Friday, August 31, 2012

DA John Morganelli Prefers Injured Criminals to Dead Police Officers

Northampton County DA John Morganelli would rather have an injured criminal than a dead police officer. At an August 30 news conference, the prosecutor announced that announced that no charges will be filed against an Easton police officer who recently shot a fleeing criminal suspect.

This shooting, which occurred on August 21, was during an evening in which police received several complaints about shots fired. Officer Eric Campbell, on patrol in Easton's south side, spotted a group of individuals that included the suspected shooter. But when Officer Campbell exited his patrol car, one of them, Nelson Mayers, fled.

While giving chase, Officer Campbell saw Mayers put his hand in the waist area of his pants. Campbell saw a black object in Mayers' hand when he turned to face him. Mayers even extended his arm, which led Campbell to believe it was a handgun.

Campbell fired twice, with one shot hitting Mayers in the leg. Police then discovered that the object Mayers was holding was a black cell phone, not a gun.

At St. Luke's Hospital, medical staff discovered that Mayers had secreted heroin in his buttocks.

Chief Carl Scalzo (left)
Morganelli ruled that the shooting was justified. Officer Campbell was responding to night calls about gunshots being fired and had seen some of the casings. He knew that people in that area were armed. Mayers not only fled from Campbell, but acted in a way that led the Officer to believe a gun was being pointed at him. And Easton has had a recent surge of shootings.

"In today's times, police officers have a right to protect themselves," stated Morganelli. "Just about every day, we read about a police officer who has been gunned down while on the course of duty when someone pulls a gun on them and shoots them without reason or cause."

He noted the Officer was in the unfortunate position of being forced to make a "split second judgment."

Morganelli added that Mayers, who was been charged by summons with possession of heroin, will recover from the gunshot wound to his right shin and has no life threatening injuries.

Police Chief Carl Scalzo, who sat with Morganelli during the news conference, noted that Officer Campbell is on paid administrative leave, and his department is still conducting its own investigation of the incident. He added that, before returning to duty, Campbell will receive a psychological evaluation.

Morganelli Clears Easton Police Officer in Shooting


Anonymous said...

Arrogant little dancing monkey.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Anonymous said...

Easton's finest have left guns all over the place (interrogation rooms, unlocked police cruisers, diners, etc.) and killed each other with them. I support cops and the guy may well have earned his shooting. Easton's kops should be viewed with a very healthy skepticism, however. They've earned it.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have deleted two comments posted by the Fake Rev, Mario Martinez of Forks Tp. He has stated several times on his own blog that he does not read this one, so his comments here necessarily demonstrate that he is a liar. His comments here are unwelcome under any circumstances, even when I am in complete agreement. He is being deleted bc he is a troll who has made far too many personal attacks without signing his name. He has told too many lies, such as his false claim that he voted for Mayor Panto when he does not even live in Easton. He has also embraced and encouraged the rantings of another well-established liar, Tricia Mezzacappa, simply bc she shares his message of hatred. If he were a real cleric, he would be encouraging her to get help. But he's a phony.

"You shall know them by their deeds."

He can speak to Jesus or whatever on his own blog. I don't want his garbage here.

Bernie O'Hare said...

And for what it's worth, my opinion is that the actions of Officer Campbell were completely justified, and so were the actions of Easton police in charging Tricia Mezzacappa. I simply will not allow the Fake Rev to use this blog for more of his demagoguery.

Michelle Custodio said...

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Anonymous said...

any fairminded person would agree with Morganelli's position and your headline.

Far better a wounded criminal with heroin stashed up his butt crack than a dead police officer, even despite Easton PD's track record.