Sunday, October 28, 2007

Browning Criticizes "Cavalier" Attitude of Lehigh County Commissioners

In the wake of Lehigh County commissioners' decision to rubber stamp Cunningham's 2008 budget, Dean Browning's proposed 0.75-mill tax cut was given no consideration. A unanimous board rejected an average savings of $43.65.

After all, it's only a "tank of gas."

It could also be two weeks of groceries for a senior on a fixed income.

Whether the savings is $40 or $400, it should be awarded to the taxpayer. As Dean Browning makes clear, "Even if it is only a tank of gas it is still the taxpayer’s money – not the County’s. The taxpayers are the ones who should decide how much of their money is important to them – not the County. To be so cavalier about reducing the tax burden on homeowners is unacceptable."


A.J. Cordi said...

I always compare all the money I save (which isn't much) to how much gas I can purchase the next time I visit the pumps.

Billy Givens said...

I made the first comment.

If it was removed by anyone, it was Bernie O'Hare.

He's censored before and he'll do it again.

He's not worried about breasts or penis sizes.

I hit his boy John Stoffa, and maybe his boy Don Cunningham, too, and he doesn't like it.

I've saved this comment and made a copy of it.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Billy, How the hell do you know I'm not worried about breasts or penis size?

Yes, I will delete spam and anonymous personal attacks directed at third persons. I have occasionally deleted you when you post so many comments, most of them irrelevant, to one blog. But I have not deleted you recently, although you give me plenty of reason to do so. You littered my post about the Panto debate with so many long and off topic comments that people get upset. I don't believe you even attended that debtate, but you didn't let that stop you. I don't like to delete you and hope you can nail me when I'm wrong for many years to come. I love your elegant writing. If you were just a little more relevant, your literary genius would get the accolades it deserves.

michael molovinsky said...

mr. givens, i'm not familiar with northampton politics and don't comment on them, however, i appreciate your moxie. there definitely is a cunningham cult on these blogs, actually a couple of months ago i suggested the lehigh county tax cut right here, i called it "wheres the beef". cunningham has a silver tongue combined with a folksiness which sells him. in reality he rode to harrisburg on the basis of his weekly press conferences at bethlehem steel property and came back wearing rendell's training pants. last year those two fakers actually gave a grant to a start up college loan mill which was investigated within two weeks. cunningham opened the back door for the union at the county nursing home and is allowing hunting at the game preserve, BUT, on the local blogosphere he can walk on water.

Billy Givens said...

Mr. Molovinsky

If you know Lehigh County politics, the you also know Northampton's/

They are pme amd the, for the reason that we fall further each day under a "regional government."

This government is unconstituitonal.

That's the case now, only more so, since this extralegal regional consists not only of Lehigh and Northampton, but also now includes Warren County in New Jersey.

This chimera is the creature of the our Office of Management and Budget (OM&B) in Washington, D.C.

It gives birth to beings known as metropolitan statistical areas, or MSAs.

The Lehigh Vally has been merged with its Warren County.

The OM&B decreed this merger on June 6, 2003.

On the day Warren County was ripped from the Newark region and fused to the Lehigh Valley, the population of the Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton metro area grew 18 percent, from about 640n000 to 740,000.

Wrapping in Warren's demographics makes the MSA younger, wealthier, and better educated - in other words, Bernie O'Hare's yuppies, of which Don Cunningham is, as you point out, the Lehigh Valley - and Guv Ed "Fast Eddie's" - poster boy.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Billy! Michael!

Why don't I get the two of you a room!

Michael, I don't wish to rehash old posts, but there's plenty of beef in Cunningham's new budget. We've discussed this before. Also, Cunningham, accomplished quite a bit in Bethlehem. He's one Dem who can work with Rs. He makes a difficult job look easy.

But I view a proposed budget as just that -- proposed. It needs scrutiny like anything else. In NC, everything will go under a microscope, and that's actually a good thing. It's too bad the LC rubber stamps did not give browning's proposal the scrutiny it deserved.

Although my friend Billy has no moral opposition to booze or making salacious remarks about any of a number of public officials, he is morally opposed to gambling. And that's why he hates Cunningham. He's attempting to impose his Alabama bible belt ethics on the LV, and it just won't work, even if Warren County is left out.