Tuesday, January 20, 2009

LV Congressman Dent Congratulates Obama on Inauguration

Chief Justice Roberts screwed up the oath pretty badly, but i think Barack Obama is still President. U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent (PA-15) issued the following statement on today's inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States:

“I congratulate President Barack Obama on his historic Inauguration as 44th President of the United States. It is highly appropriate that in the same week we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. we celebrate his vision of racial reconciliation.

“Inauguration Day is a celebration of the enduring success of our Democracy, where power is transferred peacefully from one Administration to another. In this same spirit, I look forward to Congress and the new President working together to conduct the people’s business.

“In keeping with the themes that President Obama outlined in his address, I believe we as a nation can work together to recharge our economic engine, defend our nation against the threats we face and preserve the American way for our children and grandchildren. I look forward to a respectful, civil dialogue where we can pursue common-sense policies for the American people.”


Anonymous said...

Bernie, did you hear from Dat and your daughter yet?

The Banker

Anonymous said...

God help America.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

Anon 4:49 YES! With jokes like Roberts on the SUpreme court!

Maybe today is the proof insertion to the pudding that Roberts was a partisian political hack who should NOT have been approved!

Bernie O'Hare said...


I just heard. Dat had a blast. It was crowded, cold, they couldn't see anything except on TV, but they all had a great time and are just heading back now.

Anonymous said...

Little carried away today Spike?

Roberts has been pretty good in my opinion, he's not a hack. And this is from someone who has not agreed with all his decisions, and there have been times (i.e., Jones v. Flowers) where he sided w/ the liberals.

Big mistake though trying to go from memory in front of a few million people!

The Banker

Anonymous said...

That's great, glad they enjoyed it!

When the institutions change (new president, new pope, new prime minister, new dictator, new "all of the above," etc.) the show is pretty damn impressive, and this was no exception.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

Roberts messed up but so did Obama, interupting him in the first sentence of the oath. He was too nervous. His speech was bland and uninspiring, bordering on depressing. This was captured in blank stares from those in the audience. In baseball jargon he hit a ground rule double, not a home run. We needed more from our leader at a time like this. After today's festivities, reality will creep back in and the nation will suffer from a huge Obama hangover.

And for those disrespectful, unforgiving slugs who booed Bush when he was announced, let's hope that Obama doesn't get the same treatment in 4 or 8 years. Regardless of what you think about a President, he/she still deserves a gracious farewell. That was low-class.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Agreed. I never voted for the guy, but could not help feeling sorry as the chopper circled above.

Dave said...

Can our new president have an impact and turn this inherited mess around? Talk about being left holding the bag! A daunting challenge but HOPE springs eternal. He is just a man but he has engaged the younger generation in the political process of this nation and that is no small feat! Let's give him a chance..ok?

Dave said...

Nice words from Charlie but talk is usually cheap when it comes out of politico's mouths. Prove it Chuck..and we will continue to send you to the Hill to speak for us! I have faith in and trust only my Lord and Savior. Get to work Congressman.


Isn't anybody concerned with the level of cult-hero worship? Obama-mania is a good thing? I don't think a doctor ever says mania is a good thing. What's up with the Obama thongs being sold as merchandise?

When was the last time government was able to spend its way out of a recession?

When was the last time socialism worked?

How do you give a tax credit to someone who pays no taxes?

"Mutual respect with Muslims". How do you have mutual respect with a radical Muslim, who believes in his heart of hearts 'convert the infidel or kill him'?

How does voting present as a JUNIOR senator for TWO years and some community organizing make you qualified to be commander in chief?

What's up with all his ties to some pretty interesting characters. Rezko (house), Wright (you sat there for 20 years and were abhorred what was said the whole time?), Blagojevich (Michelle's hospital job), Richardson (I always withdraw when I'm innocent).

How can anybody call ALL THE CLINTON RE-TREADS IN THE CABINET 'Change'?

How does MR.THOROUGH pick a guy for Treasury Secretary who can't even keep track of whether he paid his own taxes?

What's up with Holder and Marc Rich and the FLN?

God Help America is right.

By the way, if you voted for Obama, I hope you felt like you got slapped in the face at the closing benediction when the old reverend said "when white does what's right".

That sounded to me like voting for Obama wasn't enough. Obama and his ilk speak of inclusiveness, etc. A statement like that is not divisive? And totally unnecessary on this occasion?

