Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bethlehem Controller Race: DiGiacinto Ducking Debate

The League of Women Voters has scheduled a candidates' forum on Halloween for Bethlehem City Council candidates, even though that race is pretty much over. But amazingly, it has skipped the controller's race between Meg Holland and Dave DiGiacinto, which is very much up for grabs.

So Bethlehem's Southside Task Force has picked up the slack and has tried to schedule its own candidates' forum, but DiGiacinto has declined. "At this point, my business and campaign schedule precludes [sic] me from being able to accommadate [sic] the special event and timing you are suggesting. I am booked solid with various events, and business related activities, from October 23rd through November 2nd."

Meg Holland, of course, is "very disappointed that my opponent has declined to participate in an open candidates' forum for the City of Bethlehem Controller position. . . . I would still like to hold an open forum to allow the City of Bethlehem residents to ask me questions."

When I have the details about Holland's open forum, I'll post them.

In the meantime, BethlehemDem has an update on DiGiacinto.


BethlehemDem said...

Bernie, you beat me to this story.

I just got confirmation this morning that DiGiacinto did duck the SS Task Force.

I have no idea why the League of Women Voters did not include this. They did not give me a reason when I emailed them to ask if the controller candidates would be included. They just told they were not included.

Anonymous said...

The LWV has absolutely the worst debates anywhere. They ask idiotic questions and don't let the candidates mix it up.

Anonymous said...

The LWV has absolutely the worst debates anywhere. They ask idiotic questions and don't let the candidates mix it up.

Anonymous said...

Nice duck. Tastes like chicken.

Tom Dietrich said...

anon 2:14

As a candidate who will be participating in the LWV 29th 'debate' I have to admit you are correct. However, to be accurate, they aren't debates, but question and answer sessions.

Like you said, no point, counter point, or 'mixing it up'. ;)

J. Spike said...

On a very quick glance it looked like a pic about prisioner abuses in Iraq. same pose and silioette.

Bernie O'Hare said...


I don't know how a guy in a chicken suit reminds you of prisoner abuse in Iraq. I want some of your stuff.

J. Spike said...

The guy with the wires to hi fingers. Look real fast at two. Same shape.

Diffrent colors.

And I'm taking codine right now for my lungs.
Come on over. It taste like Jameson.

Anonymous said...

Maureen Holland Schaeffer -- (sorry I can't sign in)

Regardless of who puts on the candidates' forum/debate, I feel that it is extremely imperative for the residents of Bethlehem to be able to meet both candidates. I realize Dave DiGiacinto really doesn't have to prove anything because he has the "D" behind his name... but my mom has the "R" and even though she is more qualified and experienced it is an absolute necessity to get out there and speak to/ meet as many Bethlehem residents as she can (which trust me, we have done and continue to do a lot of).

It bothers me that Mr. DiGiacinto declined to attend the forum, especially stating that he is "too busy". Do we want a controller that is "too busy" to attend a candidates' forum? In my opinion, I think that Dave DiGiacinto feels a little threatened because he probably would not be able to answer the questions posed as well as my mom will (since she has accounting, auditing, and fraud experience -- 30+ years of it). In addition, I think anyone who meets my mom will see her charisma and dedication to the City of Bethlehem and immediately decide to vote for her even with the "R".

I'm not trying to be negative... just my truthful opinion. A side note... we have actually had many democrats showing up at our office to pick up signs after receiving my mom's first campaign mailing (compared to DiGiacinto's 2 mailings so far) because they "realize how qualified she is and understand that she would be best for Bethlehem and the future". I think people might be very surprised by the outcome of this election because a "Republican" might win (and should win).

Anonymous said...

Why do you say Dave ducked the debate? A debate should have been set up long ago. You shouldn't call candidates at the last minute to debate.

3rd Grade Teacher said...

This is absolutely ridiculous. At no point was David DiGiacinto or Meg Holland asked, or invited to be part in the League of Women Voters debate. If one is not asked, one can not participate. It is quite simple. Please stop spreading callous rumors to protect a rather, unremarkable Holland.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Third Grade Teach,

I hope you're not teaching reading comprehension. I suggest you read my post again. I posted that since controller candidates were not invited to participate in the LWV debate, the south side task force attempted to set one up. I also report that DiGiacinto told Holland he's unavailable. Instead of meeting voters who might have real questions, he's decided to buy their votes.

Anonymous said...

Who is buying votes? What does that mean exactly? Why hasn't anyone mentioned that Mr.DiGiacinto was born and raised in Bethlehem, and He cares about the future of this City. He has had a committment to public service throughout his life, and his desire for becoming the next Controller of Bethlehem should be seen as nothing else but more of the same. Do not believe everything you read or hear. Do not throw stones if you live in a glass house.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 8:48,

1) He ducked a potential debate with Meg Holland.

2) He is trying to buy this election. His campaign finance report, which I reviewed on Fridat, revealsa he raised $55,452.59, all between 6/5/07 and 10-/22/07. That's a lot of money for a controller's job that pays nowhere near that amount of money.

3) I'm not throwing stones. I'm throwing facts. Those are far more effective.

Anonymous said...

So if a candidate has to spend, what did you say, $55,000, you think he should not spend that because he would be "buying votes?" That makes a lot of sense. Why doesn't he just throw in the towel? Meg Holland would like that, it would be the only way she would win. If you seriously want to get elected for a political office, you raise the proper amount you think is suffice to win that election. If you believe you are a better candidate, and I am sure Mr.DiGiacinto believes he is, then you do as he did and fundraise within your means. Please do not say he is "buying votes" anymore, because if you are attacking him, then you are attacking the United States of America. Write a letter to Congress, tell them what you think is wrong with our Government. Stop causing trouble please. Thank you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It is not I, but the DiGiacinto camp who is attacking the United States by buying this election. Our nation is founded on equality, but the pernicious influence of money in politics destroys that. DiGiacinto is milking archaic campaign laws that have been perverted beyond their original intent, is being funded mainly by outsiders, and will buy Bethlehem. In addition to trying to change these laws, we must stop supporting pols who milk the system.

Anonymous said...

Hello McFly...anybody home?

Holland is a puppet to Callahan, if anyone thinks differently then they are mistaken.

I have had enough political dialogue with you for one night sir. Good luck with all your attempts to try and discredit a decent individual who could actually help this City. You clearly have the aspirations to bend the facts to try and fit everything into your perfectly biased and elaborate political scheme that will sadly hurt the voters of Bethlehem.

I bid you good day sir.
Please inform all your readers when Congress returns your letter!

Thank you for your time.