Friday, August 24, 2012

Mezzacappa Charged After Threats to West Easton Officials

I've called her the Wicked Witch of West Easton. Tricia Mezzacappa is an unsuccessful West Easton Borough Council candidate. She also missed out as a GOP Convention delegate. But she keeps trying. She has told people she intends to run for Borough Council, County Council and even for State Rep. But she's got one big problem, summed up succinctly by West Easton Borough Council member Tom Nodoline - "She's pure evil." What happened last week proves Nodoline is right. It has also resulted in Mezzacappa's prosecution for disorderly conduct and harassment.

On the day that the West Easton Treatment Center was dedicated, the Wicked Witch was unhappy. She barged into West Easton Borough offices in an agitated state, using the word "fuck" between 10 and 20 times. She demanded the poor secretary to summon Council President Kelly Gross, stating that if she could get to her, she'd take her down to the river and drown her. She also stated she wanted to punch the Solicitor in the face.

Mezzacappa refused to leave until the secretary told her she'd call the police. After hopping on her broom and taking off, she landed at Borough Hall again, this time to pull various documents off the bulletin board, including the Borough's Right-to-Know policy.

In the Wicked Witch of West Easton files, I've chronicled Mezzacappa's numerous encounters with the local constabulary. But Easton police, who cover West Easton, have finally had enough from Tricia Mezzacappa. She's been charged with disorderly conduct and harassment.

It is my hope that the Northampton County Sheriff Randy Miller revokes her license to carry firearms. She obviously is a danger to public safety. Call me cRaZy, but I think a person forfeits a right to carry a concealed weapon once he or she begins making death threats.

Below is Officer McMonagle's well-written police report.
Tricia Mezzacappa Charged After Threatening West Easton Officials


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! This mentally unbalanced person is a danger to herself and others and should be committed to a mental heath facility.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I believe she is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Does West Easton have cameras in their offices like most other municipalities? It would be interesting to compare the police report to a video.

And if she said these things, how is she not being charged with making terrorist threats?

Bernie O'Hare said...

West Easton does have video and the Officer viewed it before deciding to file charges. Apparently, you could see her arms flailing around and you can also see her ripping papers from the bulletin board. She is moving quickly ad is agitated.

As for the charges, the Officer gave Mezzacappa a break she does not deserve.

Anonymous said...

On her blog, her latest rantings about West Easton have gone POoF! She took down her last posting. Amazing. Like no one would notice. She is wacky!!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I missed it.

Anonymous said...

Frankly i feel sorry for her. She needs mental heahth intervention.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I understand and respect your compassion. But when you are at the receiving end of her bizarre and damaging antics, it is hard to share your noble sentiment.

I feel sorry for Kelly Gross. She is a borough council person in a tiny borough. That is a thankless job, as some of my readers can attest. She volunteers countless hours, sparing the borough the ned to hire a manager. And a person like Mezzacappa, who seems to have some sort of jealousy, wants to ruin it. She has made some disgusting accusations, which I will not repeat. She has wished harm on Kelly. And now she is threatening to drown her.

The borough's legal fees have skyrocketed bc of Mezzacappa's numerous RTK requests. They've had to install surveillance video. They've had to ask for a police presence at meetings.

It's healthy for government to have critics. But some people, like Mezzacappa and her buddy, the Fake Rev, are seriously unhinged.

Anonymous said...

Did you 2 have sex?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Hey Fake Rev, write that kind of crap on your blog. You are trying to deflect attention away from a person with serious problems and who presents a danger to her community. Stick to the subject.

Anonymous said...

It appears the facts, as set forth in the police officer's report, support a charge of disorderly conduct as a third-degree misdemeanor. The statute says: "An offense under this section is a misdemeanor of the third degree if the intent of the actor is to cause substantial harm or serious inconvenience, or if he persists in disorderly conduct after reasonable warning or request to desist. Otherwise disorderly conduct is a summary offense."

Isn't a threat to punch one person in the face and a threat to drown another a clear expression of intent to cause substantial harm? Also, the perpetrator continued her tirade after being asked to "calm down" and "stop swearing." She left the building, then made a conscious decision to return and do further damage.

I think the office staff had good reason to be "afraid and scared." The borough solicitor and council president also have good reason to be concerned for their safety.

Someone should ask DA Morganelli for a legal opinion on whether the terroristic threat statute was violated.

Anonymous said...

Mionr charges and not enough to deprive her of her constitutional rights. O'Hare is running around like a panyless nancy boy, afraid she may come for him.

She dumped your sorry ass, get over it already. You are pursuing her with your blog and friviolous lawsuits.