Who are the real racists? Did 95% of white people voted for Bush?

Martin Luther King was a Republican - look it up.

Demothugs were the authors of Jim Crow Laws, etc. Look that up, too.

Whatever. The bed is made. No choice now but to lie in it. Pleasant dreams.

Anonymous said...

Many Republicans will not soon forget the apparent antipathy that was displayed by the nations Democrat’s towards President Bush.
It is my guess that given time Republicans will inherit the luxury the Democrats have enjoyed these past few years, we will simply have to be the party that is not in power.

Scott Armstrong


Oh yeah, I forgot -


Great. How old will that be when? Or is the answer never?

BTW, how many domestic terrorist attacks since 9/11/01? How f------ many people? How many terrorists attacks in Mumbai in the last few months?

Gun control - wonderful idea. I heard stories of Indian police running away like everyone else because they realized they had nothing to stand up with.

I heard Virginia Tech had a similar problem.

Gun control - great idea. Criminals ALWAYS follows laws.

But hey, everything everywhere is Bush's fault forever and that's great, because it's much easier to just say that and be done than actually tracing root causes of mortgage meltdowns and things like that. Too much time to find out exactly WHO was up to what...

Like launching lawsuits...

Gun control - great idea. Criminals ALWAYS follow laws. That's why we call them law offenders.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...


Obama practiced, why didn't Roberts?

I mean for crying out loud your the top Judge in America and you don't think you need to study?

If he is that careless with this, what else is he not doing his homework on?

Let's be real a bit.

Bush did not appoint the best to almost any post in office.

Just ask Brownie!

Dave said...

Stop the blame game and look in the mirror! What have you personally done to improve this country..this community you call home..the street you live on..your relationship with your family? One step at a time and start today to live your life like it really is your last. Heal thyself first. The former president is gone..long live the new president.

An Exorcist said...


D.C. was a ghost town today. There was nobody in the neighborhoods. I heard everything went off without a hitch. Even the weather participated as best as it could for a mid-January day.

The only tragedy was that a 68 year old lady was hit by the red-line Metro (subway) at the Chinatown-Gallery Station. She passed. May she rest in peace.

I pray for all attendees to return home safely to their families and for our new administration.

I hope that Wednesday night and all day on Thursday that the faithful (with as many people that lined the Mall today) can send the new adminstration a peaceful, civil, and meaningful message with our prayers and demostrations.

If you do not support our cause for life (all forms of holding human life in the respect and dignity it deserves); at least pray for everyones safe passage to and from the events.

And I think I used up all of my mulligans with going OT. I owe you a buck!

Peace be with you, ~~Alex J.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

IRONPIGPEN, I love the baseball we share. I mean no disrespect here, but I disagree on two points you make.

"when did socialism work?" Almost always. Don't let the ill-informed AM radio talkers fool you. Communism is a bad idea. Socialism is what every Industrialized Nation EXCEPT the United States has.

Ask Ireland residents how it has propelled their economy and nation far better than the feudal system Great Britain had imposed on them for ages.

And how long will people keep blaming Bush?

How long did Bush keep blaming Clinton?

Careful with that answer. Because the damage post Jan. 20th 2001 way worst than the "dot com bust" that little effect on the American economy.

It was just a great talking point for a Junkie who happens to have a mid day radio show on low rated AM radio.

(It takes Rush, send my illegal alien worker to buy my dope 600 stations to equal the ratings that Howard Stern got on maybe 30 FM stations.)

And as for morgage issues. Came from Deregulation a great Libertarian/GOP talking point. "The free markets will take cre of everything". During the GOP majority on the capitial with Bush in office is when the deregulation or as Sarah Palin calls it "getting government out of our lives" took place for much of this.

There is a TON I dislike about Obama's policies, his healthcare plan being one of the biggest.

But he brings something W never did. The ability to be diplomatic not dictator like.

Dave said...

Democracy is the worst form of government until you try to think of one that is better! There's a new sheriff in town and it is the WILL of America that is being served! If you don't like the scene..try Europe or Africa. Sour grapes from the losers won't get it done! I'm smiling again and it feels great!

Bernie O'Hare said...

To those who are a little disappointed about Obama's inauguration today, take a valium. The pendelum will swing. It always does. And read this lttle story, which a friend sent me back channel.

