

ironpigpen said...

According to both What-Am-I-Gettings-From-Big-Government as well as Pravada, er, ah, The Morning Call ...

... the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and not Pawlowski's City With No Spending Limits will be assuming the risk!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for delaying it, pal.

Anonymous said...

At least the communities outside of Allentown are not paying (directly) for this debacle. Good luck to the Queen City and hoping it can make a go of it financially with this thing.

And hope you and your ilk stay away and stick to your bix box stores and strip malls.

Anonymous said...

The state-sponsored Phantoms NEED the "suburban people" very badly and, if you actually know anything about hockey, you know that, Anon 3:58.

What are the demographics of the citizenry of Allentown?

Please tell me exactly how much each of the different demographic groups sincerely like sport of ice hockey, Anon 3:58?

Personally, I always thought the Latino community was big into Futbol, not ice hockey ... perhaps I have been mistaken all this time.

And I always thought --- perhaps mistakenly, of course --- that the overwhelming majority of African-Americans definitely preferred basketball over ice hockey.

WHOM do YOU think will be buying tickets to Chairman Pawlowski's record-smashing Palace of Sport, Anon 3:58?

Are you SURE you want suburban people (and all their money) to stay away from Pawlowski's transformative Pucksters?


If you would like to know more about the typical demographic that buys minor league ice hockey tickets, please visit :



Anonymous said...

Go ahead and play that SUBURBS vs CITY WITH NO SPENDING LIMITS card, Anon 3:58.

Play it every single day.

Play it all day long.

The Phantoms ticket office people will love you for it.

So will Pawlowski.

Anonymous said...

Don't here much from Future Downtown Allentown Attendee anymore?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the season to start. Already bought my tickets.

Anonymous said...

How far of a drive is that to Adirondack, New York, anyway?

The gas, alone, for a trip like that must some kind of open-ice hit to the old pocketbook.

Good thing President Obama will be easily re-elected and the "All of the Above" energy programs will be put into place.




Okays, Phantoms Phans ... never says that I's never did no nutin' far yahs!!!