No one will act on your paranoia, since you have such a checkerd past and present yourself. Should we go into detail, Mr. O'Hare?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I do not consider a threat to kill someone a minor matter, and I doubt a judge will find it a minor matter, either. I do not consider disrupting a public office a minor matter, nor do I consider it minor when you interfere with the public's right to know by tearing down information that is posted for their benefit.

As for being dumped, that implies a relationship that never existed, except perhaps in your twisted mind. You have played that card repeatedly, along with numerous others. Not only where you laughed out of court, but you found yourself at the wrong end of a defamation suit. Now we have criminal charges over death threats that you consider a "minor" matter.

Captain Obvious Picard said...


To think, the Sheriff had to issue her a concealed carry permit. Perhaps this could cause it to be revoked?

I think this woman is a risk to the public carrying, and I am no "gun grabber" as the NRA likes to label many. I am a licensed to carry gun owner myself. But unlike the WWoWE, I'm a mentally stable and responsible individual. I carry because nut bags like her are packing.

Bernie O'Hare said...

From what I understand, a LTC can be revoked. It would seem that Mezzacappa has given the Sheriff a reason to do so.

Captain Obvious Picard said...

Perhaps it is time for you to start a public movement to revoke her CCL.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Anonymous said...

No one except you and your bagger buddies cares about your vendetta against your old girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Reads like she shared her druthers, but did not actually threaten. Nonetheless, her treatment center is now nearby. What a nut.

West Easton Foot Print said...

As usual, blown totally out of proportion. Interesting that the officer never mentioned in his report that I paid money at the desk to obtain copies, which would have been shown on the video, the exchange of cash at the window. Then copies were refused. Would you be annoyed if this happened to you?

Also interesting that the clerk was apparently able to make copies of one RTK document, but was suddenly precluded from making copies of the other ones.

The other "ones" are minutes, a check list and bank statements...all public records that are granted RTK requests. I even had the RTK request in my hand and showed it to her.

Only in government can people pick and choose what they are "allowed" to do....and yet another attempt by West Easton to fuel a fire that doesnt need to be fueled...sort of like a commonwealth court appeal over $30 that I offered to pay for.

You can stick your defamation where the sun doesnt shine!

Billy's Boy said...

Normal people act animated and use the "f-bomb" twenty to thirty times in a voice that can be heard down the hall?

Normal people rip papers posted to a wall; a wall and signs that they do not own nor did they post?

People that are normal and claim their behavior to be minor issues demand and later make harmful and death threats or promises to individuals that are not in their company?

Yet all the while doing such things in the presence of someone that is a third party; repeatedly?

Didn't a woman from West Easton have an alleged heart-attack because of such previous behavior?

This West Easton wicked witch seems like a coward. Her minutes of fame are about up. She will probably run out of steam and be relegated like other bloggers in the past who cry about such things.

Let us hope that she hurts no one in the mean time.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, why did you pooF your post on the West Easton event??? Why???

West Easton Foot Print said...

When you tender money for something, there is a reasonable expectation that you will get what you have paid for. I paid cash, and was given nothing but a hard time from a pathetic government worker who refuses to do her job.

My agitation was provoked at directed at her, not anyone else. Get the story straight for once. "Flailing arms doesnt prove any crime. Being "agitated" is not a crime.

Being present at Borough Hall for a legitimate official reason, and tendering cash in exchange for documents means I was not there to harass anyone.

This action, like their other forms of intimidation, will likely get tossed right out of court. They are really giving me a slam dunk 1st and 14th Amendment case.

I know of NO OTHER agency that refuses to provide minutes and checklists. "Its not my job....."

Yeah, OK

Its your job when you take payment , though, isnt it?

Isnt taking payment , then refusing to provide documents theft?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Paranoia!

It's not you. It's the world!

West Easton Foot Print said...

Luckily for me, there is a video of this theft.

Can you imagine walking into a store, paying for something, then being told to leave, without getting what you paid for?

Maybe someone with less restraint than I would have barged right into the office and taken it.

Some people ( know when to just walk away.And walk away I did. Doesnt sound like I am crazy and terroristic....just a taxpayer who paid for documents, and then the documents were refused.

I cant wait for the court date on this one

Anonymous said...

It says the RTKL Officer for West Easton is Peter Layman. Why was she even flailing, f-ing, screaming, and making these threats to the poor office clerk? If these women feared for themselves or the others mentioned - shouldn't there be more charges?

Anonymous said...

Twitcha is good at posting videos on her website. I wonder why she hasn't posted any videos of all the crimes perpetrated against her on her website.