Although John Wayne actively supported Ronald Reagan's failed bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 1976, the Duke paid a visit to the White House as a guest of President Jimmy Carter for his inauguration. "I'm pleased to be present and accounted for in this capital of freedom to witness history as it happens - to watch a common man accept the uncommon responsibility he won 'fair and square' by stating his case to the American people - not by bloodshed, be-headings, and riots at the palace gates. I know I'm a member of the loyal opposition - accent on the loyal. I'd have it no other way."

Got it, pilgrim?


With Respect Mr. Rogan

One thing I will say is I respect Mr.Obama's achievements. He has written a whole new book on how to organize politically in America, hasn't he? I have many friends and I have sincerely congratulated many. I was a history major in school so I can understand the significance of these events.

I do have serious problems with some of his policies. I will respectfully note Ireland has done well to transform itself but from I understand, they used to have one of if not the highest corporate tax rate in Europe. Now they have the lowest.

I was IN THE MORTGAGE INDUSTRY FOR YEARS. Let's just say I know what a HMDA is. So does The Banker. PERIOD!!!! And anybody who knows what a HMDA is knows what it is for. And who sponsored it. Plain and simple.

I agree your point the "it'll fix itself approach did not work" but to just hand the keys over to the government? When did homeownership become a civil right as compared to being able to afford it? I'd like to know immediately and to what office I should be directing my application.

I also agree that the "I'm the decider" stuff never did go over so great for Bush, did it?

On the other hand, when planes start flying into buildings, I prefer to err on the side of not weak. Anyone who thinks diplomacy works ALL THE TIME needs to look up Neville Chamberlain's story. What about the guys who brought you the War To End All Wars?

I also openly question how socialilzed health care in Canada and Sweden are going. Carefull, I follow hockey hard. I am aware of NHL players who bring relatives to have operations done by private doctors in US because they can swing it financially. Normal people in their countries can't do they same and the players know it...

As for the diplomat stuff, yeah, I think he's a little toooo diplomatic. The pendulum does swing both ways, doesn't it?

All I can say is this and I think you may agree Sir, given you know sports. I am deeply, deeply troubled by not only his policies, but the mania. So much hype and praise have been heaped on a guy with so little actual field experience. I mean ridiculous levels of hype. Let's be honest.

He is like this can't miss first round draft choice who has been selected to the Hall of Fame before ever playing his first game. YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT IN SPORTS.

Granted, this is not sports. I guess I am the only one concerned. Perhaps I should go back to baseball and never worry again.

All I hear from the left wing is there's the door. How inclusive. I guess it's a good thing nobody showed you the door after the Clintons, isn't it.

And it's perfectly okay to have Bush Is A War Criminal on every telephone pole in center city seemingly, too, isn't it?

I miss their drama, it was entertaining and the economy wasn't bad, was it? But from what I understand, many of the same players are back on the team (what happened to 'not going to do the same old same old in Washington anymore' heard on the campaign trail)

So why don't you address that for starters Mr. There's The Door. I never retreat. Ever. Get used to it.

How are you doing with that one. We can go through each policy one by one if you like. I don't think you can go round for round.

There's the door makes me think you are afraid because you know your Emperor Has No Clothes...

Start with the Clintons. Hope and Change did well on that, didn't they? Same Old Same Old or what. Go on, Mr. There's The Door. You have four years and so do I...

Dave said...

Bitter..aren't we? Have a drink and take a nap. It's all out of your control anyway. Why get so bent out of shape about what MIGHT happen now. No sacrifice needed on your part..just go out and spend some money..W really knew how to ask for our help..didn't he?


The drink is not a bad suggestion.

I would have to openly admit I'm bitter.

I am sick and tired of being shouted at as a racist because I disagree policy.

I am sick and tired of being told there's the door because I disagree policy.

What I learned this political season was that at the end of the day, most people can not agree to disagree anymore. America is definitely a more divided nation than ever. Wonderful.

At least Mr. Rogan does not seem to be in that class.

As for many others, it seems to be
a case of we're right (or left, as the case may be)or get lost Mr. KKK Klansman. That attitude has been more than prevalent for all to see all across the USA.

How ironic this attitude for a bunch of inclusive, diversity-seeking types.

How's global warming been working out for you guys...really?

See you in the funny papers.

There's a reason the Democratic symbol is a donkey, I think from time to time.

I think I'll drink to that!

Anonymous said...

