Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Congressman Dent Among Eleven Moderate Republicans Invited to White House

The Obama administration must have missed Sam Bennett's interview at Firedoglake, in which she tattles that LV Congressman Charlie Dent is only pretending to be a moderate and has everyone fooled. According to RealClearPolitics, Dent was among eleven "moderate" Republicans invited to the White House last night to discuss the nation's economic recovery.

We regressives are very cunning.


Anonymous said...

RINOs like Charlie are critical to Barry's success. He'll also need middle of the road war guys to run interference for him when the bombing raids he authorizes in sovereign nations (Pakistan) result in the deaths of civilians, including children.

It's a new day. Same US presidency. Same brutal prosecution of a war. But no questions from an adoring flock of sheep - that includes most of the MSM and lots of very quiet cheerbloggers.

Anonymous said...

Charlie is one of the nicest politicos around, but if he's moderate I'm martha stewart's dead grandmother writing from the grave...

Bernie O'Hare said...

martha stewart's dead grandmother writing from the grave,

If Charlie is NOT moderate, you better let the Obama administration and RealClear Politics in on your little secret.

You're spinning, but nobody's buying that crap anymore. A respected MSM source refers to CD as moderate. He's one of eleven Rs invited to the White House for discussions.

Anonymous said...

One of eleven invited and I'd bet my gravestone that he votes against any plan they come up with..Martha's grandma.

Charlie voted with his party over 80% of the time until the year prior to last election. Again, he might be considered a moderate compaed to most of the neo cons but he votes party line most of the time..

Bernie O'Hare said...

He may very well vote against the plan, but the administration is just beginning and I find it encouraging that two sides are willing to talk to each other instead of at each other. It's a very positive sign.

In Dent's first year as a Congressman, he voted with his party at least 80%. But that changed in his second year. He is a moderate. He reflects the views of his district. In most objective news source ratings, like Congressional Quarterly, Charlie is depicted as a moderate and centrist.

On most issues, most LV Dems and Rs have broad areas of agreement. There are more similarities than differences.

Dent takes his job seriously and is well-prepared on every issue. I do not agree with every vote, but would not agree with anyone on every vote.

I think the people made the right choice.

Anonymous said...

moderate= no values

Bernie O'Hare said...

Moderates tend to be the people who are most tolerant of differing views and who are willing to listen. They do not act rashly. Refusing to adhere to a particular ideology does not translate to lacking values. Perhaps the most moral people, when you come down to it, are the moderates and centrists.

Anonymous said...

It's amusing that "moderate" Charlie Dent ran in 2004 as a "Commonsense Conservative" and "Endorsed by Senator Rick Santorum." Certainly his voting pattern since 2006 does not reflect those claims, but perhaps "political opportunist" would be a more appropriate title than "moderate."

Anonymous said...

Bernie, stop trying to use reason to explain away that Dent is not grounded to any particular values and is more about doing the politically convenient thing and trying to figure out how he can make it look moderate.

Dent is a politician and a partisan leader. They care about one thing: winning.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Your argument assumes that some particular set of moral principles applies all the time to a particular ideology. It does not. It is actually the moderates, people who are willing to listen and who are pragmatic, that make the moral decisions. Dent's views are usually very close to those of his constituents, and they are neither liberal nor conservative. Let's face it, there's really not that much difference btween a Pa. Dem and a Republican. If you follow local government, as I do, that becomes very clear.

I am very leery of extremists seeking office, whether on the right or the left. They've already alienated a vast segment of the population.

Government leaders should try to unite us, not drive us apart. That has been Dent's phiolosophy since I first met him.

Anonymous said...

Moderate = no values populist with wet finger constantly in the air.

And if a respected MSM source calls Charlie a moderate, it must be so. A case well made.

I will now employ my most devastating rhetorical device (The Kabala Seven) to make all accept my opinion as fact after seeing it repeated seven times.

1)Charlie's only philosophy is re-election.
2)Charlie's only philosophy is re-election.
3)Charlie's only philosophy is re-election.
4)Charlie's only philosophy is re-election.
5)Charlie's only philosophy is re-election.
6)Charlie's only philosophy is re-election.
7)Charlie's only philosophy is re-election.

It is done.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Using theosophy is unfair! But that is always the perfect counter to logic.

Anonymous said...

Stop using Stoffas high school picture, that thing is scary.