Anonymous said...

From what I hear, Tricia is used to performing in front of a camera.

Anonymous said...

The way I interpret the police report Mezzacappa "owed past money for previous paperwork."
She paid the office clerk and received those documents on the spot. Then, Mezzacappa demanded additional documents, and was informed by the office clerk that this more recent request was "not within the scope of her work."

Mezzacappa may or may not have been entitled to receive these additional documents. The Open Records Officer, in this case attorney Peter Layman, was the person Mezzacappa needed to deal with, not the government employee whom she called "ignorant."

It seems to me the only "ignorant" one in this episode is named Tricia Mezzacappa.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mezzacappa is "West Easton Foot Print." By her own admission, we now know that she either stole or vandalized information on West Easton's bulletin board, intended for the public. We now know that some dispute over a few bucks is a justification for death threats. It appears that she has absolutely no remorse for her foul language, for terrorizing an office employee or for an outright death threat.

And this person has a LTC.

For now. (wink, wink)

Bernie O'Hare said...

10:58, Not sure. But even if Mezzacappa were getting hosed on a request for documents (which I am sure she was not), that is no justification for her behavior, which included death threats and returning to borough hall and ripping information from the bulletin board, after being told to leave.

Anonymous said...

Mezzacappa blames this incident on an "ignorant government worker."

I think the many government workers from around the Lehigh Valley, including those dedicated employees at Gracedale, should contact Mezzacappa and in no uncertain terms let her know they are offended by her condescending attitude.

I believe her email address is readily available online.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Reads like she shared her druthers, but did not actually threaten"

Below is an excerpt of Officer McMonagle's narrative:

"Mezzacappa stated that if she could get to Kelly she would 'take Kelly down to the river and drowned her.'"

That, along with her demand that Kelly be brought to her, makes it a death threat. The threat directed at Layman, I would agree, is not a terroristic threat. But that statement, along with the rest of Mezzacappa's conduct, is certainly disorderly conduct or harassment.

Anonymous said...

I see now that the authorities are allowing a crazed person to run about threatening residents carrying a legal firearm.Since all L.V. elected officials read this blog. this person's license should be revoked on Monday.If not why not ? These officials will have to explain their actions in this matter. Great Job Bernie !

Anonymous said...

"I cant wait for the court date on this one," says Tricia Mezzacappa.

A decent person would write letters of apology to the police, the borough and all the individuals involved, admitting that she was wrong, expressing remorse and promising never to engage in such inappropriate behavior in the future.

It looks like she isn't going to take that approach.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, She stated many times she fears for her life when you are near. The lasted place she should be if that is true is commenting here!
Just saying....

Anonymous said...

Was Kelly aware of this? I would be terrified of this nut and resign. Any of you could be shot and killed.

This is why you can never get good people to stay in office. For the pay they get who needs that grief.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the behavior described by the police officer arose over a request for "minutes, a check list and bank statements" tells me this isn't really about public records. No one in their right mind would get that worked up over such documents in a town of 1200 residents. What's really going on?

Anonymous said...


Have you been following? Read some of the police reports the Easton Police have let this behavior fester. Finally, something is being done...but I don't think it will be the end of Mezzacappa, it seems retaliation is her specialty.

Buckoroo said...

This nut job makes the Fleckster seem normal! Bernie, you are right on the mark re. her gun permit. Anyone who publicly makes murderer threats should, without question, be absolutely forbidden to carry a lethal firearm.
If her story is accurate, why didn't she submit her payment via check to provide proof of the transaction?
Her response if she's found guilty as charged will be interesting & no doubt, entertaining. Perhaps she will post more penis photos, which she obviously enjoys.
I feel sorry for her poor pig.

Anonymous said...

If this woman loses her gun permit over this minor incident you have fabricated, many will publicly ask for Sheriff Millers resignation. He should not be swayed by ex-boyfriends and other hatefull creatures.

By the way, Ron Angle acts like this and has for decades, should he lose his permit?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I do not consider a death threat a "minor" incident. I have "fabricated" nothing and the police report is posted for all to see.

If Ron Angle made death threats, Id advocate seeing him lose his LTC.

Bernie O'Hare said...

In order to publicly ask for Sheriff Miller's resignation, you'll have to ID yourself. You can't even do that here.

Anonymous said...