Obama's speech was ungracious and classless. The step-n-fetch-it racist who ended the farce with his hateful benediction was the crowning insult. We are a lesser country today. We could have been better.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You might be in a minority of one person on that point. I thought his speech gracious and classy. He is attempting to bring us all together, to shed these petty differences.

Anonymous said...

the first thing he did was thank President Bush for his service. Yesterday he hailed John McCain as an American Hero. What more does the guy have to do to show he is serious about the office he now occupies?

His vision won the election. His vision excited a nation. His vision has been deemed more worthy and deserves the change to be pursued.

An Exorcist said...

I was wrong. But thank God I was. I guess that 68 year old lady lived. Wow!


Anonymous said...

48% of voters rejected Obama. The foul treatment of the outgoing president and the insulting speech and prayer did nothing to promote unity. The punks took a boisterous victory lap. Discretion was not the better part of valor. Raul Emmanuel has no interest in unity - only beating the other side by marginalizing it. Yesterday was an historic missed opportunity.

Dave said...

It was a LANDSLIDE! It's called a national MANDATE! For eight years it's been love it or leave it political rhetoric by the right! Those days are GONE! It's a new day..feel me smile!

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

I voted for Obama, but I will admit unlike the elctoral college. The popular vote was close.

Many argued that W lost the popular vote in 2000 with the recount really. But the Supreme court and electoral college made him President.

The system is loaded with flaws.

You'd think our election process was made by the same folks who designed the pinto and corvair.

Anonymous said...

Dave -

Allow me to educate you on what a LANDSLIDE really looks like:

1980 -

Reagan: 489 electoral votes, 50.7% popular vote.
Carter: 49 electoral votes, 41.0% popular vote

1984 -

Reagan: 525 electoral votes, 58.8% popular vote
Mondale: 13 (yes, 13) electoral votes, 40.6% popular vote

2008 -

Obama: 365 electoral votes, 52.9% popular vote
McCain: 173 electoral votes, 45.7% popular vote

You might want to believe there was a landslide and there is a mandate, but the numbers show otherwise.

Dave said...

Educate me? How dare you! Rain on someone else's parade. You and your greedy pals got to suck it up now cause the tax breaks are gonna expire and your gonna pay your fair share. Sucks to be you!


Obviously you do need educating, Dave. The Reagan numbers in 1984 define a landslide in my book. What a bunch of classless, ungracious winners the crowd showed themselves to be, booing President Bush and signing the sports good-bye song. Bush and his wife did everything to be polite the whole transition period.

I am a registered Democrat and ashamed of it!

If you really think you have a landslide mandate Dave, I can promise the alarm clock will go off for you. Be patient.

We'll see what the good people of America think in two years. After zillions of bailout money has been passed out. Don't screw up your majority like Bill did his first term :)

I'd hate to be a House Representative, having to go up every two years and all...


I noticed what the markets did on Inauguration Day, rain on somebody's parade that is. Sorry Dave.

What did I hear, Dow dropped. Worst Inauguration Day loss in the 124 years they have been keeping track or something like that?

I guess it's time to be called a racist and told to leave the country now. I'm sure the two events are purely unrelated...

Bernie O'Hare said...

Hey guys, The point of this post was to show a Republican Congressman congratulating a Democratic president and to forget, for just one day, that these party differences are fairly meaningless.

Dent and Obama have both publicly stated that one of the major problems in this country is that we have become too partisan. Instead of looking at the Dem answer or the R answer, why not be realists? In some cases, thje conservatives have the better answer. In others, it is the liberal view. But we get nowhere when we just go after each other. We're all on the same team.

Anonymous said...

That "tax credit to people who don't pay taxes" is inaccurate. Even if you don't pay income taxes, you still have to pay Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes, excise taxes like the gas tax, and various state taxes.

And don't pretend like 95% of AA's voted for Obama because he was black. If that's the case, then why did 90% of African-Americans vote for Kerry?

All politicians have some degree of unsavory connections. What about the Bushes and their family friends the Bin Ladens?

Most of the sub-prime and other dumb loans that were issued were done so by organizations that weren't covered under HMDA. More than half were issued by independent mortgage companies that were not covered and were barely regulated. Now, I agree the housing crisis was a bipartisan clusterfuck, but most of the mistakes started later.

