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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Goin' Off the Deep End

I went off the deep end Tuesday. I had a really good breakfast at Angelo's, an excellent Easton eatery, with a good friend. I had my usual delicious lunch at the courthouse, followed by a taco dinner at Nazareth's Rice 'n Beans, including a side dish of rice 'n beans and lime soda. Then, I had a peanut butter pie from Bethlehem's Vegan Treats as a desert.

That's going off the deep end for me.

Then there's the case of a North Catty man who was going to step out with his wife. But he decided instead to grab a bat that happened to be laying around and beat his wife's brains in.

"I went off the deep end," was his explanation.

His notion of going off the deep end and mine are two different things.


Anonymous said...

Mere allegations, how quick we are to convict.

Anonymous said...

from the Morning Call: "Kenneth Cernobyl, 49, was charged with homicide Saturday, according to authorities. Court records say Cernobyl admitted hitting his wife, Holly, with a baseball bat and choking her to death with a shirt Wednesday inside their home at the 1017 Fifth St."

Sort of beyond the allegation stage anon 1234am.....

Anonymous said...

Please Bernie start eating more healthy, that could feed a family of five for a week and you didn't give us your readers a toco count!