For anyone interested in the facts, here they are: Mezzacappa made a records request on the standard request form on August 15. The request was denied in writing by solicitor Layman on August 22 because she owed copying fees from a previous request. Upon receiving the denial letter, she went to the Borough Hall with a chip on her shoulder. She paid the past due amount and received those records. Contrary to what she says, she got what she paid for. Then, she demanded the records that had been denied. Since the request had been denied, the clerk was correct in not providing them. She wasn't charged and didn't pay the copying fee for those records. At that point, Mezzacappa had a couple options: she could have contacted Layman for clarification or she could have filled out another form re-requesting the same records (and waited for a timely response). Throwing a tantrum and acting like a spoiled brat was not an option. Like any spoiled brat, she needs to be held accountable and punished.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know from Mezzacappa what justification there is for saying she would "punch" the borough solicitor in the face and saying she would "drown" the council president.

Word on the street is that there is another witness, not referenced in Officer McMonagle's report, who heard Mezzacappa shout a death threat BEFORE she arrived at the municipal building. Apparently, Mezzacappa had bad intentions from the start, which supports the clerk's account that "upon entering the building... Mezzacappa appeared highly agitated."

Anonymous said...

The Mayor and Council of West Easton Borough should receive nothing less from the District Attorney of Northampton County than the "same scutiny" he gave to the threats made against Judge Michael Koury earlier this year.

In February, DA John Morganelli said that two anonymous online comments made about Judge Koury in connection with a case the judge was handling rose to the level of the crime of Terroristic Threats, a Misdemeanor of the First Degree.

One of the offending comments included these words: "...Meet me anytime behind the courthouse and I'll give Koury justice, and it won't be professionally done..." The other offending comment included these words: "...Koury needs to get clipped one night after court's done."

DA Morganelli said the language chosen by the online commenter "caused Judge Koury to be concerned about his personal safety. This is the exact type of harm that this statute tries to prohibit from occurring by making it a crime to engage in any type of oral or written speech that crosses the line of fair comment to that of unlawful speech."

The commenter who made the threats was identified. DA Morganelli and Judge Koury decided against pursuing a prosecution because the commenter expessed "sincere regret and remorse" and had apologized.

But in making that determination, DA Morganelli stated: "...Any individual who in the future uses threatening language will come under the same scrutiny. Under different circumstances, there may be another judge or another public official or any other citizen who is the victim of a terroristic threat that would not be as forgiving and understanding as Judge Koury has been with respect to this matter."

Comparing the written threats directed toward Judge Koury with the verbal threats directed toward Council President Kelly Gross and Solicitor Peter Layman, it seems clear that Mezzacappa crossed the Terroristic Threats line, especially given her well known history of animosity towards these officials.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for publishing a copy of the police report. Is it possible for you to obtain a copy of the complaint from the District Magistrate to determine what the actual charges are? If any of the charges are misdemeanors, wouldn't the case be handled by the criminal division of county court?
Does Larry Otter handle criminal cases? By the way, what's happening with your defamation suit?

Anonymous said...


Better not look under your bed tonight, Anon 4:20. You might see some scary monsters or something. That would suck.

Like trillions of new Obama debt.

West Easton Foot Print said...

You are spreading outright lies and defamation. Considering you received a copy of the police report before I did (and I made a request for it the same day) then you should be able to get a copy of the video.

Please do post the video....I beg you to post the video. But you wont, because it CLEARLY shows cash being tendered, and no documents AT ALL being given back. NOT ONE.

When someone pays for something and it is witheld, that is theft. What is the correct way to behave when you have been robbed?

No one made death threats or threatened anyone. Sounds like a pack of classless losers who are sore from being tossed out of court over $30.00. It was over a $4.75 payment and I walked away as asked.

If anyone was harassed , it was me.

Anonymous said...

WaaaAH! WaaaAH!

Oh, look at poor little me. Everyone is out to get me ...

Dream on!

West Easton Foot Print said...

BTW, a lawyer has already been retained. I told him that I had an argument with the clerk over documents and money, got real mad at her, and cursed....oh my!!

And then I told him what my charges were, and how I was charged, without even being interviewed!!!!

He took the case over the my batting average is now 1:24.

Not too bad for someone like me.

West Easton Foot Print said...

Correct version of events.

July RTK request for "Audit report with Audit Opinion"

July 31, denial letter...audit opinion is a "Work Paper" and exempt under 708 (b) 17, but the financial schedules have been copied and are available at a cost of $4.75

Aug 9th: DCED sends via email West Easton Borough Audit Opinion with Audit Report, no fee to pay.

Aug 9th: email sent to layman, with copy of DCED email, showing audit report and opinion was released. Instructions: dont copy it, I dont need it. I have it from DCED

Aug 13th: West Easton Borough Council votes to Appeal Judge Beltrami to Commonwealth Court. I flailed my arms and became "agitated" in the audience. Layman states, "The meeting is OVER!"

