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Friday, September 23, 2005

Our Collective Addiction

Like crazed drug addicts, we have hurled ourselves into Iraq, in all our Imperial Glory, to insure our oil stash. We have about 20 years of fossil fuel left, so we rape Iraq, where we have murdered 13,000 civilians, mostly children, and are sucking those oil fields dry. From WMD to "God told me to do it," we rationalize our addiction. Like any good drunk or druggie, we spurn anyone who stands between us and our drug of choice. I'm an alkie so I ought to know.

"Freedom is on the march!" is the latest mantra offered by our Addict-in-Chief to explain everything, whether it is opium fields in Afghanistan, torture and concealment of detainees in Abu Ghraib, or wholesale slaughter in Falluja. He does this to the tune of a few high school bands in the Lehigh Valley who don't mind getting mired in politics because they get to play for the "War President."

This refrain must have a hollow ring to those enduring starvation, slavery and genocide in Sudan. It must sound insane to Father Jean-Juste, a Haitian priest recently beaten and jailed while feeding 600 children, all at the hands of a unelected government sanctioned by the US. But freedom only marches to countries with oil, where we, the occupiers, show Iraqis how little we regard them by refusing to keep track of those we murder. While we guzzle bottle after bottle of oil, North Korea and Iran develop nuclear weapons and nifty little missiles to deliver them right here. Talk about Code Red!

There is one and only one reason we are in Iraq - oil, not freedom. We need our fix so we can drive our SUVs, raise our speed limits, and murder each other in high speed collisions or in road rage incidents with assault weapons.

I'm told even God has become involved in the election and gave GW a flight suit or something. I don't know God personally, but from what I hear, I don't think He'd be doing cartwheels about our Addict-in-Chief authorizing intensified interrogation techniques (i.e., torture), lying to the American people, or directing a senseless invasion that kills innocent Iraqi children, paid for by sacrificing programs for innocent American children. But we are all crazy druggies and need help, maybe a 12 step program, or methadone. Now excuse me while I hop in my Hummer and get my third flu shot. Don't get in my way or I'll pre-empt you.

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