And somehow, Canada and Sweden both manage to spend less per capita on health care and have a healthier population. And for your anecdotes on NHL players... wow so the system works for the rich. Tell me something I didn't know. Tell me, you think you can afford to pay for the same quality of care that a wealthy professional athlete can?

The "white does what's right" line was a throw-away line that was a poor attempt at humor and I laughed it off. Of course, I had an Asian friend who was very offended by the suggestion that he wasn't "mellow."

Bush and his wife did everything to be polite during the transition period? Really? Then how come the Obamas couldn't even use the traditional guest house for the president-elect?

Also, since we're using the DOW to judge Sen. Obama's presidency, does the near 300 point gain today mean that he's only a mediocre president, instead of a failed one?

"Mutual respect with Muslims" has it ever occurred to you that not all Muslims are radical fundamentalists that want to kill you? Those are the people that Obama wants to reach out towards.

I'm not terribly impressed with Pres. Obama's experience or resume, to be honest and normally I wouldn't let myself fly into "blind partisan mode" so soon after an election. But I'm even less impressed when someone who is all but declaring Pres. Obama's presidency a failure is whining about how he doesn't feel included. Somehow I doubt the lack of respect is confined to the people who voted for Obama, IRONPIGPEN

Also, who cares if Roberts stumbled while administering the oath? Believe it or not, I think Supreme Court Justices usually have more important thing to worry about.


I don't care one bit about the oath or who did what...

It only takes one radical Muslim to kill me. As it does you. Or fly a plane into a building.

You, as do apparently many others, seemingly have lost sight of that.

I can agree with you that punches have been thrown all around on all sides this campaign season. All around, by all sides.

My original comment was the 'mania' is alarming. Things like booing at the President and singing the goodbye song at what is supposed to be a high class ceremony, the Inauguration?

Absolutely disgusting and shameful. I'm not even a veteran.

Obama should apologize publically and say this is no way to act, if he IS the great man every one, including you, think he is.

Immediately, Mr. President Obama.

Didn't he call for a NEW ERA OF RESPONSIBILITY? Why not set an example. Now. He should have spoke out more emphatically, as McCain did when his crowds starting yelling terrorist.

Obama is all talk. Huh, New Era Of Responsibility. Some of the things that went down at the ceremony were a national disgrace. Even Obama shook his head when the old Reverend made his comment.

This whole primary and general election were a disgrace, the bitterness on BOTH sides. I could agree with you that.

Who was the guy who said "I don't agree with you but I'll die for your right to say it"?

That got lost this time with just "die", from both sides.

I think Bernie is calling for a new era of class and diplomacy so I will wish you all the best.

Sincere good luck to your team. You will need it with your socialist agenda. It is your right, however, to believe in what you want. See you next political season.

Dave said...

Terrible thing to live in fear. Come up out of your bomb shelters! The air is clean and there's work to do!

Ken Matthews said...

see "broken Katrina promises by Bush"

should each White House admin web site list the previous' broken promises ?
Is that how we unite the country.
Just a thought.


More than once-including Jan 20, Obama said "let's leave the childishness of politics behind"

I think that is why some of us thought the crowd's behavior at times was BS..because Obama AND the Bushes had set the transitional tone yet the crowd would have none of it and some of the speakers wouldn't climb on board either.

BTW Laura Bush has done a lot for women's issues world-wide but she doesn't fit "the template"..and Bush deserved respect as he departed that day. Bush was not impeached, nor disbarred, nor convicted of anything...and treated the Obamas with nothing but respect..he deserved that much on the 20th.

As far as "the guest house issue" It was already occupied(booked). and Bush did not violate tradition. If anything..he accomplished-working with Obama's team, the smoothest transition ever. BUSH was president til Jan 20 at noon...do you actually think that incredible day could of come together WITHOUT the support of the Bush administration...It was an amazing example of a GIANT TRANSITION of power that could of been screwed with at every turn..but wasn't. Yes,I think Bush he deserved more than boos...after being called Hitler for years by people who get their history from comedy Central.If you don't want to applaud, then at least be quiet til the guy leaves.

Those were punk moves just like Jayz yappin MF this and N-word that...after Obama spends the day setting the tone.

Regarding the SOCIALISM ALMOST ALWAYS WORKS comment....

Spike..I don't know where you have traveled(outside USA) but try waiting in a Socialist Emergency room......not a fun time

Dave said...

Come on you haters..let's go outside and hug the trees! Your sins and W's have been forgiven! All you need is LOVE!