Aug 15th: RTK request made to Peter Layman for July minutes, check lists, and bank statements Approved at 8/13/12 meeting.

Aug 22: email from Layman that prior payment of $4.75 audit schedules must be made to get the July records.

Aug 22: phone call made to Borough Hall. Jill, are there records there waiting for me? Jill replies.."No."
I said, "there must be a misunderstanding, I hope Kelly is there to straighten this out."

Aug 22: I appear at Borough Hall and pay the $4.75 in advance of copies. Jill went into the back room to make copies. while copies were being made, I assumed they were for everything. I saw her walk from the copy room to the front desk with papers in hand.

And argument occurred before copies were tendered (because the July copies were being witheld) .

I was then told to leave without any copies at all. So I did. She said she was alone and was not allowed to make more copies. I went to the gas station, and returned, to see if the other clerk was back from her lunch. She was not. I did not ask for another thing, and yes, I removed the RTK policy from the bulletin board, because she stated she was not allowed to make any more copies while alone.

Aug 22: I arrive home and was told the police were banging on my door while I was not home.

Aug 22: I call the EPD myself to ask why the police were looking for me. Call dispatched to EPD.

Aug 22: McMonagle calls me with the bad news.

Aug 22: Lawyer retained at 4:30 pm.


Anonymous said...

You forgot one little detail:

Aug 22 - 4:35 PM - Drug cocktail.

It is 5:55 PM, Have you taken yours today?

Anonymous said...

By the way, why are you requesting all of this paperwork? What is it that you are looking for?

Anonymous said...

If one is to assume that crazy O'Hare is right and this young woman is indeed mentally unstable, why drag her throught the mud on this hate blog? The answer is, O'Hare has a vendetta agaisnt this woman because she spilled the beans on the O'Hare/Stoffa/Angle secret talks about dumping Graccedale.

She also rejected his amorous advances.

So eityher O'Hare is wrong and being an asshole to an old flame, or he is right and making life even more difficult for an unstable person, makinbg himself once again, an asshole.

Ther inbreeding and inefficiency in West Easton government is nothing to brag about.

West Easton Foot Print said...

Moral of story. O'Hare is an ass

He was given a bat in the ass by the PA Bar Association

He was given a bat in the ass by his wife

He was given a bat in the ass by his kids, COAF, Larry Otter, me and many more.

He's just a miserable POS who could move on with his life but chooses not to.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I write about this because Mezzacappa would like to run for office again,and it is very important that people know about her. I also write about this bc I consider her a menace to public safety. I also believe that when a public official's life is threatened, that is highly newsworthy. I write about this bc she has made outrageous accusations about me, which were bounced out of court and resulted in my decision to file a defamation action.

I have already received some inquiries about her LTC, so I am glad I did so.

The suggestion that I made any advances at Mezzacappa, amorous or otherwise, is pure fiction. It was nothing more than a malicious attempt to discredit me for exposing her last year.

And in discovery, I will learn the identify of her Blog Mentor and Winston Smith, both of whom claim to have met with her and both of whom have defamed me as well.

West Easton Foot Print said...

Your discovery will be tossed from court as will you and your cretin attorney.

And I think you both know that.

You've made a mockery of yourself, your case and your attorney.

Bernie O'Hare said...

2:40, I'm sure Otter will take whatever he can get, especially if he can grab a few headlines.

My defamation case is scheduled for oral argument in September.

I will pick up the complaint on Monday.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mezzacappa, I am sure your lawyer will be absolutely delighted that you have made these public comments. We now have you admitting theft, admitting agitation, admitting that you flailed your arms. You've practically convicted yourself. Now how many times did you use the word "fuck?" How many times did you threaten to kill Gross?

Incidentally, if I am stalking you, why are you on this blog?

And with respect to the defamation suit, I am quite serious. I expect to be compensated for the damages you have caused me. And you are going to have to identify your Blog Mentor, who posted hateful comments on your blog, and who you claim to have met.

Oopsie (wink, wink).

You are going to have to identify Winston Smith, who you also claim to have met.

But all this pales in comparison to a death threat, made against an elected official. Any person who threatens or assaults an elected official deserves some jail time. That is a very serious matter.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"No one made death threats or threatened anyone. Sounds like a pack of classless losers"

I'm sure the secretary you accosted must be a classless loser. The woman in the back must be a loser, too. The person who claims he hear your threat on the street is lying, too. All three of them are lying and you are telling the truth.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"BTW, a lawyer has already been retained. I told him that I had an argument with the clerk over documents and money, got real mad at her, and cursed....oh my!!

