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Northampton County Exec Race

Office Description:  Chief executive officer and administrative official who executes and enforces all county ordinances and presents the financial plan and budget to County Council  The term of office is four years, with an annual salary of $85,000.

Lamont McClure, Democrat
Facebook - McClure4Exec
Webpage -http://www.lamontmcclure.com/
Employment - Peter Angelos law offices
Gov't Experience - Appointed to NorCo Council in  2006, elected in 2007 and again in 2011. Served ten years.  
Education - Wilkes University, B.A., 1992 and Duquesne University, J.D., 1995
Residence: Bethlehem Township
Activities: Active as a baseball and basketball coach in youth sports

John Brown, Republican (incumbent)
Facebook - John Brown and John Brown, NorCo Executive
Webpage - Could only locate his webpage for state auditor general, http://www.johnbrownforpa.com/
Employment - county executive
Government Experience - Bangor Mayor (2009-2013); NorCo Exec (2014-present)
Education - Notre Dame
Residence: Bangor
Activities: unknown


Anonymous said...

No hard decision here. A non-transparent & crony supporter of tax cheats, glorified unqualified employees and questionable background v. a man who has strived to be good and cares about the people, the employees and the County in general; McLure sounds right. At least he stayed with county for 10-years, not like Brown who wanted to run out, after two years, to become Auditor General.

Anonymous said...

Simple choice here, McClure is the way to go. John from the get go appointed a new prison director without following proper process and a 20% salary bump compared to outgoing director, and is doing everything in his power to give him a new prison. If left to Brown it would be right here by Gracedale. Can't elect Brown to continue robbing Northampton of hard earned money by financing a prison which possibly is not even needed, but certainly not in the midst of Nazareth/Upper Nazareth. Vote McClure

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for a change.
I'm voting for McClure.

Anonymous said...

This really is my favorite website about John Brown:

Brown Corrupt, Callous and Crony-Filled

The links are great and the photo is fabulous!