Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ron Angle has a Most Excellent Day!

"I had a bad day."

I always liked that phrase. That's how my son used to explain his problems when he was little.

Yesterday, Ron Angle had a bad day. He went to an Upper Mount Bethel zoning hearing over the controversial Marshfield Village, fully expecting it would be postponed. Not only did the hearings continue, but Ron was actually booed on his way back to his seat. That's Ron. Damn the torpedos!

To make matters worse, those hearings made Angle so late he ended up missing last night's LWV debate. Opponent John Maher seized on the opportunity to trash him. I did, too. When I spoke to Ron late last night, I yelled at him for missing the debate.

"I had a bad day. It was a judgment call. I guess I screwed up."

That was yesterday.

Today, Ron is having a most excellent day, thanks to the Morning Call editorial board.
Re-elect Republican Ron Angle. Mr. Angle has almost 30 years in local and county elective offices and over that time his style has changed. He is less personally combative than he once was; more likely to go to court than to stage publicity stunts to make his points. Meanwhile, he is one of the smartest elected officials in the Lehigh Valley, especially when it comes to financial matters. That is key in recommending him over Democrat John F. Maher, himself retired from a banking career. Mr. Maher is not as conversant with county issues as is Mr. Angle and he has disappointingly allowed his campaign to be dragged into the gutter by Democratic Party-sponsored mailings and "robocalls."


A.J. Cordi said...

The day isn't over yet... lol

Bernie O'Hare said...


Billy Givens said...


The people who castigate Angle don't attend county council meetings.

They know him only from heresay or what they may have heard on WGPA Sunny 1100 radio show.

Ron is a gifted and talk-show raconteur.

I've often told him that he reminds me of Arthur Godfrey and Herb Shriner.

For those in your audience too young too remember these showmen, Angle reminds me a lot of story-teller Garrison Keeler of the Prairie Home Companion show.

LSTresidentPIA said...

I like the guy even if he is not always politically correct...

In the times I have been in front of council with my complaints, he was more concerned than the council members who represent my area.

Billy Givens said...

Garrison KEILLOR, that is

Anonymous said...

If Dertinger and McClure had half the stones Angle has, this Council would be making history in the annals of good government.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Either that or they'd all be dead.

Anonymous said...

>Angle reminds me a lot of story-teller Garrison Keillor of the Prairie Home Companion show.

Boy! There must be a side (a boisterous, nonindulgent, impertinent version) of Garrison that I've never seen!

Lake Wobegon would curdle and turn into Lake Woeisme (that's woe-is-me)!

That's not to say he isn't a positive force for change, but GARRISON KEILLOR??

Bernie O'Hare said...

Maybe not Garrison, but Angle can be a folksy story-teller.

Let me give you an example.

Bernie, Remember the Bismark? That was a big mean and unsinkable battleship, but it went down. And all because a little spotter plane damaged its propeller. As that ship went in circles, English warships took it down.

From there, Angle made the analogy to a citizen who had prompted some changes in county government.

Inside Radio said...

A little bird told me , If your good , take your vitamins,and pray Ron Angle might , just might be on WGPA. (Gasp !) This friday November 3rd. On Attny. Bruce Davis's Show at 8:00 AM.
Here we go again !!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Friday is November 2. And I heard the same thing yesterday from a WGPA listener. Jolly Joe will go on for weeks with all kinds of snarks on his own show, if he hasn't started already.

Billy Given said...

You and I both have attended Northampton County Council meetings when Angle made motions on behalf of the taxpayers and he couldn't even get a second - including from members of his own political party!

They didn't want the public and the reporters in the audience to know they nay to Angle's good-sense motions.

And they for sure didn't want their fat-cat campaign contributors to know they voted yea.

Ron was never afraid to vote yea on behalf of the taxpayers.

I miss our after-meeting gab sessions with Ron, Ken Nagy, and the other guys.

By the way, what ever happened to Ken?

He had stopped coming to the skull sessions long before I did.

Did he move to Florida?

Bernie O'Hare said...


Nagy was at a council meeting a few months ago. After it was over, I threw him off the courthouse roof.

Anonymous said...


I thought you would at least do a post about Panto getting endorsed by the ET and MC?

Angle will die in his seat if re-elected.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'll be posting both about Panto,
Easton city council, and the magisterial race. I am so impressed by Panto that it's difficult for me to know where to start.

Angle will be re-elected.

Angle the Fish said...

fuck you

Bernie O'Hare said...

All that does is drive more votes away from Maher and towards Angle. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful the Morning call endorsed an anti-semitic criminal like angle.....makes perfect sense.