And then I told him what my charges were, and how I was charged, without even being interviewed!!!!"

In other words, you lied to him, too.

Hokie Joe said...

Lies and inuendos and Ohares oh my, lies and inuendos and Ohares oh my, Lies and inuendos and Ohares oh my, Grow the fuck up already. ignore the bitch, Excuse me, the witch, and get on with your life. You have a captive audience here. Don't let this wing nut screw up a good thing. She is a screwball and nobody in their right mind would even give her the right time of the day. Get over it Bernie.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Let's get something straight. I'll write what I want, when I went and as often as I want. I need no advice from someone who can't even ID himself. And you can read something else if this does not suit you.

Yes, she is a wing nut, but a wing nut who has run for two offices and plans to run again. A wing nut who has threatened to kill an elected official. A wing nut who has a LTC. I believe the public should know this, and suspect that one or both newspapers will run a story in the next few weeks. You can tell them to get over it.

Perhaps you'd prefer to wait until she kills someone.

West Easton Foot Print said...

O'hares blog convictions , judge , jury and all knowing accusations always have great success dont they!

Like when you lied to the Supreme Court Disciplinary Board and they yanked your license? A master of lies.

Take into consideration that the truth will set you free. Take into consideration that I have butted heads with West Easton Borough for years...that I request documents to be emailed, to avoid their provocations and harassment.

That they refuse to email anything and have armed officers at every meeting to intimidate and silence me.

For once in your life, learn that the First Amendment applies to people other than yourself.

Learn how to write something that is based on fact, and not on an an all too familiar witch hunt.

They want me to shut up and go away. I'm not going anywhere. You were not there, the police were not there, so knock off your crap. Jill is a sad individual who will do anything to keep her job. I dont know the other witness and never saw her before that day.

The truth will come out, and when it does, I'll be vindicated.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Mezzacappa, My license to practice law was suspended in '86, a point that is made ever time someone does not like what I write. It is an attempt to deflect attention away from the real issue - your threat to kill West Easton Borough Council president Kelly Gross.

My report is based in a police report, which was scanned and appended to my post. It is not some histrionic account of half-truths and outright lies, as you are wont to post.

The First Amendment gives you no right to use the word "fuck" between 10 and 20 times in an office. It gives you no right to threaten to kill people. It gives you no right to threaten to punch them in the face. It gives you no right to be outright disruptive and make people fear for their personal safety. It gives you no right to remove information from a bulletin board that is meant for other members of the public. They have rights, too. You have no right to return to a building after being told to leave. You have been escorted from that building before bc of your inability to control yourself.

There are two people besides Jill who can corroborate your threats. So let's drop the "Jill is a loser" argument, shall we? If you want to know the loser, look in a mirror.

The fact that you have been disruptive and have made false accusations for years against West Easton Borough officials is no justification or defense to a death threat.

You have impulse control problems, as evidence by your own blog and your inability to restrain yourself here. You are just digging a deeper hole for yourself. A person who threatens or assaults an elected official needs to spend some time in jail.

Anonymous said...

In recent legal appeals, Mezzacappa has stated to the PA Office of Open Records and to the County Court that she is never available in the afternoons to inspect requested records because of her job. She has certified to this under penalty of perjury. She claimed mornings are the only time she is available. And yet on Wednesday, August 22, she was available for an entire afternoon, including two trips to the Borough Hall and a trip to the gas station. It appears she may have some false statement problems in her future as well.

Anonymous said...

I believe Ron Angle has done that, should he got to jail?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Ron Angle has never threatened to kill anyone. That is completely ridiculous and is another attempt to deflect attention away from a criminal attack by Tricia Mezzacappa.

Anonymous said...

"...nut who has a LTC."

The widely accepted acronym is LTCF (License To Carry Firearm).

Bernie O'Hare said...


Anonymous said...

Mezzacappa seems proud of the fact that she was able to retain a defense lawyer, claiming "he took the case over the phone." We know she believes in total transparency. So why doesn't she publicly identify the man who is going to help her beat Officer McMonagle's charges? Maybe her claim is just more phony baloney.

Bernie O'Hare said...

She needs a lawyer. Big time.

Anonymous said...

And now Mezzacappa adds to her long list of expertise the title of Human Services/Child and Youth specialty.

Wow! She has worked in every field and has a comment on everything. She can fix any system or program.

How about fixing her own life?

Anonymous said...

so Tricia, handing someone a few dollars gives you the right to act like a raving lunatic?? Not likely. You're finished with politics in Northampton County. You're finished with Republicans in Northampton County, and you're also not welcome at their events.


