Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Why John Stoffa Builds Birdhouses


Why did Northampton County Exec John Stoffa build birdhouses? Check out this video, which Jeff Stoffa shot and posted.. "One night, Charles Dertinger said, 'This administration couldn't build a birdhouse.'" It's an interesting insight into John Stoffa's wonderfully different way of looking at things.

John was my favorite person.  He was a liberal Democrat, yet one of his closest friends was conservative Republican Ron Angle. They worked well together.  Now it's all tribal warfare. There are even factions within the tribes. 

Stoffa appealed to our better selves. He was nobody but himself in a world intent on making us like everybody else. 

NorCo Exec Lamont McClure has ordered the county flag lowered to half staff until the conclusion of John's funeral.

Here's McClure's statement: 

“John Stoffa lived and breathed county government. He served as Human Services Director in both Northampton and Lehigh counties during his career. If there is a more demanding job in county government, I haven’t seen it. His positive legacy as Northampton County Executive can be found all over Northampton County in our parks, in our open and green spaces, in our centralized Human Services Building in Bethlehem Township and in our Work Release facility in West Easton. His hard work on the behalf of the people of Northampton County will endure long past today’s sadness and, on behalf of the people he and I have served, we say to Mrs. Stoffa and their sons how deeply sorry we are for their loss.”


Anonymous said...

I did not know him personally, but as a county resident during his tenure, it was evident to me that he cared deeply about making the county a better place for the common citizen as well as county employees, and was an honest, humble man in a line of work full of the opposite. Rest in peace, John Stoffa.

Anonymous said...

Dertinger has always been and still is an arrogant wiseass who thinks he knows everything. Not surprising he would say that.