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Allentown Mayor's Race

Office Description:  Chief executive officer and administrative official who executes and enforces all county ordinances and presents the financial plan and budget to County Council  The term of office is four years, with an annual salary of $95,000. The Home Rule Charter requires that the Mayor must be a registered City voter, and he must live continuously within the City during his term of office.

In addition to electing the Mayor, voters will be asked to approve a Home Rule Charter Amendment limiting the person in this office to two terms.

Four candidates are on the ballot. A fifth candidate, City Council President Ray O'Connell, is waging a write-in campaign. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Nat Hyman, Republican Party
Facebook - HymanforMayor
Webpage - http://www.hymanformayor.com/
Employment - founder and CEO of both The Hyman Companies and Landau Jewelry. Hyman buys old factory buildings and warehouses and converts them into apartment buildings His fashion jewelry line is international. 
Gov't Experience - None
Veteran - No
Education - Georgetown University, Columbia University
Activities - Hyman is on the board of numerous nonprofits, is devoted to his wife and daughters, and spends his free time reading, swimming and running.

John Richard Ingram, CSI Party
Facebook - John Richard Ingram
Webpage - http://www.commonsenseindependentparty.com/home.html
Employment - Ingram Real Estate Group (commercial appraisers)
Gov't Experience - None
Veteran - US Army (1971-3) (Vietnam era)
Education - Penn State University (BA), Rutgers University (Master of City and Regional Planning)
Activities - Catholic lector, member of Screen Actors' Guild

Ray O'Connell, write-in
Facebook - Ray O'Connell for Allentown Mayor
Webpage - https://oconnellformayor.com/
Employment - Retired. His entire career was at Allentown School District, from teacher to principal.
Gov't Experience - Spent 25 years on Allentown Recreation Commission. First elected to City Council in 2009, he is City Council President.
Veteran - Tes. 1971-1977. (US Army, Nat'l Guard)
Education - Kutztown University BS, Lehigh University MEd
Activities - A former point guard known for his tenacity on the court, Ray roots for Allen and Dieruff High Schools, even on hot summer nights at Cedar Beach. He enjoys time with his family and also loves discussing current events and sports on Friday nights at Ringer's Roost. 

Ed Pawlowski, Democrat Party
Facebook - Ed Pawlowski
Webpage - http://www.allentownmayor.com/
(This appears to be a link to his website from four years ago. The contact phone number is disconnected, and the email contact appears to be for Mike Fleck, who is testifying against Pawlowski in January in a federal prosecution of Pawlowski for bribery, extortion, bid rigging and false statements to FBI agents.)
Employment - Allentown's Mayor since 2006
Gov't Experience - In addition to Allentown Mayor, Pawlowski was former Mayor Roy Afflerbach's Director of Community and Economic Development.
Veteran - No.
Education - Moody's Bible Institute, University of Illinois (Master, urban Planning)
Activities - churches.

Solomon Tembo, KST Party
Facebook - Solomon Tembo Allentown Mayor candidate
Webpage - http://www.solomontemboformayor.com/index.html
Employment - According to Morning Call, a hotel and restaurant consultant and owner of US Tax Check in Allentown
Gov't Experience - None
Veteran - No.
Education - Lehigh County Community College
Activities -  On August 9, a $4,500 judgment was entered against him in Magistrate's Court. In 2016, he was sued by Trexler Park West for unpaid rent, but settled. Two other landlords have had to chase him for rent in 2013 and 2014.

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lolamax said...

Boy, a candidate that is under indictment, and a candidate that doesn't pay his rent.