Additionally, it is not defamation when you are a public figure, and the accusations against you are true.

1st amendment.

I'd just go away quietly if i were you.

Anonymous said...

Tricia, the judge in your case is going to love hearing you called your victims classless losers.

This lady can't shut up can she??

Anonymous said...


Bernie O'Hare said...

Excuse me? Who is "Bernbie"? What is a "lias"? What is a "moputh"? Perhaps you should cut back on the drug cocktails?

I did not charge her. She's been charged by the Commonwealth. This is not a private prosecution. An Easton police officer believes she has committed two crimes.

As for the "bagger" remark, what on earth does this have to do with political ideology? But if we do look at that, it appears that Mezzacappa is more closely aligned with the tea party movement than anyone else. She is a GOP committee member. In fact, she is the Vice chair of her district. She has been making calls for Mitt Romney at the Victory Center. She is an ardent opponent of Kelly Gross, who happens to be a Democrat.

So is Kelly Gross a "bagger"? her father? It appears to me that you are just slinging mud, and doing so incoherently.

Anonymous said...

Mezzacappa was already yelling on the phone call she made to the Borough Hall prior to racing down and showing up in full agitation mode,(ie sweating, shaking, and screaming). She went off with the f-word on topics having nothing to do with her RTKL request. Her threats were serious and we believe her. It was very scary for us involved.

Anonymous said...

Yey here you are stalking her every move and foaming at the mouth to try and make a terrorist out of her. You, Stoffa and
Angle created more terror in trying to dump Gracedale and sell the elderly poor, than this young womanh could ever hope to acconmplish.

You are stretching and even your faux-friends are saying that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 746

I think Mr. Ohare is merely reporting news, considering this lady tries dragging his name through the mud, it is quite obvious he'd post a story about her. As an LV resident knowing this woman has intentions of running for various offices, her melt down is highly relevant news. The Mcall did a story, why couldn't Bernie. If you were a newspaper reporter and i said stuff about you everyday, i should expect you'd be there when i slipped up and did something as embarassing as this.

This isn't stalking by any means, it is Bernie reporting on a nut job. The fact that he probably smiled while posting this story has nothing to do with the fact that it would be newsworthy nonetheless.

Bernie O'Hare said...

More deflection, this time from Mezzacappa's so-called Blog Mentor.

Let's see. She bargedinto West Easton Boro Hall, used the word"fuck" between 10-20 times, threatened to kill Council President Kelly Gross, threatened to assault its attorney, refused to leave until she was told the police would be called, and then returned to rip material off the wall.

That's conclusive proof that I'm stalking her.

Easton police decide to charge her. That's more proof.

She comes on this blog to post a number of comments in which she damns herself even more. I guess that must be more stalking.

Her conduct has nothing to do with Gracedale, Stoffa or Angle. It has to do with her own poor judgment.

One manifestation of that was her decision to use Larry Otter. Another is her reliance on you, a crazy who is one step away from involuntary commitment.

See you soon, asshole.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 7:46PM-

Bernie O'Hare didn't have anything to do with Tricia Mezzacappa's visits to the West Easton Borough Hall. He didn't call the police, nor did he write the police report. He didn't file charges of disorderly conduct and harassment. He just reported the news. I don't believe he is trying to make a "terrorist" out of anyone. If the woman is charged with making terroristic threats (and I hope she is), it will be on account of her own words and deeds.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The Blog Mentor I addressed is the person who commented at 7:46.

In my discovery, I will soon learn the identity of Blog Mentor, but I won't be surprised. Then he'll have some explaining to do.

Anonymous said...

You sure the link for the blog mentor is correct? It goes to a 'redirect' link and then to a blog called Manhattan Infidel?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

ok thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am unclear, what does "blog mentor" have to explain?

Bernie O'Hare said...

That will become apparent down the road.

Bernie O'Hare said...

On November 26, 2011, Mezzacappa posted this remark to “Blog Mentor” on her blog. “Thanks again for all your help. The forwarded photos and videos might come in handy. And thanks again for stopping by to teach me how to upload, download, and link items onto the blog. You have been like an angel from heaven … and I am truly grateful for all you have done. And also, your phone calls to the people in the right places are greatly appreciated.”

This person has also posted comments on her blog that refer specifically to me. In Interrogatories, I want Mezzacappa to produce:
(a) the name and address of “Blog Mentor;”
(b) a description of the photos and videos provided; and
(c) the identity of the persons, by name, address and phone number, that the “Blog Mentor” contacted on her behalf.

Anonymous said...

