Monday, October 29, 2007

Judge Baratta's Retention Campaign: Follow that Money

Campaign finance reports were due from all candidates, including judges seeking retention, on Friday. Judicial candidates must file with the Department of State.

Steve Baratta is seeking retention as a Northampton County judge. Although his office informs me he's filed with the Department of State, his paperwork does not yet appear among the 28 reports filed by candidates seeking a spot on the court of common pleas. In fact, there is no record from Baratta for any of the previous reporting periods this year.

Baratta's campaign records have, however, been filed with the local elections office. They show that, during the reporting period between May and October, he raised $26,750.00. Nearly all of this money comes from lawyers who regularly practice before him. This includes $1,000 from DA John Morganelli.

Baratta's expense report also reveals that Tom Severson, King of the Anonymous Robo Calls, is running this judicial campaign. So far, Baratta has coughed up nearly $24,000 so that Severson can do his thing.

Last Spring, Severson launched a vicious, and anonymous, smear campaign against Brian Monahan, a district judge hopeful. I find it distasteful that a sitting judge would engage the services 0f a campaign consultant who specializes in this type of dirty politics. Even Dan Corpora, who's running against Monahan, had enough common sense to turn Severson down when he offered his services at a discounted rate. It's sad to see a magisterial hopeful show more common sense than our next president judge.

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Anonymous said...

Figures Baratta would use severson he is a morganelli stooge