Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bethlehem Dem: Voters Lose if They Select DiGiacinto as Their Controller

From a well-written article about the Bethlehem Contrtoller race, posted by BethlehemDem:
The Democratic nominee is David DiGiacinto, and he is going to win.

The Republican nominee is
Meg Holland, and she is going to lose.

The real losers will be the people of the City of Bethlehem. The voters will be making a huge mistake by electing David DiGiacinto.

If DiGiacinto is elected, the City will be subjected to turmoil and controversy. If you have read my blog you already know that DiGiacinto is part of the Schweder-Rooney faction of the Democratic party. There is a fear that DiGiacinto will hold personal grudges against Mayor Callahan and will go out of his way to cause trouble for him. This is something that the City cannot afford to go through with the impending development of the Steel land and BethWorks.


Anonymous said...

Is one to imply then, that Holland is the Callahan candidate?

Anonymous said...

Letter to the Editor--

DiGiacinto will be independent as Bethlehem's controller

I've known Bethlehem City Controller candidate Dave DiGiacinto since we were teenagers growing up in northeast Bethlehem and playing sports on area playgrounds and fields. His late father was our postman for many years during the same period.

Like many friends from our youth, we headed in different directions for our educational needs and career paths. Yet, as is often the case in life, our paths crossed again after Dave was appointed to the Bethlehem Authority Board of Directors, where he served with candor and distinction.

Dave has the desire, background and character to be the independent financial watchdog that the city of Bethlehem taxpayers need. He has no connections to the mayor, as does his opponent. When financial accountability becomes an issue, as it often does in government, influences from within City Hall will play no part in how he conducts the business of his office. As city controller, he will work in the best interests of all who call Bethlehem home.

That's why Dave has my support!

Dana B. Grubb


-- The problem is.. DiGiacinto is tied strongly with Schweder and he will make City Hall a nightmare if elected... Meg Holland might have quiet support from the Mayor but I do not think she will allow any influence... especially since the position is non-partisan and she has business licenses (CPA) which mandate her independence and objectivity...

Anonymous said...

So why will Holland be objective and DiGiacinto not? It appears you are making an arbitrary statement based on which political camp you support.

Bernie O'Hare said...

DiGiacinto plans to "control" from the Big Apple. All his financial backers are there. And it is clear that he is allied to Schweder. It is also clear that he is spending an obscene sum of money.

By contrast, Holland's support is local. She is not trying to but the election. She is not part of ther Schweder faction. Judging from her comments concerning the treasurer escrow account, she is not part of the Callahan faction, either. She is instead independent. On top of that, she is far more qualified than her opponent, being a CPA.

On paper, this is a no brainer. Were it not for the heavy D advantage, she'd have nothing to worry about.