I've had my suspicions as to her "mentor" for a while.

Ah, well. A reckoning is coming, and that bill is past due...

Anonymous said...

You should have a message counter so we can jump to like message 75 and continue on the read

Anonymous said...

Mentor is too classy of a word. How about "Blog Pimp?"

Anonymous said...

Only in government can people pick and choose what they are "allowed" to do.

OK, THAT statement is seriously f***ed up.

Anonymous said...

I think the many government workers from around the Lehigh Valley, including those dedicated employees at Gracedale, should contact Mezzacappa and in no uncertain terms let her know they are offended by her condescending attitude.

Thats probably why her and BOH got involved. They both despise honest, public sector employees. Union or no.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Oh, someone is trying to deflect again.

Anonymous said...

The Tea Partiers should look at this town and situation as a perfect example of where their efforts to reduce government should lie. Here we have a few blocks next to Easton that calls itself by its own name, has to have it own building, has to have its own officials and clerical staff, has to waste taxpayer money dealing with lunatics. Why in the world is this "town" not part of Easton? In fact, many podunk "towns" need to jettison their administrative costs so the Tea Partiers will leave real needed services alone.

Anonymous said...

Not deflecting. I havent even read all the comments yet. But you have to admit, you do despise public sector employees. They are stealing your money!

Bernie O'Hare said...

You are deflecting. Stick to the topic or be deleted.

Bernie O'Hare said...

This post has nothing to do with whether West Easton should be annexed or the tea party. The topic is Mezzacappa and her criminal behavior. Stick to the topic and stop trying to divert attention, Blog Mentor.

Anonymous said...

I will comply. But I'm not a Blog Mentor, just a reader. I get accused of being lots of people by you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I don't really give a shit. If you can't stick to the topic and won't identify yourself, that is what happens.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the interest in this. Although, I keep coming back to read these comments. What does that say about human nature?

Anonymous said...

I don't give a shit either. You are quite the nasty blogger, aren't you?

And if we identify ourselves, we end up on your Hit Parade of personal attacks.

Bernie O'Hare said...

In other words, you're a coward.

Anonymous said...

Oh anon 6:03, thank God we all know that you have had your suspicions as well.

The idea that a judge will force someone to stand naked in front of 'Hare in court is ludicrais, they barely tolerate his nonsense now. If O'Hare gets it wrong, both O'Hare and his "attorney" are liable for a big defamation suit and one that is real.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1240

Please explain how posting a police report is defamation??

This is news reporting.

The lady is a certifiable nutjob and everyone knows it.

You're grasping at straws.

Anonymous said...

If you don't watch out Bernie, Tricia is going to get a PFA against you using your website to report on her public activities. I hear she already has retained a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon. 12:40, the whole situation is definitely ludicrais. Extremely ludicrais.

(you wonder how many attempts Anon. 12:40 took on the word ludicrous before they just said to hell with it and went with ludicrais)

Bernie O'Hare said...

"The idea that a judge will force someone to stand naked in front of 'Hare"

The last thing I want is for Mezzacappa to stand naked before me. I do, howevber, want her to respond to my discovery. there are Interrogatories, a Request for production of Docements and a Request for Admissions. Like that supposed video of me placing nails under her car tires. Or how about the names of the people who recommended her for a LTCF? Or the identity of Winston Smith, whom she also met. Her email exchanges with the Fake Rev, etc. And of course, the Blog Mentor.

Anonymous said...

If she refuses your silly requests the judge will agree.

Your entire intent is to try and embarass people and use the court to do it. The judges are not amused and won't be used by you or anyone else. Your threats are as serious as a fart in the wind.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks so much for your anonymous legal opinion. I

Anonymous said...

Dude, if you hate anonymous posters so much, just turn it off already. My god, it gets old to get accosted every time an anonymous post is made.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Dude, I don't hate anonymous posters and it is there for a reason. I get some good tips and people who want to comment on issues should not have to ID themselves. But if you want to attack someone, identify yourself. Is that so hard, Dude?

Anonymous said...

This woman is disturbed. She has reveled that a long time ago and continues to do so. It is sad for her that she lives such a negative existence and the only attention she can manage is through hers remarks on these blogs. She seems to thrive on all of this and that tells me all I need to know. Stay away from her and if you happen to get tangled in her web remember either fight or flight. She should not get away with her actions and sooner or later she will pay the price. Although her negative lonely existence is pretty much payment in full. Not sure what incarceration would accomplish for her Or even
worse for she cannot be responsible for herself and yet she is. Go figure.....society should not have to be hassled or threatened by the Trishas of the world.